The district of Earls Court is situated in the Borough of Chelsea and Kensington in London. The Earl’s Court Road and a few streets around this place are where most activities in this region take place. On the east and west, Earls Court is bound by South Kensington and West Kensington respectively. Kensington and Chelsea surround the district on the north and south respectively.

Once upon a time Earls Court was a rural area in London and was home to innumerable market gardens and green fields. The Vere family controlled the lordship over this region for over five centuries. Though it was sparsely populated a long time ago, by 1867, it had become densely populated with two churches and 1200 houses.

After the Second World War, Polish immigrants set up homes in this region of London. Hence, this area was also referred to as The Danzig Corridor. Over a period of time, a lot of Australians also found their homes here, thus, awarding this place another name, “Kangaroo Valley”. Even today, you can find mixed population here with most of them being from New Zealand and Australia.

Till a few years ago, Earls Court was considered to be a poorer district as compared to its counterparts who border this place. But from the year 1990, some rich people also moved here and established their base, thus adding affluence to the place. The increase in the property prices led to a lot of people from the upper strata of society purchasing property in this part of London. Though there are some very expensive and luxurious hotels and pubs, you can also find some cheap accommodation options while on a visit here.

The Earls Court Exhibition Center in this district has the biggest indoor arena in the UK and is a notable venue for concerts. Attending these concerts in the company of Earls Court Escorts will add glam to your day, especially if you are travelling alone.

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