Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a cosmopolitan district in West London, popular for the annual Notting Hill Carnival. It is an affluent and rich area with many striking terraces of big townhouses, top class restaurants and high end shopping malls. If you plan a trip to Notting Hill, London, it offers a lot of things to do and will get an unforgettable vacation. This can only be made better by booking Notting Hill Escorts

Notting Hill is an ideal travel destination that attracts many people with its charm and flamboyant daily life. It is an easily accessible area with Tube, buses and taxis. Tube is the best way to exploit London. You can find many conveniently placed stops for easy access in Notting Hill.
Majority of the Notting Hill areas are reachable within a short walk. You can enjoy beautiful sceneries of the place while you walk. You can take the short Tube ride and stroll from there to get to the different points of the city.

Notting Hill is one of the hottest markets in the world for its real estate value for residential, commercial and investment purposes. In fact, the unique atmosphere of the Notting Hill region made it extremely attractive for people all over the world. Located near the Hyde Park area, many property dealers are fascinated by the stunning architecture and friendly social outlook of Notting Hill.

You will definitely love the culinary experience in the Notting Hill which is among the best in the country with a blend of conventional British culture and a combination of ethnic style. You can find many top class restaurants within just a walk that give items from delicious French cuisine to pleasant home made Thai meals.

Being a well known tourist spot for continental and global travelers, you can find more than a dozen hotels in the Notting Hill for visitors. If you are looking for a budget travel, you can rent local homes and apartments on a seasonal basis apart from traditional hotels. These local homes can provide a local ambience of the area too.

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