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Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories

Our Brand New section here at Maxes Angels has the best hot and steamy erotic stories online. Read them once and you will be back for more!

Crossing A Deep Blue Line (feat Stacey & Alexis together)

Alexis was curled up, naked, under the duvet. All wrapped up like a little silkworm. She could hear the drone of the early morning traffic through her bedroom window, a sound that impressed upon her the necessity of getting up. But her head maintained a mild throbbing, her mouth was arid and sticky,

The Seaman Hunter

The first things I became aware of when I regained consciousness were the boat’s swaying motion, the humming of its engine and the dank smell of the basement’s wood panels. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been knocked out for but even in my groggy state of mind it didn’t take long to realise I

Fifty Shades of A (part 2) featuring Alex

The look on Alex’s face was a curious mixture abject panic and warm bliss. Her head drooped slightly, her eyes wide, glassy and forlorn and her breathing was heavy and deep. She had the aura of a long-distance runner who was pushing herself to the finishing line of a marathon. But she was shimmeri

Belle Of The Ball (featuring Belle)

The backroom of the local pub had been transformed into a glittery spectacle of festivity and joy. The DJ was stoking things up with some smoky R’n’B, silvery streamers garnished the walls, tables with glitzy decorations were stationed around the sides and a spectrum of coloured lights twirled g

Fifty Shades of A (featuring Alex)

It was the day that changed my life completely! One of those moments that you don’t see coming and totally alters the way you look at world. I got out of bed that day thinking about the dullness ahead of me; writing some piece about potholes or youngsters dropping litter or something along those t

Lady Alexis’ Lover (featuring Alexis)

Lady Alexis sat alone in her chamber gazing speculatively at the splendor of the autumnal afternoon. It had expanded delightfully across the luscious green lawn. The weather conditions were ideal for her plans for the day. For Lady Alexis harbored a dark secret, one that could never be known to thos

Cum Fly With Me (featuring Alicia)

I sat back in the plastic leather seat with the anxiety and despair of a condemned man. Beads of perspiration raced down my forehead as I cautiously surveyed my surroundings. The sides of the cylindrical vehicle arched over me like the grasp of a claw. The tiny porthole windows offered no means for

Abbie Island (featuring Abbie)

The sun was merciless! It had me trapped, pinned down in my little dinghy that had served me so faithfully. But this final beating from therelentless blaze of sunshine was finishing me off! Exhausted and dehydrated I could barely move a limb or even raise my hand to try and protect myself from the s

The Girl with the Coffee-Coloured Eyes (featuring Samantha)

I was at an all-expense paid, two-day business conference at the glorious Guadalmina Hotel in Marbella during the middle of June. The hotel was clean and comfortable, the food was delicious, the wine was flowing and the swimming pool and sea-facing terrace were luxurious bonus. Also, the weather was

Blair’s Expulsion (featuring Blair)

So, I was told I had to go and see the Head Master of the College as he was extremely angry with me. I’m not sure what he had found out; whether it was me flashing my boobs at the boys, flirting with the gym teacher or when me and my mate Annabel had a snog in the back of the classroom.  Or maybe