Blair’s Expulsion (featuring Blair)


So, I was told I had to go and see the Head Master of the College as he was extremely angry with me. I’m not sure what he had found out; whether it was me flashing my boobs at the boys, flirting with the gym teacher or when me and my mate Annabel had a snog in the back of the classroom.  Or maybe he had come across (no pun intended) the naughty photos me and my other mate Belle had taken together. Anyway, I got to his office, knocked on the door and stepped inside.

“Ahh, Blair!” he said, standing up from behind his desk and moving over to me. “I have to be brief as possible as I have the College Inspectors arriving any minute but I’ve been meaning to have a word with you for some time”.

“Whatever’s the matter Sir?” I asked, feigning innocence.

“Well, I’ve had reports that you’ve been exposing yourself to some of the male students of the college”

“Who me, Sir?” I said, pretending to be shocked.

“And not only that, the gym teacher has told me you are becoming over familiar with him. Apparently you tried to….I think the word is, twerk, with him”

I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a little giggle.

“Also, I have heard your relationship with that sweet little girl Annabel has become, shall we say, unhealthy. I fear you may be a corrupting influence upon her”

“Oh Sir, whatever do you mean?” I protested, although I couldn’t help pouting at the same time.

“Honestly Blair, look at yourself. Your blouse is unbuttoned, you skirt is too short, you wear too much make-up. This is simply not what the College Inspectors will want to see. I have no choice. I will have to expel you!”

“Sir, that’s so unfair. I haven’t done anything wrong,” I replied acting as though I was disgusted (although, I must admit, I hadn’t expected him to expel me).

Then I noticed he was staring straight at my tits and wasn’t focusing on my face at all. He seemed a little awkward so I thought I’d try and wriggle out of this expulsion. Besides, he’s not a bad looking guy for a head master.

“Sir” I asked, tilting my head slightly, “Are you staring at my tits?”

“I beg your pardon Blair?”


“You are staring straight at them Sir. I’m a big girl, aren’t I Sir,”


“Would you like to touch them Sir?” I slowly unbuttoned my blouse.

“Now, Blair, stop this at once!”

I moved up close to him and peeled off my blouse. I pushed my tits up so they were bursting out of my bra. My nipples were peeping at him over the top of the cups. He was frozen to the spot. It was so funny.

“Go on Sir. Why don’t you squeeze them? No-one will find out”.

He was breathing deeply and glanced at my face. I gave him a wink and blew him a little kiss. He then pushed his face deep into my cleavage and began frantically kissing at my boobs.

I laughed. He seemed like a little boy having his first kiss, so I pushed by bra down under them and let him lick my hard nipples.

I was getting quite turned on myself so I let my hand drift down to his crotch. His cock was already rock hard so I slowly stroked it. By now his hands had found their way under my skirt and were groping at my arse. I was only wearing a skimpy pair of knickers, so he was clutching lots of bare cheek.

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and knelt down when I arrived at his trouser. I undid his belt and then his zip fly. His cock was bursting to be released from his pants, so I duly obliged. And wow! His cock was huge. It was so big I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. I glanced up and he was staring at the ceiling.

I began rubbing at his shaft with my fingers and it just seemed to grow bigger and thicker. I then gently pulled at his foreskin and put my tongue on his helmet.

“Oh, Blair! You’re a bad, bad girl” he groaned as he gripped his hands behind my head.

With that I pressed my lips over his helmet and then pushed his cock as far into my throat as I could let it go. I let my tongue wrap around his cock as I sucked away and he pushed it in and out with a vigorous pumping motion. Occasionally I gagged and spit dribbled onto my tits, but I didn’t care. I loved the way Sir was fucking my face and he clearly loved it too!

After about ten minutes he pulled me up and pushed our lips together. We sucked away at each other’s mouths and our tongues crashed around together like trapped fish in a bucket. Then he span me round and sat me on the desk.

“You’re a dirty, bad girl” he breathed as his eyes trawled my stripped down body. I knew what was coming so I happily ripped my skirt away and lay back on the desk. He buried his face between my thighs and soon my knickers were on the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever had a man lick my cunt so deeply. I wriggled and let out small cries of total pleasure.

Then he stood up. I could feel my pussy was soaking and I was desperate for him to fuck me. I wrapped my legs behind his arse and pulled him toward me. His cock buried itself into my vagina.

He fucked me so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been his first lay for several months. I managed to raise my legs so they were hanging over his shoulders which gave him extra leverage. “Fuck me harder Sir, please fuck me harder” I cried, staring directly into his eyes.

Then he pulled his cock out. “Oh God” he moaned and began wanking it furiously. All of a sudden it’s eyehole opened and a shower of spunk shot out all over my face. Then another one landed on my tits and then some smaller droplets decorated my shaven pussy.


I relaxed and looked into his face. He was flushed and perspiring and a vein in his forehead was pumping frantically.


“So, am I still expelled Sir?” I laughed, as I scooped some sperm from tits into my mouth and swallowed it.

He began to calm down and pulled up his pants and trousers. “Err, no, no Blair. You are not expelled anymore.”

“Are you sure Sir? Are you sure the College Inspectors won’t mind”, I said climbing off the desk and putting my skirt back on.

A look of terror flashed across his face. “Oh dear God, I’ve forgotten about the Inspectors!” he shuddered.

“Would you like me to come and see you again tomorrow Sir?”

“No thank you Blair. Just hurry up and get dressed please”

“And what about Annabel, Sir? Would you like to see us together perhaps? She’s very naughty too.”

“No Blair, I don’t want that at all”

“How about my other friend, Belle? We’ve made some cheeky photos together. Would you like to see them?”

“Blair, will please hurry up and leave my office.”

He was panicking so much he virtually bundled me out of the door. When I stepped outside there were three very officious looking people staring at me with utter disdain. I had a feeling they had been there for a while, perhaps listening at the door.

“You must be the College Inspectors,” I said to them and burst out laughing.

Then I realised that I still had Sir’s cum on my face!

Honestly, I laughed so much I would have wet my knickers. That is, if I hadn’t left them lying on the floor in Sir’s office. Just one of interesting days from London escort’s life.


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