The Girl with the Coffee-Coloured Eyes (featuring Samantha)


I was at an all-expense paid, two-day business conference at the glorious Guadalmina Hotel in Marbella during the middle of June. The hotel was clean and comfortable, the food was delicious, the wine was flowing and the swimming pool and sea-facing terrace were luxurious bonus. Also, the weather was baking hot, so what could possibly be wrong?

Giles Hunt was there! That’s what was wrong!

No sooner had I arrived in the reception lounge, than he spotted me and swaggered over with his unmistakable, condescending smile plastered all over his pasty face.

“Well, well, well, look what the sea has washed up. How delightful to see you old chap,” he laughed, as he whacked me on the shoulder.

“Nice to see you Giles,” I replied quietly

“Yes, I expect it is”, he answered smugly

I hadn’t seen this nauseating prick since he humiliated me in a boardroom meeting about six months ago. It was after a deal I had been in charge of fell through. Somehow he managed to resurrect it and convinced the Chairman that it was my incompetence that had put the whole contract in jeopardy. The Chairman believed him and I well and truly ended up with egg all over my blushing face.

“I’m surprised the boss gave you an invite for this conference,” said Giles. “It’s not exactly a cheap hotel and then there’s the Gala Banquet this evening”.

“I expect he had his reasons,” was the only retort I could think of.

“Perhaps, it was to learn a thing or two about closing deals fast,” replied Giles. “There’s a particularly good lecture on this afternoon on the subject, given by…..oh I’ve forgotten his name now”

My curiosity forced me to pull out the agenda from my Welcome Pack and I ran my eye down the programme of lectures. I baulked when I saw the name Giles Hunt as the tutor. I glanced up at Giles who was looking as conceited as a milkman’s cat.

“I took the nerve of putting your name down for that one old chap. Hope you don’t mind, but I thought you might find it useful. You know, might save a bit if embarrassment at future boardroom meetings”.

My heart sank. Not only was I to tolerate this arrogant wanker strutting around like a peacock at the Gala Banquet, but I now had to listen to him bang on about how magnificent he is all afternoon as well. Suddenly, this Mediterranean paradise was losing its appeal.



After I finished unpacking I made my way to the lecture room with all the enthusiasm of a pall bearer. The room was airy and chilled and several rows of chairs were being filled with the young executives and salesmen and women from the company. A screen and PowerPoint projector were ominously poised at the front and there was coffee, biscuits and bottled water available from trollies stationed at the side of the room. I saw and old friend, Adam, sitting at the back and he beckoned me over once I had caught his eye. I was pleased, now I could sit with someone who had a sense of humour.

We exchanged pleasantries and did some catching up as we waited for Giles to appear.

“So, where’s Jenny?” I asked.

Jenny was Adam’s stunning and highly voluptuous wife who also worked with the firm.

“She’s taking a break this afternoon. Not feeling too good from the heat, but she should be fine this evening.” Adam confirmed. “Are you with anyone?”

“No, mate, I’m still enjoying the bachelor life,”

“You’ll get left behind, you know. Even Giles got married this year,”

“No way!”

Adam smirked. Then the lights dimmed and a particularly self-satisfied Giles Hunt stepped out from behind a curtain.



Well, it was as bad as I expected. Giles was gushing with jocularity and self-acclaim. He became a swaggering oracle of successful industry tips and had many of the younger members of the audience aghast and feeding from the palm of his hand. I sat there growing inert with boredom and irritation as my mind began to converge on the weather outside and particularly the swimming pool.

I nudged Adam. “I’m popping outside for a quick ciggie,” I said.

“But, you don’t smoke,” smiled Adam.

I smiled back and quietly slipped out of the room.



I stepped onto the veranda and made my way to the swimming pool feeling slightly self-conscious in my suit amongst the many bathers. The afternoon sunshine toasted my face while a light sea breeze blessed me with a faint reprieve. I could hear the clucking of gulls over the laughter and music of the guests that were lolling in the heat. I may not have realised it but mentally I was drifting very much away from the business of the afternoon.

I wandered over to the far edge of the pool in order to get a view of the sea. I could hear the waves gently caressing the rocks of the coastline. It was the furthest point away from the pool but there was no boundary fence obscuring the fine view. Then my attention became somewhat distracted by the sight of a young blonde woman, lying on a blue sunbed wearing a gold bikini and sunglasses.

Her hands were nestled behind her shiny hair as she had her face tilted away from the sun’s glare. One leg was bowed upward and a paperback book lay discarded on the ground beside her. Her body looked toned and moist as her midriff marinated in the sun. I quickly became captivated by this beguiling beauty.

“Hi there,” she said suddenly and momentarily broke the spell. I hadn’t realised her eyes were open behind her sunglasses and she was clearly aware of me.

“Oh, hi,” I said awkwardly.

Then her face broke into a wide and very attractive smile. She could probably tell I was feeling embarrassed.

“Fancy joining me?” She said.

“Sure.” Why not, I thought.

I sat on the ground next to her and smiled.

“You look very hot in that suit honey,” she laughed.

“Well, I’m supposed to be in a business lecture,” I explained. “But I got a little bored and thought what the heck.”

She laughed again. “Business can wait, especially when there is all this wonderful sunshine to enjoy.” It was then I noticed her American accent. “I’m Samantha,” she announced, as she removed her sunglasses.

I introduced myself but couldn’t help gaping at her beautiful face. Her eyes were rich brown like luscious cups of coffee and her smile widened her perfect cheekbones into a glowing sunbeam. And her lips looked so kissable. An onslaught of tingles in my stomach made me feel flustered and very, very aroused.

“So, you’re American,” I said somewhat pointlessly.

“Yes, indeed I am. All the way from the USA,” she replied.

“I can see you’ve caught the sun,” I said as I ran my gaze along her gloriously tanned body.

“Yeah, me and the sun have a special understanding. I like to lie in it while it stays perfectly still, just for me”.

We both laughed and chatted for a while about the hotel and Marbella in general. She hadn’t been here long at all and it was her first stay in Spain for several years. She rolled onto her front and I couldn’t help but peek at the top of her bum peeping out from her golden bikini bottoms

“So, shouldn’t you be getting back to your lecture?” she asked, after a while.

Shit! I had forgotten about Giles and his blasted lecture. But then a sense of realisation seeped over me. Why the fuck would I want to leave this beautiful sun-bathing goddess, who I was clearly getting along with really well and sit in a room and listen to that wanker. It was as though I suddenly had an epiphany.

“Do you know what?” I said with certainty. “I think I’d rather spend my time with you Samantha.”

She laughed again.

“So, tell me about this Giles guy,” she said. I had mentioned him already briefly in our conversation.

“Well,” I began. “He has to be one of the most abominable, loathsome, tiresome, big-headed tossers I have ever known. I think Americans call them jerks.”

I then launched into a rant against my nemesis and gave Samantha an exhausting list of all the reasons why I despised him. I felt as though I was getting the full weight of my revulsion off my chest

“Yeah,” she slowly nodded in agreement, as I came to the end of my tirade. “He sounds like a real jerk!”

We both laughed and then after a pause she looked at me curiously. “You know, you still look really hot in that suit honey,” she said. “Why don’t you go to your room and put on something cooler?  Maybe have a cold shower too,” she suggested.

“Great idea,” I said.

“And what would be an even greater idea was if I was to come to your room with you,” and she gave me a slow wink with one of those coffee-coloured eyes.

Her words exploded in my head, and then in my stomach, before making make cock get hard. She slipped on a poolside gown and we left the pool area into the back entrance of the hotel. We tiptoed up the stairs like naughty school children and sneaked past the entrance to the conference room from where I could hear Giles’ puffed up voice still droning on.

Once we were in my room Samantha pushed me up against the closed door and grabbed the back of my head. She pushed my mouth onto hers and thrust her tongue inside it. We kissed with a velocity that I had never known before and I grabbed hold of her firm buttocks.

She tussled with my shirt and began ripping it off me; I peeled her from her gown and let it flow to the floor. “I have a problem at home,” she whispered while breathing deep. “I don’t get anywhere enough cock.” And with that she pushed me on to the bed and yanked my trousers off.

My cock was rock hard by this time and Samantha grabbed and wanked it like she going to rip it off. Ecstasy was streaming through my body and I couldn’t prevent myself from calling out. Then she stood up and with ease whipped off her bikini top and let the bottoms slide to the floor. That glorious body that I had been lusting after for more than half-an-hour was now completely naked in front of me. White bits, the lot, and my God it looked tasty!

She straddled me and while still wanking my cock she let it slip inside her wet pussy. I began to thrust upward and soon we got ourselves into a flowing rhythm. I watched her exquisite face slowly contort as her eyes narrowed and she exhaled short breaths from her mouth. “Harder, harder,” she murmured as rapturous waves showered over me. I reached up, grabbed her tits, gently squeezed her nipples and then watched her as she erupted into cannonade of orgasm.

She screamed, she groaned, she cried, she laughed and I felt her pelvis shudder on my groin.

But I hadn’t finished by any means. I sat up, grabbed her waist and pushed her onto the bed. My cock was still rigid and deep inside her pussy. Within seconds her legs were wrapped around my back and immediately I began fucking away, pushing as far as I could.

I looked into her face as she stared up at mine. Our gaze was locked into each other as the bed rocked with our motion. This girl was so beautiful I wanted this moment to last forever. But my balls had other ideas and I couldn’t contain myself. I burst into orgasm and felt my cum flow like champagne out of a bottle.

My head was giddy and I flopped to her side. She smiled and placed a hand to my cheek. “You could at least have cum in my mouth,” she giggled and I allowed my whole body to drift into alleviation.



We lay there for another half-an-hour idly chatting about whatever came into our heads. We remained naked together until I ordered some chilled wine from room service. “I love you Englishmen,” she said, staring into my eyes. “You are such gentlemen.”

Then she slowly began rubbing my cock again. Very gently at first; just teasing and occasionally letting her fingertips tickle my balls. A groundswell of contentment came over me and I looked up at the ceiling. My cock went from a twitch to a stretch and then it started to grow again. I looked back at her and she was looking very pleased with herself. Then, she positioned her beautiful face between my legs.

First her lips slipped over my helmet and began a gentle sucking motion. Then I felt her tongue force its way into my eyehole and then her entire mouth engulfed my cock as she began sucking with passion and devotion, while maintaining perfect contact with those coffee-coloured eyes.

I had never experienced a blow-job before with such fervour. Occasionally her tongue would make its way to my balls where she would stroke and caress them. Sometimes she would make her way to my arse where she would prod and lap away. Tears began to build up in my eyes as I glided into euphoria and then with perfect timing she placed her welcoming mouth back over my cock and I ejaculated into her throat.

She looked up and winked at me. “Thank you for my dose of vitamins,” she giggled.

I was speechless.

Then she glanced over at the clock on the TV. “I’ve got to go,” she suddenly announced with a slight hint of panic.

“Oh,” I exclaimed. “Can I see you later?”

“Maybe,” she smiled.

“But I would like to see you again Sam,”

“I’m sure we will,” she said, as she slipped on her bikini and gown and made for the door.

But I was less convinced as the door closed behind her. I felt a feeling of sadness fall over me and a sudden sense of loneliness.



An hour or so later I got dressed into my dinner suit and made my way to the bar. Evening drinks were being served as a prerequisite for the Gala Banquet. It was a chance for people to mingle and ‘network’ and identify new business opportunities. Also, a chance for people to discuss and digest the various lectures that had taken place that afternoon.

I entered the room and saw Giles standing with his back to me talking to a small group of sycophantic looking youngsters. “I managed to earn £400,000 in just one day,” I heard him brag, as I pushed past him. Adam and Jenny were by the bar, so I moved over to them.

“What the fuck happened to you this afternoon?” laughed Adam as I ordered a beer.

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” I replied, wondering if indeed I was possible of telling the story in a believable way.

“Well, the bad news is, I have seen the table plan for this evening,” said Adam. “The three of us are stuck with Giles and his wife for the whole meal.”

My heart sank. It was not the news I wanted to hear. Giles stood a real chance of spoiling what had turned into a brilliant day. He was like an annoying wasp in a beer garden that just wouldn’t go away.

Moments later, Giles sauntered over to us.

“Well, well, well,” he grinned. “On you own tonight are you?”

“Yes Giles, I’m on my own,” I replied, with a slow acceptance.

“And don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking out of the lecture room. Of course, I may be tempted to tell the boss.”

He was hoping, or perhaps expecting, for me to plead with him not to, but I decided I would not let him have the satisfaction.

“Well, you will be the odd one out tonight when all five of us are seated at the table,” continued Giles. “But I’m not surprised you are on your own. Women go after success. They love money. They want a man who will provide for them. And let’s face it. That’s not you.”

Both Adam and Jenny grimaced at the provocation I was under. I took a long swig of beer and tried my best to fight back the growing feelings of irritation that were swelling inside me.

“Where is your wife?” Adam asked, attempting to pierce the tension.

“Well, as it happens, she’s just walked in,” Giles announced and made a beckoning motion towards the door. I deliberately looked the other way out of contempt.

“We met when I was working in the States earlier this year. My reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing. A sort of trophy I think,” he explained. “And don’t you go getting any ideas, by the way,” he whispered to me. “She’s way out of your league. You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I glanced over his shoulder and walking towards us was Samantha, looking resplendent in a long red evening dress.

“Ah, at last” Giles said. “I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful wife, Samantha.” Then he turned to her. “And what have you been up to this afternoon my little beauty?”

Samantha gave me a smile and a long wink with one of those coffee-coloured eyes even better than the hottest London escort.

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