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6 Returning Stars


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Angels Videos


Back by popular demand we are reintroducing Angels videos to give you all a taste of their personalities etc. So far Lauren, Charlotte & Jordan have had theirs filmed. Next week we will be filming Yasmina, Marcela & Millie and the week after Isabel with the rest to follow soon after.  At the moment you can all watch the videos but later this month all current and new videos will be moved incognito so if you want to see new video make sure you all register for free incognito membership NOW.

Crossing A Deep Blue Line (feat Stacey & Alexis together)


Alexis was curled up, naked, under the duvet. All wrapped up like a little silkworm. She could hear the drone of the early morning traffic through her bedroom window, a sound that impressed upon her the necessity of getting up. But her head maintained a mild throbbing, her mouth was arid and sticky, her dreamy eyes could barely open and her Cheshire cat grin remained cemented on her warm and contented face. Alexis breathed in the scent of raw sex that still lingered in the bedroom’s aura. Her thoughts were of green tea and toast and her mobile phone that had accidently fallen into a wine glass. But more than that, they were very much fixed upon Stacey.

Moments earlier Stacey had got out of bed and padded naked to the bathroom. The sound of the shower had now entered the cacophony of morning clatters and Alexis purred at the thought of soapy water running down Stacey’s toned and tanned body. Ah, that sensuous soft freckled skin, she thought to herself. If only she had the energy to get up and join her in the shower. But all she could do was yawn and shuffle from her foetal position to lie on her back. Then, as she again breathed deeply, she recalled the night’s proceedings.

And she thought hard about Stacey.


The thing about Stacey, is that not only is she serenely beautiful with a high voltage of mischief, but she is an extraordinarily wonderful human being, Alexis summarised to herself.  Her voice is passive and soothing. She does that confident, teasing, sideways smile whilst capturing you with those playful crystal eyes. Her ability to read my mind in bed is remarkable and her soft skin encases a toned body of sheer excellence that must have taken years of dedication to achieve.  She has the discipline of an Olympian, the integrity of Cupid’s arrow, as well as the body of Artemis and the filthy mind of Empress Messalina.

The evening had started with wine, maybe too much wine, and then came the giggles, the accidental brushing into one another and the long glances of mutual fascination and curiosity. Could she really find me anywhere near as attractive as I find her, Alexis had thought. But it was after another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon had been drained then the accident had occurred.

Stacey had grabbed hold of Alexis’ phone and teased her for having such a small and basic device. Laughing with embarrassment Alexis had tried to grab it back but in doing so made Stacey let go of it and somehow the phone toppled into the half full wine glass that Alexis had been holding. The two women looked at one another trying to read each other’s thoughts. Alexis noticed, for the first time ever, vulnerability in Stacey’s expression. She had been caught between uncertainty and foolishness. And it was then that Alexis had taken the plunge.

Alexis leant to where Stacey had been slumped on the sofa and with her eyes nervously closed placed her lips on to Stacey’s. She felt no revulsion or shock from her, but merely the magnet of her warm sweet breath and comforting tender mouth. And when Stacey had placed her hand behind Alexis’ head and stroked her hair gently with her fingertips, the signal had been given and the drowning phone was quickly forgotten.

The drumming of heartbeats amplified quickly as the two women moved hurriedly towards the bedroom. They both wrestled with each other’s clothes like tigers. Alexis remembered seeing her violet coloured evening dress tumble to the floor and then ripping Stacey’s white blouse wide open. She flung it from her shoulders as Stacey pushed her on to the bed. Stacey crawled on top of Alexis making her feel giddy. She felt as if she was slipping down a black hole with nothing to hold on to, so he reached out and grabbed Stacey’s soft shoulders and peeled down her red bra to reveal her magnificent breasts. That perfect chest that she had yearned to see in its naked glory for so long was now, literally, in the palm of her hands. Alexis recalled groaning in delight.

Stacey nibbled and kissed Alexis’ naked tits. She gently teased her hardening nipples with her tongue and her teeth while keeping eye contact and grinning like a wild predator. Then she pulled herself down to Alexis’ pussy as she shimmied and wriggled with pleasure. Alexis remembered breathing deeply and grabbing Stacey’s hair and then feeling her tongue fire darts of ecstasy through her once it touched the gateway to her wet and waiting vulva.

It didn’t take Alexis long before she felt the waves of orgasmic rapture ride up from her groin. She thumped the mattress repeatedly and hollered and howled in bliss, not caring who might hear. With a body engulfed in euphoria, her skin tingling with goose bumps and a mind both liberated and abandoned, everything she had wished for, all the aspirations she had had for the evening were matted together perfectly.

After some glorious moments had passed Stacey hauled herself up alongside Alexis and the two girls snogged passionately, while caressing each other’s bare skin. Occasionally Alexis had let her hand slip between Stacey’s legs and allowed fingers to dip into her flowing vaginal juices that signalled how much she was being turned on. It was as she did this that Alexis suddenly had her idea.

“Just one moment,” she had said, a little apprehensively. “I’ve got a box that may be of interest to you.”

Stacey gave one of her sideways grins and replied, “I’m definitely interested any box that belongs to you”.

“No,” Alexis laughed and gave her partner a slap on the bum. “I mean, I have a toy box”. And with that she leant over the bed and pulled out a chest from underneath it. Stacey had a face full of amusement and intrigue.

Alexis flung open the lid and raised an eyebrow towards Stacey, anticipating some sign of approval. Then from within it she produced a large red dildo that was shaped like a man’s cock, although considerably larger in size than most men’s phallus.

Stacey looked stunned and then let out a howl of amusement. “What the…?” she cried out.

Still chuckling Stacey leant over and plunged her hands into the toy box and began pulling out Alexis’s play things. A mild bolt of panic had shot through Alexis as she watched Stacey’s gleeful excavation. Had she gone too far, she thought to herself. Was she revealing too much about herself? There was her rabbit dildo, her bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulator, her precious glass dildo, her vibrating love eggs, anal beads, strap-on and finally a double-ender dildo, especially designed for two girls who are keen to become intimately acquainted. But her momentary fear quickly subsided when Stacey had let out another excited scream.

“You are one filthy fucking cow,” she shrieked, and immediately kissed Alexis so deep Alexis thought her tongue was going to be sucked out of her head.

The next hour or so was absolute ecstasy for Alexis. One by one the two of them experimented with her proud collection. Alexis had felt further waves of sensation submerging her entire body when Stacey had placed the stimulator on the very tip of her pussy whilst gently sliding the glass dildo in and out. She had been thumping the mattress again with tireless exuberance. And then she delighted in watching Stacey’s face contort with pleasure that was provided by her vibrating love eggs. The finale was when they wrapped themselves onto the two ends of the double-ender and rode each other in glorious harmony. Alexis stared at the ceiling with her eyes slanted and panting through her dry mouth. She had never experienced such sexual elation.

The two of them rolled onto their sides and allowed their naked bodies to entwine. Alexis was exhausted but she knew that Stacey wasn’t finished and was probably harbouring a wicked plan. And she was right.

Stacey sat up and looked at Alexis. She was wearing a particularly mischievous grin and her crystal blue eyes were sparkling with a vivacious playfulness.  She really is a fantastically naughty and beautiful woman, Alexis had thought to herself.

“Ok”, Stacey slowly announced. “I hope you like this idea. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But, I think, it would be great fun”.

Alexis watched perplexed as Stacey scampered off to the hallway where she had left her handbag. She returned with a Tablet, squatted back on the bed and powered it up. She glanced excitedly at Alexis and then at the machine while it was coming to life. She then opened a web browser. What on earth are you up to, my dear, thought Alexis.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out as Stacey soon introduced her idea; “I think we need a stunt cock in here! Right now!”

Alexis paused as she allowed the words to sink in. Then she laughed.

“What?” she asked, shaking her head in slow disbelief. “What do you mean by, a stunt cock?”

“I know this agency”, Stacey explained. “They specialise in strong handsome young men. They are always very clean and polite and will do as they’re told.” She looked at Alexis waiting for a reaction. “We could have a large hard cock to play with, served up in this very room, in less than half-an-hour.”

How could Alexis refuse? She looked at her adventurous young lover and marvelled at her sexual appetite and her desire to experiment. Never before had her bi-sexuality been so activated.

“Go for it!” she said and immediately felt a gush of excitement trickle over her and a wolfish grin slide across her face.


The Stunt Cock had arrived promptly and Stacey had rushed excitedly to the door to let him in. Then there was some shuffling in the kitchen, along with some giggling, before Stacey returned to the bedroom looking very pleased with herself. She jumped back on to the bed with Alexis and clapped her hands loudly.

“Is my order ready?” she called out. She then grinned at Alexis and gave her a wink.

Stunt Cock knocked on the door and entered when Stacey had given him permission. As Stacey had promised he was clean, courteous and very handsome. His name was Christian and he had apparently met Stacey before. He was also wearing nothing other than an apron and was carrying a tray of two cocktails. He passed the drinks to the girls and stood by the bed awaiting further instructions.

Alexis was laughing so much she could barely raise her glass to join in the toast that Stacey proposed. They knocked back their drinks quickly and gave their empty glass back to Stunt Cock.

“What a simply splendid bum you have,” Alexis remarked, when he had turned around to place the tray on the bedroom desk. Stacey laughed and flung herself around Alexis, pushed her to the mattress and snogged her passionately.

This free lesbian bed show was having the desired effect on Christian, whose erection was quite evident through the thin fabric of the apron. The poor man, Alexis had thought. I bet he so desperately wants to wank himself off. But he had been given explicit instructions not to speak or do anything unless he was told to. So he remained standing still and speechless as the two girls feasted on each other’s naked bodies.

“Let’s have us some cock fun, girl,” said Stacey, as she sat up in front of Stunt Cock. She lifted up the apron and gave his penis a rub and gently squeezed his balls. Alexis laughed when Stacey began flicking the cock making it spring up and down, as though it was on elastic. They took it in turns to suck the Stunt Cock and gently rub it, swapping the pleasurable duty after a couple of minutes or so. As Alexis slurped away for the third time she became aware of Stacey staring at her intensely. When she withdrew the cock from her mouth, instead of taking her turn, Stacey embraced Alexis and kissed her with a deep passion. Christian stood passively, staring down at the spectacle in front of him.

Before Christian was allowed to leave Stacey demanded to be fucked by him. She knelt at the foot of the bed with her arse up in the air expectantly. Christian seemed a little concerned as his hour booking was nearly over but he duly obliged. Well, Alexis had thought, what man could possibly resist doing a hard round of doggy with the gorgeous, sexy, Stacey.

As she watched him pounding her from behind she felt aroused again and a warm tingle had crept over her. She slid down from her position of at the top of the bed and strategically placed her thighs around Stacey’s flushed face. Stacey had begun groaning when Christian pumped her hard and fast but the feel of Alexis’ wet and inviting pussy around her lips made her groan louder with delight. She buried her face into Alexis and pushed in her tongue so deeply it took Alexis’ breath away. What a magnificent showstopper this was. Alexis, breathless and wriggling with delight as Stacey feasted on her cunt. Stacey, animalistic and feverish, licking away at Alexis whilst being fucked hard by Stunt Cock and Stunt Cock himself, dutiful and composed, the harmonious engine master at work; the kindling for this chain of ecstasy.

This could go on forever, Alexis had thought as she closed her eyes in sheer bliss. And perhaps it may have done but the event was brought to an abrupt finish when poor old Stunt Cock, without any real warning, let out a hollow, sharply withdrew his cock and fired his seed across Stacey’s  arse.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped and tried to steady his quivering legs on the edge of the bed.

“You bad boy,” Stacey snapped at him. “You’re fired!”

“Don’t be so unkind,” Alexis cried out. “Christian couldn’t help himself.”

Stacey gave her a sharp look confirming that she was only kidding, but then continued with the act.

“Now clear this mess up,” she ordered, looking at Christian whilst pointing at her behind.

Christian looked very anxious as he clearly didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

“Oh, don’t be so cruel!” Alexis had said. “I’ll clear up your mess Christian. Just get dressed darling and get ready to leave. You can take a quick shower if you like.”

Stacey lay on her front laughing into the duvet, while Alexis fumbled for some tissues from a box on the bedside table and Christian looked on in utter shame and embarrassment.


Stacey stepped out of the shower, fetched a toasted towel from the radiator and wrapped it around her naked body. She stood in front of the mirror and looked into her tired face. She too had been thinking about how the night had gone. She felt that from this moment her life had taken a new meaning.

She thought of Alexis lying naked in her bed. That beautifully smooth alabaster skin, her intelligent doll-like face, her raven hair, the beauty spot on her right breast, her intellect and brilliant way with words, the smell of her sweet breath when she was orgasming. She had lusted after this woman for so long but had always been afraid to make any sort of approach. But now this night had happened and everything was different. Everything was now okay.

Stacey felt very peaceful.

She drifted into the kitchen and flicked the kettle on. “Do you want one of your green things?” she called out.

“That would be marvellous, darling” came the reply from the bedroom.

Stacey smiled to herself and thought about the shock she had when Alexis had leant across and kissed her. She had been taken aback, but was also annoyed with herself for not being brave enough to make the first serious approach. Still, it didn’t matter now. She also recalled the surprise and amusement she had had when Alexis revealed her box of sex toys.  Who would have thought that this beautiful demure and cultured woman was actually a sex-crazed dirty mare? But that double-ender was amazing, she thought to herself. I could have stayed on the end of that thing all night.

Stacey popped a peppermint tea bag into a mug and poured hot water over it. She then looked for another type of tea but was unsuccessful, so she made herself a green tea too. She smiled when she noticed the tray of empty glasses that Stunt Cock had served the cocktails in and had obediently returned to the kitchen before he had left. Then she remembered how she felt as she watched Alexis giving Christian a blow job. It was a feeling of strong magnetism and a deep stirring had taken place inside her. She knew she just had to have that woman, right there and then.

Stacey wandered back into the bedroom and placed the tea on the bedside table.

“Thank you, darling,” said Alexis and smiled at her.

“And, are we going to get up this morning?” asked Stacey, with a tinge of sarcasm. But before Alexis had the chance to answer they could hear Stacey’s mobile phone ringing in the hallway.

Stacey grinned at Alexis and left the bedroom to answer it. Oh, that heavenly mischievous smile, thought Alexis, as she watched her leave the bedroom. Alexis began to think about Stacey’s soft body again and felt a warm trickle of arousal. She stroked herself between her legs and realised she was moistening. “Oh Alexis, my dear”, she said to herself. “This really won’t do.” So she reached for her tea.


Stacey came back into the bedroom looking serious.

Whatever’s wrong?” Alexis asked, surprised.

“That was work,” Stacey announced. “There’s been a serious assault in Chelsea Cloisters! They’ve set up an Incident Room and I’m the only Detective Inspector they have available to lead the Investigation Team. I’ve got to go!”

“Oh, I see” said Alexis, as she sat up and swung her legs out of bed. “Did they give you any more details, about the assault?

“The victim is a male and goes by the name of Yeboah. Poor chap was found in a room wearing only a Leeds United scarf and muttering something about “bloody purple site” and “never again””

“Any suspects?”

“Two Eastern European girls, last seen running off towards the Kings Road, with an empty tube of Nair Hair remover.”

Alexis grimaced as she stood up and looked for a dressing gown.

“And they also asked me, if I knew where Detective Superintendent Alexis Angel was. Apparently, they’ve been trying to get hold of you, but, for some reason, your phone goes straight to voice mail,” joshed Stacey, with a slow, knowing shake of her head.

“Whatever did you tell them?” Alexis replied, with a hint of caution in her voice.

Stacey moved over to Alexis, cupped her face with her two hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

“I told them, I didn’t have a clue,” she whispered.

The Seaman Hunter


The first things I became aware of when I regained consciousness were the boat’s swaying motion, the humming of its engine and the dank smell of the basement’s wood panels. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been knocked out for but even in my groggy state of mind it didn’t take long to realise I was at sea, bound for who knows where. Literally bound as well, as my wrists and ankles were tied together and I had been trussed on to a small wooden chair.

I recall the surprise I received when they had approached me as I took my usual short cut through the side alley off Liverpool Street. There were four of them, looking sullen and mean, dressed in suits and looking respectfully evil. It had been Tommy’s leaving drink after work and I had polished off the best part of two bottles of wine so they probably didn’t need much of that chloroform they were clutching, wrapped in a flimsy rag.

They were a militant gang of Jihadi separatists, of course, presumably part of an extremist network that were kidnapping suitable targets in the name of their own fanatical agenda. I knew nothing about my captors other than they must have been clinical enough to have taken me from the streets of London, all the way to the coast and aboard a boat, unnoticed. As he left me alone in the basement, one of them shouted “Your life is over”, and as the hours pass by I had a sinking belief that he may well be right.

So it was a wonderful surprise when a hatch opened in the ceiling and a torrent of daylight plummeted to the floor. This was followed by a rope and a beautiful face above it. My heart began racing as a vision of female perfection shimmied down the rope. She was wearing an all-black leather catsuit unbuttoned at the front. Her wholesome figure captivated me and her toned arms and waist line, ample breasts, were all immaculately drawn under her skin tight costume.

She held a finger to her perfect lips indicating for me not to say anything as she jumped to the floor. Then she leaned over me and untied my wrists and as she did so I had a rousing eyeful of her formidable cleavage. Her breasts looked perfect and mouth-watering. I could feel the warmth of her heaving chest against my cheek and her sweet scent filled my senses. I wanted to kiss her glistening skin but having released my arms she swiftly knelt down to undo my ankle ropes.

She glanced up at me and smiled. “I’m Stacey,” she whispered in a low, sultry tone. “But we’ll save the formal greetings for later.” Her shoulder length hair was inky black and her blue eyes sparkled at me like sapphires. Her smile was calm and gentle and had a soothing confidence.

I hobbled to my feet. It was the first time I had stood up for many days and my legs were stiff and numb. I looked at Stacey. I was speechless and began to feel very aroused. I had been cooped up for so long in this dingy basement without any form of stimulation and as luck would have it the heroic angel that had come to my rescue was absolutely stunning.

“What are you like at climbing?” she asked, looking at me and then at the rope.

“I will certainly give it a go,” I assured her.

“Good boy,” she said and reached up and grabbed hold of it, allowing me another glimpse of her buxom chest. “Follow me”.

She pulled herself up a couple of lengths and I gazed at her incredibly rounded and toned buttocks that were pressed firmly into her leather costume.

Then the door of the basement swung open with a loud clatter and two of my kidnappers stood in the entrance. They were breathing heavily and looked fierce and angry. And worryingly, they were both holding knives.

“Kill them,” one of them snarled.

Stacey wasted no time at all. She jumped to the floor and after two quick, purposeful strides judo-kicked the knife from the grasp of one of them. He looked stunned and then hollowed in agony when Stacey jump-kicked him straight into his bollocks. He slumped to the floorboards in agony. In the meantime I had picked up the chair and ran at the other man. He looked surprised but swiftly assumed an offensive stance holding the knife directly in front of him, as though it was a fencing match. Stacey clearly had no time for this and kneed him in the stomach and then rabbit punched him on the back of the neck as he keeled over. He too ended up on the floor, writhing in pain.

“Are there many others?” She asked looking satisfied with her handiwork.

“Two more,” I replied.

She bent down and picked a key from the pocket of one of the men. We stepped out of the room and she locked the door behind us. Then we ran along a passage way that was heading towards the front of the boat. We came across a narrow flight of steel white steps that looked as though it would take us up to the main deck. We climbed them, Stacey going first, and again I was treated to the glorious sight of her magnificent arse and toned legs, just inches from my face.

As we arrived on the upper deck I stared around at the vast rolling expanse of a blue ocean that surrounded us. The temperature was sweltering and the bright sunlight hurt my eyes. It was the first time I had been outside since my kidnap. And the truth was; I didn’t know where in the world we were!

“Right, to the back of the boat” Stacey shouted and sprinted past me. I followed her although she ran much faster than I could. But our path was suddenly blocked by the other two kidnappers who sprung out in front of us.

“Quick, turn around” Stacey screamed and we began running towards the front of the vessel. Again Stacey was faster and soon overtook me. For the first time I detected a tinge of panic in her voice.

We neared the bow of the boat and I could hear the thunderous footsteps of the men close behind me. One reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the deck. Stacey stopped and looked around shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand. I glanced up and to my horror one of the terrorists pulled out a gun and aimed it at her. Everything then appeared in slow motion as the man grew a devilish smile and pulled the trigger. The gunshot was thunderous and the bullet whistled past me. I looked at Stacey and watched in helpless dismay as she fell off the edge of the boat and into the ocean.

“NOOOO!!!” I cried and managed to wriggle away from the clasp of the other man. I bumbled my way to the bow of the boat, grasped the rail and peered into the murky depths of the sea. Stacey’s body had already been sucked into the undercurrent and dragged away forever. I was rigid with shock.

The two men then approached me. They were relaxed and laughing. The murderer with the gun then lifted it up and pointed at my forehead.

“I think it’s time to join your lady friend,” he cackled, with a sinister grin.

“Wait,” the other men called out. “We need him alive.”

The man holding the gun sucked his teeth in disapproval, but then lowered it. The one who had spared my life then placed his face close to mine. His nostrils were flared and his eyes seemed reptilian and full of spite. The pungent smell of his sweat and breath made me choke.

“If we don’t get what we want, then you will join her!” he growled. “I hope you understand”.

My throat was dry and my arms felt limp. I was feeling light headed and sliding fast into the realisation that I would be soon trussed up in the basement again, without daylight and any kind of hope.

But then the loud zipping sound of a speed boat engine roared from beneath us. Startled, we all looked overboard and there to my delight was a large glistening silver and white power boat. It had sped through the waves like a blazing arrow, parting the water into neat divisions of white surf.

And to my absolute amazement, steering it, was Stacey.

She stood proudly and calmly at the wheel with her damp black hair blowing in the wind as she shielded her face from the sunshine and sea spray. The sun’s reflection shimmered on her shiny wet catsuit.

“Quick, jump aboard,” she shouted with a sparkling smile, her voice just audible above the motor’s buzz.

The sight of Stacey and the power boat caused confusion among the two. “You fool,” shouted one as he struck the man holding the gun. “You should have killed her.”

I took advantage of the distraction and leapt on to the side rail like a frog. Then, without giving it much thought, I jumped into the boat, my fall cushioned by a spongy mattress on the floor.

Stacey smiled at me. “Hold tight,” she said and pressed down on a foot pedal. The boat rocked and swayed and then lifted up at the front. And with breath taking acceleration we shot off through the waves. Within seconds we were far away from the kidnappers.

“I thought you had been killed,” I called out over the racket.

“I ducked,” she replied, flashing her serene smile again. “And I’m an excellent swimmer too, before you ask.”

I had so many more questions I wanted to ask her, like who are you and where exactly am I, but instead I lay down and watched the vessel I had been held captive on vanish into the horizon. I was exhausted after my ordeal, not to mention hungry. I gazed up at the bright cloudless azure sky and felt the warmth of the sun basting my face. Free at last, I thought to myself.

After half an hour or so of travelling at high speed Stacey slowed the boat down and eventually brought it to a halt. She switched the engine off allowing it to bobble on the ocean’s surface.

She stood over me as I looked up at her. Her hair was gently whisking in the sea breeze circled by the sun’s glow behind it, giving her the image of a goddess. She looked at me and smiled. Her perfect facial features and bronzed skin sparkled in the sun’s rays.

Slowly she unzipped her black catsuit and peeled it off. Standing with her hands on her hips and only dressed in a dark blue bra and knickers she looked utterly divine. Her forearms, torso and thighs were firm and muscled and in impeccable condition. The harmony of her curves and contours turned her appearance into something celestial and highly erotic.

She slowly undid her bra from behind and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were bronzed, curvaceous and looked better than I had imagined them to.

“Well mister. I think it’s about time we became better acquainted.” She said as that composed, teasing smile returned to her bright and gorgeous face.

My cock sprung to attention immediately. Stacey knelt down and pulled off my trousers and pants with focus and determination. My erection waved free in sea breeze and pangs of excitement bolted through me. She gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

“When was the last time?” she asked cautiously.

“About a week ago,” I replied, which triggered a look of sheer delight in Stacey’s face.

“Fucking give it to me!” she demanded and gleefully engulfed my whole cock with one mouthful.

She then sucked my manhood as though she was devouring a delicious and sumptuous meal. Slurping, spitting, gagging, and choking with such vigour and enthusiasm I couldn’t help but cry out several times. Occasionally, and without warning, her tongue would bury its way into my arse, forcing me to call out even louder. I stared up at the sunlight with tears streaming from my eyes and ecstasy flooding through my veins. It was heavenly.

I successfully refrained from cuming too soon as I hoped there would be more. And my efforts were soon rewarded. Stacey ripped her knickers off and straddled me, grabbing my rigid cock and guiding it into her moist pussy. She pushed down deep and gyrated on me with an intense appetite. Then, in rhythm with the boat’s seesawing motion the ocean’s surface, her momentum increased as she slid up and down on my firm shaft.

I caressed her warm thighs as we fucked. A faint layer of silky short hair really turned me on. Her legs were strong and her skin was flushed and velvety. She then stood up, turned around and lowered herself again on me while facing the other way. The sight of her broad shoulders, suntanned back and toned buttocks grinding on my groin amidst the roasting sunshine will live long my memory.

We fucked in this position for several minutes. I fought against the waves of euphoria that swept through me, trying as hard as I could to prolong the moment and not to cum. But it seemed Stacey did not have the same resolve. She stood up, turned around again to face me and then rubbed her clit frantically having widened her legs apart. I watched in joy and fascination as her face fiercely contorted and she hollowed in frenzied pleasure as one orgasm bolted through her after another.

She collapsed to her knees, almost in a trance, panting and heaving away, while I still gently rubbed my cock. After she regained her breath she thoughtfully examined my naked body and erection with the frown of someone who knew their work was not yet complete. She rose up and squatted over my face, allowing me to lap away at her sugary nectar.  It was succulent and syrupy and the tingles on my tongue and the wafts of female scent filled my mind with primal desire.

I lapped away as my chin became sticky with her juices. She then stood up and crouched over me. One hand rubbed her cunt from the front and the other hand from behind. I looked into those beautiful sapphire eyes that peered so questioningly and longingly into mine. Her pussy lips then parted and I was sprayed with a shower of golden fluid.

That filled me with a compelling and fierce carnal instinct. I pulled myself from under her legs and stood up behind her. My cock was now throbbing with a hunger and lust I found so powerful that I lost all self-control. I forcefully bent her over the side of the boat and ploughed it deep into her soft pussy. I was determined this mysterious beauty of the sea was going to get the fucking of her life.

I pounded and pumped away with all the energy I had left in me, clutching handfuls of her tits or bare waist. I smacked her arse hard as though she were a young filly at the races and tugged at her flowing mane of dark hair that was swept over her shoulders if I felt she was close to falling into the sea.

Harder and deeper the thrusts came as they were inspired by the groans and weeps of pleasure she was letting out that blended with the gentle ripples of the ocean’s tide. I breathed in the salty air and felt the sun blazing on my naked back as I stroked her tanned, supple flesh. I looked up at the cloudless, dazzling sky and wished this moment would last forever. But the surges of rapture that I had so bravely fought against in an effort to prolong this blissful moment were inevitably winning their battle.

I withdrew my cock and Stacey knew exactly what to do. She knelt in front of me and tipped back her head. Her eyes gazed yearningly into mine and she opened her mouth in expectation. With the encouragement of a dozen or so hard rubs, my cock erupted over her face and that weeks’ worth of slushy cum splattered across her nose and slowly slid across her cheeks and into her gapping mouth, like syrup trickling off a cool dessert.

I let out a long shudder as my knees weakened and I leant forward. A second batch of cum then shot out, this time directly into her mouth. Then a final delivery was despatched over her chin. She hadn’t flinched at all and she looked at me with a glowing satisfaction.

She lay down and tipped her head back over the side of the boat, her eyes squinting in the sunshine and my sperm still resting on her face. She remained there whilst I collapsed to one side trying to collect my thoughts. I glanced back over to her, worrying that we were just drifting at sea with no direction. But she looked so peaceful as she lay naked and marinating in the sun’s brilliance, her head tilting back without a care and my cum dripping from her chin. So I left her alone and simply savoured this uniquely beautiful vision.



The first things I became aware of when I regained consciousness were the boat’s swaying motion, the humming of its engine and the dank smell of the basement’s wood panels. I wasn’t sure of how long I’d been knocked out for but even in my groggy state of mind it didn’t take long to realise I was at sea, bound for who knows where. Literally bound as well, as my wrists and ankles were tied together and I had been trussed on to a small wooden chair.

I recall the surprise I received when Stacey approached me after we had arrived at the side of a ship that was docked in the harbour. She stood there, looking hot and seductive, dressed only in a red bikini and looking respectfully delicious. I guess I was still too exhausted after the hours of relentless sex we had been having in the power boat, so she probably didn’t need much of that chloroform she was clutching, wrapped in a flimsy rag.

“Well,” said the guy trussed up next to me and who had been listening patiently and attentively to my story for the past half hour. “That’s pretty similar to how we all came to be here.”

He gestured around him with his head at the other five men who were in a similar predicament amidst the gloom of the boat’s vault.

“She’s known as Stacey, The Seaman Hunter,” one man called out. “Her sole objective and purpose is to capture men who are stranded at sea and use them for her own sexual gratification. I haven’t seen my friends or family for months!”

“More like a bloody SEMEN Hunter,” another man spoke. “Apparently she makes bloody cocktails out of cum.”

“And you should see what she does with that strap-on,” a further man hollowed. “I wasn’t able to sit comfortably for a week.”

“A true filthy whore,” murmured another, shaking his head as he gazed at the floor. “A Swashbuckling Slut of the Seven Seas”

I shuddered and sunk into a realisation that I too was now one of Stacey’s sex toys.

Suddenly a hatch opened and daylight plummeted to the floor. A rope followed as did a pretty face. Our heartbeats collectively quickened.

Stacey shimmied to the floor. She looked at us all in a sultry, beguiling way. That confident smile I once found such relief in now looked villainous and bewitching. But how could any man not feel spellbound and mesmerised by her natural beauty and raw seduction.

Then she clapped her hands. “Good news boys! It’s bukkake night, tonight!”

There were a few quiet groans.

“Oh, come one. It’s not every night you come across a completely sex-mad, semen collecting, nymphomaniac, in the middle of the ocean.” She turned away but then glanced over her shoulder grinning. “Pun, FULLY intended, by the way.”








Fifty Shades of A (part 2) featuring Alex


The look on Alex’s face was a curious mixture abject panic and warm bliss. Her head drooped slightly, her eyes wide, glassy and forlorn and her breathing was heavy and deep. She had the aura of a long-distance runner who was pushing herself to the finishing line of a marathon. But she was shimmering in a shell of total rapture.

“You’ve been a very bad girl. Haven’t you Alex?”

“Yes master,”



And Alex had been a bad girl. It had been a frustrating day at the office where an important order for 12-inch glass dildos had been filed in the wrong folder in the Shared Drive. Subsequently, the order missed its deadline and several esteemed porn star customers had been let down. Alex had to personally inform these clients of the mishap and refund them with money that had already been invested elsewhere. It was a humiliating setback so she fired the culprit on the spot. However, the guilty party, a young lad called Damien, was going through a wretched time himself. He had just finished an acrimonious separation from his boyfriend, so his absent minded mistake was probably understandable, and possibly forgivable. Instead, Alex had made the poor lad’s circumstance even more miserable by dismissing him from his job.

When she found out she was mortified. How could she not have been more understanding and compassionate about Damien’s predicament? She considered contacting him and offering his job back. But, she had the reputation of being a tough business woman and if she was seen to reverse a decision then it may be seen as a sign of weakness. And that would never do! So, she settled on receiving a severe punishment instead. And that’s where I stepped in.

I was very much enjoying myself. Alex’s playroom was turning into my second home and here I was, again, doing to Alex what she loved best. And of course, all the time knowing, I would be rewarded with a long hard passionate fuck with a beautiful woman who would by then be sizzling with sexual energy. It really was a win-win.

I had her stripped naked apart from a dog collar and stockings and chained to her St. Andrews Cross, by her wrists and ankles. She had been wearing nipple clamps whilst I had lashed her tits with a light leather flogger. Then I rubbed her pussy with two fingers, slowly bringing her to a climax as if I was stirring a saucepan of soup to the boil and occasionally allowing her to lick her own juices from my fingertips. My deviant wizardry continued as I produced a large, round-headed, battery operated vibrator and rubbed her clit with it. She began howling over the buzzing and just as she was about to climax I removed it and let her wriggle and shake while still fastened to the cross. It was cruel; of course it was cruel. But Alex had been a bad girl.

She continued to pant loudly as I strolled over to the corner of the room and picked up a cat o’ nine tails. This was a particularly vicious looking new recruit to Alex’s armoury.  I swished it in the air and it made a fearsome crack, although Alex had once assured me it’s bark was louder than it’s bite. Despite this she began groaning and shaking at her restraints when she saw what I had collected. I strolled back to her with it tucked under my arm.

I quickly and rather expertly un-cuffed her, turned her around and re-fastened her to the cross again so her bare back and arse were exposed this time.  She had let out a whimper as I re-secured her, as though for a brief moment I might have given mercy upon her and set her free. Not a chance! No mercy for bad girls!

I pulled back her hair and whispered in her ear.

“Poor Damien”

“I know,” she cried.

“You know you deserve this, don’t you,”

“Yes, Master!”



“And how many lashes did I give you last time?”



Alex shuddered and hung her head in resignation. I stood back, widened my stance and raised the whip high into the air.



After Alex’s extraordinary entrance into my life, which happened about two months ago, I knew my world would never be the same, and in particular my sex-life would be changed forever. There had been an awakening, a thunderbolt, an unexpected and breakneck promotion and all of a sudden I was playing in a Premier League of hedonistic debauchery. There were no amber lights with Alex, let alone red ones.  Every light was green, both at work and at play.

She was an extraordinary girl. Her sex drive was astonishing, pulsating and never ending. Everything was geared around limitless fucking without boundaries as well as the dark chasm of her submissiveness.  I’d lost count of how many times I had fucked her arse by now. It almost seemed more natural to do it than conventional intercourse. Conventional: now that was a word that could never describe Alex. I still remember in her bedroom on that first day her looking me sternly and saying “I don’t do normal”.

She didn’t mind treating her master too. She was a wealthy girl and generous to a fault. For my birthday she took me on a helicopter ride above London. The experience had been exhilarating and the day had been rounded off with a fine meal in the restaurant at the top of The Shard.

Not only that but she had bought me a Jaguar XJS, just as a treat. Although I had to leave it in the underground car park to her flat, as leaving it outside of me and Charlie’s place would be an open invitation to any local car thief. I was however a little upset that my dear old Ford KA seemed to have vanished, presumably as part of an exchange, even though it had miserably failed its recent MOT.

Charlie and Darcy were also getting on amazingly well.  They were with each other all the time; going to the movies, regulars at Ben & Jerry’s, being part of love’s young dream. It wouldn’t surprise me if wedding bells were not soon to be heard. And that’s what was missing from me and Alex’s relationship. There was very little intimacy. When it was ‘playtime’ I had to assume the role of her master. There was no cosy sofa cuddles in front of the TV.

And then there was also the issue of The Contract. It had been waiting for me in a large brown envelope on the day I got home from Alex’s flat and had walked in on Charlie and Darcy shagging on the sofa. It had all been part of Alex’s plan to have me as her full time Dom, but to me it showed a slightly manipulative side to her nature. She was fun, she was amazing, she had opened me up to a whole new exciting world of possibilities; but I just didn’t like The Contract. Which is why it was still left on my bedside table, unsigned.

I fished it out of the envelope and read through it again;


Made this day ________ 2015 (Commencement date to be entered)


Mr Christian P Duck (To be named The Dominant)


Miss Alex Angel of AA Enterprise Holdings Ltd (To be named The Submissive)


The following are the terms of a binding contract between the Dominant and the Submissive. The fundamental purpose of the contract is to allow both parties to explore their sexuality, through extending and challenging the boundaries of their inhibitions, as well as discover the pleasure of delivering and receiving extreme pain.

The Dominant and the Submissive agree and acknowledge all that occurs under the terms of this contract will be consensual, confidential, and subject to the agreed limits. Everything in this contract must be read and interpreted in the light of the fundamental purpose.

The Dominant and Submissive enter into this contract on the Commencement Date fully aware of its nature and undertake to abide by its conditions without exception. This contract, once signed, may be subject to periodic reviews by both participants.

The Dominant must make himself available to the Submissive at all times during the weekend to deliver appropriate punishment, training and guidance. However, there may be exceptional circumstances during the working week where the Submissive requires immediate punishment as it would be damaging to her development should she have to wait until the weekend. In these cases the Dominant must make himself available too.


  • The Dominant accepts the Submissive as his, to own, control, dominate and discipline during the Term.
  • The Dominant may use the Submissive’s body at any time during the allotted times or any agreed additional times in any manner he deems fit, sexually or otherwise.
  • The Dominant may restrain, handcuff, or bind the Submissive at any time or any agreed additional times, at the Submissive’s request, giving due regard to the health and safety of the Submissive.
  • The Dominant may discipline the Submissive as necessary to ensure the Submissive fully appreciates her role of subservience to the Dominant and to discourage unacceptable conduct.
  • The Dominant may flog, spank, whip or corporally punish the Submissive as he sees fit, for purposes of discipline, for his own personal enjoyment, for her own personal enjoyment, or for any other reason, which he/she is not obliged to provide.
  • The Dominant shall submit to any sexual activity demanded by the Submissive and shall do so without hesitation or argument.


  • The Submissive shall provide the Dominant with all necessary training and guidance in how to properly serve the Submissive.
  • The Submissive shall not loan her Dominant to another Submissive.
  • The Submissive shall not touch or pleasure herself sexually without permission from the Dominant.
  • The Submissive shall submit to any sexual activity demanded by the Dominant and shall do so without hesitation or argument.
  • The Submissive shall not look directly into the eyes of the Dominant except when specifically instructed to do so.
  • The Submissive shall keep her eyes cast down and maintain a quiet and respectful bearing in the presence of the Dominant.
  • The Submissive shall only address the Dominant as Sir, Master, or Mr. Duck.

The Submissive recognizes that she may make demands of the Dominant that cannot be met without him incurring physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or severe distress at the time. In such circumstances, the Dominant may make use of a safeword.

The Safeword “Yellow” will be used to bring to the attention of the Submissive that the Dominant is passing his comfort levels with the fantasy or role play.
The Safeword “Red” will be used to bring to the attention of the Submissive that the Dominant is beyond his comfort levels with the fantasy or role play. When this word is said the Dominant’s action will cease completely with immediate effect and the Submissive must accept that her punishment has been terminated.

We, the undersigned, have read and understood fully the provisions of this contract. We freely accept the terms of this contract and have acknowledged this by our signatures below.
The Dominant: Christian P Duck
The Submissive: Alex Angel
To be discussed and agreed between both parties:

Which of the following types of pain/punishment/discipline are acceptable to the Dominant for delivery?
Spanking – Paddling – Whipping – Caning – Biting – Nipple clamps – Genital clamps – Ice – Hot wax

Which if the following sexual acts are pleasurable for the Dominant?

Virginal intercourse – Virginal fisting – Cunnilingus – Anal Intercourse (giving) – Anal fisting (giving)– Use of Dildos, Vibrators, Butt Plugs – Bondage – Gagging – Suspension – Water Sports – Other


I looked at some of the pencilled notes I had scribbled down the sides and then placed the papers back into the envelope with a sigh. I remembered the words Isabel had said to me outside the pub that evening. “Stay away from that girl Chris. She’s trouble”.

I picked up my phone and rang Alex.

“Chris, what a pleasant surprise,”

“Alex, I want to discuss this contract,”

“An even bigger surprise! Your car is still at mine. I’ll get Gabriela to collect you.”

I hung up and headed for the shower.



“You always look so masterful when you eat steak.” Alex’s eyes peered at me mischievously over the top of her wine glass.

She had prepared a magnificent meal for the two of us to enjoy in her flat. Well, when I say “she had prepared”, I mean she had arranged for a private chef to cook it and two of her female employees to serve it up. Her personal waitresses were two Eastern European stunners. She was being waited on by a tall, gorgeous girl called Louisa, who had a wide impish smile, long flowing hazel hair and legs that were built for the catwalk. My waitress was equally striking. She was a blonde bombshell named Julia who moved about with elegance in a tight fitting white blouse and short black skirt and had a face and body that had fallen from the centre pages of Playboy magazine.

Alex knew I would be aroused by the presence of these two and she enjoyed the tease. Of course it wasn’t enough for her to be wearing a revealing white blouse and a black leather skirt with matching knee length boots. I really couldn’t wait for the dinner and the contract talks to be over so I could get my hands on her and my tongue into that magnificent body of hers.

Her dining room was spotless and airy with modern furniture and chic pictures on the cream coloured walls. A large light hung over us in a bulbous shaped shade and the dining table was teak, oblong and sturdy. I was slightly put off by the fact Alex had the table lain so we sat at opposite ends. No chance for any intimate games of footsie and the positioning of the light almost made me feel I was under interrogation. In fairness though, I had asked to discuss the contract, so I suppose this was her way of making things feel formal. And who was I to argue? After all, she was a formidable business woman.

Deserts had been served and quickly devoured; a delectable syrupy crème brulee tart with cream and slices of mango and the last of the wine was being drained from the tall ornamental glasses. I’m sure I noticed from the label that the wine had been a Chateau Cos-d Estournel as Julia had poured it. If so then I’m pretty certain that that’s an expensive bottle. It looked like Alex meant business.

Louisa and Julia then cleared the table and left the two of us staring thoughtfully into each other’s eyes. I loved looking into Alex’s eyes. They are copper brown and warmly affectionate and remind me of the colour of beach pebbles. I always felt they were the gateway to so many tales of deviance but still seemed strangely innocent, dreamy and unaffected. The girls returned with two brown envelopes and placed one in front of both of us, and then left us alone with brisk efficiency.

“Shall we get down to business then,” Alex said in a cheerful voice that somehow came across more like an order rather than a suggestion. She removed her copy of the contract from the envelope and I did the same.

I cleared my throat.  “Firstly, is this whole contract thing really necessary?” I had been practising this question in my head during the journey over to the flat.

Alex didn’t reply, which I took to mean, yes it is.

“OK,” I said averting my eyes to the papers. “Would you honestly have considered loaning me out to another Submissive?”

Alex smirked. “Chris, you are already becoming a skilled and highly accomplished Dom. There are many other girls out there who would love to take a hard spanking from you. But, I want you to myself, for now.”

“For now?”

“I enjoy a good old fashioned swinger’s orgy with lots of spanking, anal sex, felching as much as the next girl. Eventually we could circulate and get involved with other couples who also enjoy the same scene. But I’m guessing it’s a bit too soon for you at the moment.” She imitated quotation marks with two fingers from each hand when she said “too soon.”

I sat there open-mouthed letting her words sink through me. Did she really mean to say “as much as the next girl?” There was nothing “next girl” about Alex. And what the fuck is felching?

“Why do I get to use a safe word?” I asked once I regained my composure. “Surely you should be the one who uses them, when it’s getting too painful for you.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed Chris, I have a very high pain tolerance. I’m far more concerned that this may, at times, get uncomfortable for you. I want you to be relaxed when you are whipping me and enjoy yourself. But we can lose that section of the contract if you like.”

Alex was batting away these questions with the deftly skill of the successful business magnate that she had become.

“No, it’s ok. We’ll keep it there for now. Tell me, aren’t butt plugs and genital clamps terribly uncomfortable?”

Alex began laughing loudly. “Hell, yes!” she said. “They are excruciating! And the longer the plug the more tears it brings to my eyes. That’s why I love ‘em. And tight little clamps on my nipples or my pussy lips are, absolutely, WOW!.”

I scratched my head in bewilderment. “OK, final question, what are water sports? You are not proposing we go jet skiing on the Thames are you?”

Alex began laughing again. “No, you daft idiot. Water sports are when you pee all over me. I’m particularly keen for you to do this soon. It’s a real show of dominance. I really, really love it in my mouth”. She looked at me with a wide pleading expression. “Oh please Chris, can we do water sports soon?” she asked grinning at me like a teenage girl who was trying to get a favour from her dad. I felt myself blushing but then had a vision of Alex kneeling in front of me while I pissed into her open mouth. And the thought of it turned me on quite a bit.

“Maybe later,” I said. “But, not tonight.”

Alex stood up and wandered over to me. She leant over and kissed me on the lips and ran her fingers through my hair. “So, will you sign it?” she whispered.

I almost said yes but instead I succumbed to a strong urge to kiss her. The kiss became deep and our tongues soon entwined. Alex sat on my lap and then straddled me, raising her black leather skirt as she did so. Her legs were bare underneath. Oh how I loved her legs. I ran my hands across her soft naked thighs and felt myself becoming erect immediately.

Alex slowly undid her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She pushed her tits into my face and I began kissing them, feverishly. I undid her bra from the back and whipped it off while licking her blossoming nipples. The smoothness of her skin, the smell of her body scent, the salty taste of her breasts, were all part of the glory of Alex.

She stood up to let me wriggle out of my jeans. Then she pulled off my sweatshirt and ran her fingers down my chest and onto my cock. She began wanking me gently and I could feel the pleasure filling me up. She then lifted her skirt higher, revealing the fact that she hadn’t been wearing any underwear all evening.

She lowered herself onto my rigid dick as I grasped hold of her bare buttocks. As she grinded hard on me she let out little gasps of sweet breath. We fucked hard and I felt her warm pussy juices trickle over my groin. Then after we had fucked for several minutes Alex stood up and bent over the table.

Her dress had stayed in place so her bare arse was already exposed. She spread her legs and glanced over her shoulder at me. I knew what to do so I smacked her arse two or three times. She groaned with pleasure and then cried louder after I pushed my cock back into her cunt.

I grabbed her hair and pulled it back tightly whilst pumping away at her with full-blooded thrusts which rocked the table. With my free hand I grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples. Loud claps echoed in the stillness of the room as her naked arse slapped my groin. The surge of an orgasm began to swell from my balls but suddenly I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

I looked around and saw Louisa and Julia standing by the doorway. They were cuddling each other and it looked as though they had been kissing. It was clear that our little live fuck show had been turning them on. Alex then saw them and started laughing.

“Go away you two,” she called out. “Leave me and my master in peace.”

I withdrew my cock from her and Alex stood up and looked at me. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she whispered. We’ll leave those two to pleasure themselves.”

We left for the bedroom and I could hear Louisa and Julia’s passionate cries and they continued their lesbian convergence in the kitchen.

Soon we were fucking on the bed and our brief interruption was all but forgotten. I fucked Alex in doggy position then I turned her over and we finished with a good old missionary. Alex came first, crying out long and loudly, panting and slapping the mattress as she did so. Then I exploded inside her, burring my cries into her neck and shuddering with the electrifying sensation of a perfect orgasm. We wrapped ourselves around each other and gently drifted away into a light dream.

After a while I looked at her face which was so tranquil with her eyes closed. I still marvelled at her faultless bone structure and her ripe and pale flesh. So you can do normal, I thought to myself and I kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes sprung open and she smiled at me.

“Thank you for making me happy,” I whispered.

“You’re very welcome,” she smiled. “But please, sign the contract.”

Her words were like a bucket of cold water being poured over me but I wasn’t going to let them burst the bubble of the moment.

“In the morning,” I said in passive agreement.

Then we cuddled each other and slowly slipped into a deep slumber.



I awoke at about at about 6am in need of the toilet. Alex was not in bed with me. Slightly confused I got up and pulled on one of Alex’s silk kimonos. I meandered to the bathroom wondering where she had got to.

As I left the bathroom I could hear the quiet sound of a piano playing. It was coming from the living room. Driven by curiosity I made my way along the hallway. As I got closer I recognised the tune. It was Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’, but played at a slower, more soulful and seductive way than the original.

I entered the room and saw Alex playing a small portable piano. She was sitting in deep concentration, contorting her face to the melody and playing the song note perfect.

She was also completely naked.

I stood mesmerised by this vision and allowed her to continue. Eventually she noticed me and brought the music to a peaceful conclusion. Slowly she stood up and walked over to me. Her light brown hair dangled over the swaying bare breasts. Rays of celestial light from the daybreak were seeping in from behind the curtains of the tall living room window and casting radiance through the morning’s stillness. Her naked body glimmered in the most enchanting and organic of ways imaginable.

She took me by the hand and led me over to the window and pulled back the curtains. The sun was softly emerging above the horizon of the metropolis and there were the faint stirrings of human life and motor cars as the day slowly clicked into gear. As I looked over this spectacle she wrapped her bare arms around my chest from behind me. I felt her bare tits press gently into my back as she blew into my ear and nibbled at my neck. Tiny electric sensations trickled down my body. She undid the kimono and let it fall to the cool tiles beneath our bare feet.

I was completely entranced within the eroticism of the moment. She slowly turned me around and knelt in front of me. Her fingers stroked my cock which responded quickly and then once rigid and she placed lips over it and began sucking without saying a word.

The blow-job was passionate and delivered flawlessly. Occasionally she would rub my balls to keep a momentum going, other times she would glance lustfully into my eyes. She was the master of her craft. Then as the flowing motion slowly brought me to a climax, my legs weakened, my chest tightened, I shuddered and hollowed and ejaculated into her gaping mouth. She remained still displaying my cum that was resting on her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed deeply. She then opened her mouth again and stuck her tongue out showing that she had ingested all of it. I was slack, listless and wrapped in total euphoria.

Later that morning Gabriela drove me back to my flat as I was late for work. Oh Gabriela! Such a beautiful girl with a mysterious allure but always so quiet on our journeys to and from Alex’s flat. Just a cheerful ‘hello’ and the occasional glance and smile in the rear view mirror. But I knew, that she knew, that I knew, that she knew, everything that was going on.



I was already in a particularly bad mood when I got the call that evening. Work had been shit all day. I was in trouble for not getting a story complete on time and the new Editor in Chief, an elegant brunette called Alexis, had been swift and brutal with her chastisement. “Totally unacceptable”, “lazy and indefensible”,” irresponsible to the extreme”, were some of the phrases she had used to describe the oversight in her cultured and classy accent. Not even her smouldering good looks could take the edge off the bollocking I was receiving. I was humbled and left speechless. “Final warning”, she called out as she pointed towards the office door. I spent the rest of the afternoon fantasising about chaining her to Alex’s St Andrew’s cross and giving her a bloody hard thrashing as revenge.

And then there was the problem at B&Q’s. Alex’s demands for evening time and Saturday punishments had made me throw one or two sickies. These soon expanded to four or five. Isabel had been on the phone telling me that the boss was seriously considering sacking me. I missed Isabel. She was still looking out for me even though Alex had banned me from seeing her.

I was also getting tired of having Darcy in the flat all the time. She was a lovely girl, always polite and cheerful, but she had taken the Charlie I knew away from me. Things were moving at a rate where they were out of my control, so I didn’t much care for Alex’s nagging about the bloody contract.

“You promised me you would sign it, then you left that morning without doing so,” berated Alex down the phone. “Come over now. We need to get this sorted once and for all!”

When I arrived the atmosphere in the living room was stuffy and rigid. The contract was laid out on the dining table with a pen next to it. Alex looked angry and I felt particularly stubborn and aggrieved.

She was standing next to the table in a black t-shirt and jeans. No make-up on, hair slightly unkempt and her arms folded. But boy did she still look hot.

I felt uncomfortable. She had always retained the ability to make me feel awkward and this evening she was excelling at it. “I don’t want to sign it,” I said as assertively as I could while trying to verbally wade through the undercurrent of Alex’s anger.

“You are starting to test my patience Chris,”

“I don’t want to have this sort of relationship,” I protested.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” she snapped.

“Look, what do I get out of all of this?”

“You get me,” Alex laughed in dismay. “Isn’t that enough?”

“Yes, of course it’s enough. It’s more than enough. But why can’t you just take me for who I am, Alex?”

“I do Chris, I really do,” she replied, softening her tone.

“But I still don’t understand. Why? Why do you want me to whip you and beat you and stick clamps on your nipples and shove things up your arse?”

Alex turned away and looked thoughtful. She stood with her back to me. “Because I’ve been this way for as long as I remember. It’s how I am. I need controlling at home, I need dominance, someone to take over making decisions, someone to smack me and tell me when I’ve been naughty and then put their arm around me and tell me it will be alright. I have a very high sex drive. My life is one big orgy of filth”. She turned back round to me and looked at me frankly. “Chris, I’m fifty shades of filth, fifty shades of kinkiness, fifty shades of debauchery, of depravity, mayhem, chaos, craziness.” She then let out a long sigh. “At the end of the day, I guess, I’m just fifty shades of Alex.”

Her last words were spoken like a final summing up, as though she had drawn the speech to a browbeaten conclusion.

There was a lengthy pause while we both gathered our composure and our thoughts. “OK,” I said finally. “I want to know, in reality, what is the toughest this can get for me. In other words, what is the hardest you are going to want me to strike you?”

Alex smiled. “I’ll show you,” she said and led me to the Play Room.

We walked over to the punishment bench where I waited while Alex sauntered over to the rack of instruments. She picked up a box about 40 centimetres long which looked as though it was unopened. She placed it on the bench and then removed the lid. Inside was a thick brown strap, the widest and fiercest looking implement I had ever seen. It had golden studs around the perimeter and a firm wooded handle grip. She picked it up out of the box and I noticed it expanded to about the length of two of my hands. She grinned at me with provocation.

“This has just arrived from America,” she announced. “It’s an authentic prison strap, about fifty years old. It’s been used on the toughest prisoners for torture”. She looked at it with a sense of pride. “Take it”, she said. “Take it and hit me with it six times. Then you’ll know the answer to your question.”

I picked it up and held it. I could feel it’s roughness as I ran my forefinger and thumb along its edge. The smell of leather lingered with its presence and I could somehow sense the pain this thing must and inflicted upon its victims. It was sinister and menacing and I didn’t like it a bit.

Alex turned around, lowered her jeans and knickers and bent over the bench. She waited in position with a patience that was both expectant and calm. My throat dried out quickly and I tingled with nerves. I looked at the strap and then looked at her waiting arse. “Are you sure?” I croaked.

“Just do it,” she replied with assuring serenity.

I raised it high and brought it down hard across her buttocks. The crack reverberated around the room.  Alex let out a cry and tensed up raising herself on tiptoe as a wide red mark plastered itself across her cheeks. I loathed it. I didn’t enjoy seeing her like this.

Once she had calmed I raised the strap again and repeated what I had just done. This time she let out more of a purr than a cry, but the welt doubled in strength. I felt tears cloud my eyes and I exhaled sharply. Surely that was enough, I thought. But Alex glanced behind her waiting for her third blow. I delivered it, then the fourth and then the fifth. I was fighting the pain as Alex remained on tiptoe. She widened her legs and I could see her pussy was damp with the pleasure and stimulation this was somehow bringing her. She breathed deeply, similar to the way she does when we were having sex. “Last one, please,” she called out.

“Last one,” I repeated in resigned disbelief.

I struck her hard and she howled in pain. I could tell she was turned on and close to orgasm. I knew now I would be led over to the bed and expected to fuck her bruised and burning arse. But I wasn’t aroused at all. I threw the strap onto the floor with contempt.

I stormed out of the room. “Where are you going?” she called out. “Come back”. Her voice was a mixture of annoyance and anxiety. I marched into the living room where I had left my jacket. This was all too much. This sort of thing was just not for me anymore. I had to get out and get out for good.

Alex came scurrying after me pulling up her jeans. “Chris, what’s the matter?” she asked looking concerned.

“You know what the matter is,”

“OK, OK, calm down. But you did ask the question,”

“I know, but I can’t keep doing that to you Alex. I simply can’t”.

There was an awkward pause where we both looked at each other expecting one of us to say something. I put on my jacket and glanced around the room. This girl had everything: money, intelligence, taste, but she was fifty shades of Alex. A sense of determination and finality descended upon me.

“Alex, I want out!” I said as decisively as I could.

“Ok, best you go,” she replied, while zipping up her jeans.

“And I would like my car back please,”

“What? The Ford KA?”

“Yes, the Ford KA. I don’t want the Jag,” I couldn’t quite believe what I was saying.

“Well you can’t. Gabriela sold it to We Buy Any Car.Com. She only got £50 for it but you can take that out of my purse if you want.”

“No, keep it.” I said irritably. “And I don’t want any more lifts from Gabriela. I’ll get the bus home.”


“And I don’t want any more phone calls from you either,”

“Also fine,”

“So this is it Alex. It’s goodbye.”

I was expecting her to say something but she didn’t. She remained icy calm with her eyes penetrating me. I marched out of the room, along the hallway and toward the lift while breathing deeply to cover up my sadness. Anguish and grief were swelling up inside me as I looked at the walls of the hallway for the last time. I hadn’t cried for a long, long while and that was making it difficult to fight back the tears. Big boys don’t cry, I kept saying, over and over to myself.

I stepped out of the front door and pressed the button for the lift. As it opened I heard footsteps behind me. Once inside the lift I turned around to see Alex walking towards me with a worried yet stern look in her eyes.

“No,” I called out. “Stop right there”. I could hear myself choking.

She stopped and stared at me. She looked deeply anxious.

“Christian,” she shouted, shaking her head.

“Alex”, I croaked, as the tears began to surge through me.

The lift doors closed.

Belle Of The Ball (featuring Belle)


The backroom of the local pub had been transformed into a glittery spectacle of festivity and joy. The DJ was stoking things up with some smoky R’n’B, silvery streamers garnished the walls, tables with glitzy decorations were stationed around the sides and a spectrum of coloured lights twirled gleefully on the open floor amidst the dimmed lighting. And the spangly gold and blue banner said it all!


The event had been organised by my best buddy Stevo and his sexy-as-hell girlfriend Victoria. It was supposed to be a surprise party but Stevo’s big gob is not the best vessel for retaining secrets. Not that it mattered one bit; my bachelor days had been resumed following the recent break-up of a long term partnership and I was ready for some serious drinking, and maybe getting my hands on some new young totty. I really could do with grabbing a nice round pair of tits. That would roll all my birthdays into one!

Guests had been trickling in all evening and the room was getting quite busy. I had already sunk about four pints and was feeling very much in the mood for a party. Stevo and Victoria were standing near to the bar engaged in a conversation and glancing at their watches. Oh boy, I would love to get my hands on Victoria. She has red hair, big turn-on eyes and such a cute face as well as a great figure. But she was Stevo’s girl, so that was definitely a no!

I moved over to them brushing past some girls who were already up dancing.

“Oi, you two, what’s with the time-watching?” I shouted over the cacophony of excited voices and thumping bass lines.

“Err, nothing mate,” replied Stevo, looking a bit apprehensive. “You having a good time geezer?”

“Brilliant mate, brilliant. Thanks ever so much for this” I said to him and to Victoria, who winked and blew me a kiss.

Just then, Tom, another good mate of mine, came over with a worried looking face.

“I’ve got some bad news,” he quietly said to me, looking very concerned. “The police have turned up and are asking for you”.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I replied. “What do they want? Come to spoil my party, I suppose”.  Then I remembered my unpaid speeding fine and had a horrible sinking feeling.

I stood and watched as a police woman sauntered slowly over to me. She was young looking and about five foot six tall. Her light brown hair was tied back under her cap and she had a lovely round fresh-looking face with big blue eyes, high cheek bones and a magnificent pair of tits pressed tightly behind a white blouse. She was also wearing a tight fitting, knee length skirt over, what I suspected, were stockings. Her presence hadn’t escaped the attention of the guys at the party as she had walked over to me;  nor from one or two of the girls either. If she hadn’t been a copper I might have fancied having a pitch at her.

“Good evening Sir, could you tell me your name for me please,” she said, quite eloquently over the din. I folded my arms and confirmed my name.

“And this is your party tonight, is it?”

“Yes,” I said brusquely “And I suppose you’re here to spoil it.” I looked at the name badge perched on her magnificent right boob. It was WPC Belle something. I couldn’t quite make out the last name.

“I understand you have an outstanding speeding fine Sir,” she said looking me up and down in quite a personal manner.

“Can’t this wait ‘til tomorrow?” I asked impatiently. I glanced at Stevo for support but he just shook his head in resignation.

There was a pause while Belle continued to look me up and down, particularly at my chest and groin. Then she looked up at my face with an impish grin. “Yes, I expect it can wait,” she said and gave me a wink. “Well then, do I have to buy my own drink here?” She asked, looking around her.

I glanced back at Stevo confused and noticed both he and Victoria were laughing. Then, without any warning, WPC Belle put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her face. She kissed me firmly on the lips and whispered, “Come on birthday boy. Let’s get the party started!”

It hit me! Stevo and Victoria had booked me a strip-o-gram!

Oh Stevo, you bad, bad man!


The DJ played Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’ and to my delight Belle stood back and began shaking her hips in time to the rhythm. She was looking at me in a very promiscuous way and many of the guests crowded around us. Then slowly and seductively she removed her neck-tie and unbuttoned her blouse. I could feel a rush of excitement head straight to my groin – was she really going to get those unbelievable looking tits out?

People began cheering and clapping to the music as she gradually removed her top and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were bursting out from behind a very skimpy bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the black lace. She had a sexy mosaic of tattoos down her left arm and her eyes were transfixed on me with clear amusement. She knew the effect this was having on me and she was loving it.

The DJ switched the record to Kylie’s “Spinning Around” and that acted as a cue for Belle to unzip her dress. She wiggled and gyrated her hips and slowly let the skirt slide down. My eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sight of her knickers. They were virtually non-existent; just a black narrow thong with a see-through lacy front that barely covered her snatch. And I was right about the stockings. She span round and slowly bent over and revealed the most amazing, spankable arse I have ever seen. I thought I was going to pass out.

I couldn’t resist it. I moved over to her and grabbed hold of her waist. She began twerking with me straight away, pushing her near naked buttocks firmly on to my cock, that was becoming increasingly hard. All around people were cheering and egging us on.

‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’, blasted out LMFAO from the DJ’s speakers.

Belle turned around and pulled me close to her face snogged me deeply. A round of whooos flared up from around the room as I rubbed my hands up and down her near naked body and grabbed hold of that fantastic arse. Then she pulled back and with one swift movement undid her bra from the front and let it drop.

They were out! Those amazing, incredible tits that I had noticed when she walked in the room were out and on full display. And they were astonishing! Rounded, buoyant and huge! I looked at her as if to say – ‘can I?’ And she looked back as if to say – ‘of course you can!’ I moved over to her and grabbed hold of them. She giggled which turned me on even more. Victoria then leant over with a tube of squirty cream and covered Belles bare tits to everyone’s joy and amusement.

Belle was laughing as I buried my head into her cream covered breasts. I licked fast and frantically in order to get a taste of the smooth skin beneath the cream and quickly moved my mouth towards her right nipple that was sticking out like a glacier cherry. I was aware there was cream all around my face when I eventually lifted my head up to breathe. Belle was shaking with the giggles and everyone was howling and calling out. This has been amazing, I thought, but I expected this was the end.

However, I was wrong!

WPC Belle clearly had other plans for me. She moved over to where her skirt had fallen and picked up her hand-cuffs. Then she led me to a small chair and sat me down. The crowd followed us in a state of curiosity. Within moments this topless beauty had my wrists cuffed behind the chair so I couldn’t move. I stared with apprehension as Belle went back to where her skirt had fallen and returned with her truncheon.

The DJ played Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

I sat there transfixed on Belle’s perfect body as she lifted the truncheon to her mouth and licked it seductively. My cock crowed inside my trousers, yearning to be released, as she placed her lips over the top and sucked it. A hush descended from the guests as everyone seemed aghast at what she was doing and even more so than when she ran the truncheon down the front of her chest, over her tummy and placed it inside her knickers.

She slowly crouched down in front of me and rubbed herself with the weapon. Then she wriggled out of her knickers and pushed it further underneath. To everyone’s astonishment, she stood the truncheon upwards and squatted over it. And as she rode and grinded herself on the truncheon cries of astonishment and howls of glee, the type that can usually be heard at firework displays, sounded all around the hall. A few of the guys produced camera phones, as did Victoria.

I have never seen anything so erotic in my life. I desperately wanted to grab hold of her, or my cock, or both, but I couldn’t. I sat mesmerised by this spectacle feeling elation rush throughout my veins as Belle gradually brought herself to a climax. She closed her eyes and to a resounding roar of both men and women, enjoyed a powerful orgasm.

Victoria couldn’t restrain herself and as Belle sat panting on the floor in only her stockings and shoes, she moved over to her, leant over and kissed her full on the lips. Belle responded by placing her hands around the back of Victoria’s head and kissing her back. Within moments the two girls had their arms around one another snogging frantically. I glanced over to Stevo who had his hand on his forehead in disbelief.

The DJ switched the music to Britney’s “Oops I Did It Again” and Belle pulled herself away from Victoria.  She slowly crawled over to me with a real mischievous twinkle in her eye.  It felt like my cock was going to explode if it was released from my pants.  Belle placed her mouth on to my groin and with her teeth delicately unzipped my fly.

My cock sprung out to a cheer from everyone. I felt a little embarrassed that it was in full view of so many women guests, but it was soon covered by Belle’s mouth. She quickly began a fast sucking motion, occasionally glancing up into my eyes. The crowd flocked around and as I glanced around with my rolling eyes all I could see was a parade of camera phones and smiling faces.

Belle gave a perfect blow-job. She dribbled and spat over it to keep it lubricated and skilfully used her tongue to tease me along my shaft, occasionally giving my crown a little nibble. I had euphoric waves flowing up through me. Oh, how I wanted to grab the back of her head and push her down hard, but I was still cuffed. Then she undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to me knees.

She stood up and then crouched over me spreading both her legs wide. More cheers sounded around as everyone knew what she was about to do. She licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy, making sure everything was soft and lubricated. Then she lowered herself onto my cock and I felt an upsurge of exhilaration burst inside my groin.

She pumped herself up and down, grinding and bumping, like she had done on the truncheon. Her cunt felt warm, soft and cosy as she slid up and down. She placed her hands behind my head and kissed me as we fucked. I was trying so hard not to cum; wanting to make the moment last. Then she leant over me, almost suffocating me in her tits and uncuffed my wrists.

“Doggy or mish?”, she asked, just about making herself heard over the roars and the music. The crowd began clapping, shouting out their preference for the finale. I shook my head, I had no idea. So Belle made my mind up for me. She knelt down facing the other way and as the DJ played Lady Ga Ga’s  “Born This Way” raised her bare arse and glanced over her shoulder.

I knelt down behind her and shoved my cock inside her as fast as possible. Grabbing her waist again I thrust myself back and forward feeling her bare arse checks slap against my thighs. I looked up at Stevo who was laughing. Victoria looked at us as though she was hypnotised. Stevo’s going to get a good shag tonight, I thought as he came over to me. I continued to fuck Belle as hard as I could while he reached down and we high-fived.

The crowd went mad. Other guys then lined up to be high-fived as well. I was riding Belle like she was a bucking bronco, gripping hold of her hair with my free hand and slapping palms and her arse with the other. Belle’s face was full of pleasure as she glanced behind her. Then I felt it coming.  Oh shit, I thought and quickly slapped Belle’s arse again and withdrew my cock. She span around and knelt in front of me as I stood up. Our eyes were fixed on each other’s as I gave myself some final tugs. To a thunder of cheers I exploded all over Belle’s cheeky face. The first blast landed on her forehead, the second across her nose and on to her right cheek and there was just enough for some driblets for her chin.

I stood there breathless, starring down at the glorious spectacle of Belle’s cum smothered face. She looked up at me gleefully. This had been the most brilliant birthday present I have ever had. I soaked up the moment feeling like a true stud. And as for WPC Belle, well, she had been the belle of the ball alright.



Belle had got dressed quickly and scurried away, ignoring advances from various men and even snubbing Victoria’s attention too. I retired to the toilets where I tidied myself up and rearranged my clothes. I just finished having a piss when Stevo came in.

“Mate!” I said and walked over to him. I gave him a hug. “She must have cost you a packet.”

“No, she wasn’t that expensive at all. Just the going rate for a stripper,” he replied. “All we asked for was a full striptease. We didn’t expect her to go the full hog.”

“Jesus, she must fucking love it then,” I said. “How did she know about the speeding fine?”

“Oh, we told her about that,” Stevo confirmed. “We asked her to do the police woman routine”

“Well thanks again mate. It was totally brilliant.”

“In fact come to think of it,” Stevo continued. “I haven’t paid her yet!” He pulled out a wedge of notes from his wallet. “She’s fucked off without me even paying her.” We both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

We wandered back into the party room where people were still laughing and talking about it, watching it play back on their camera phones and patting me on the back as I walked through. Then Tom came over with a confused expression on his face and a young girl next to him.

“Hi,” said the girl. “I’m looking for Steve”

“That’s me” said Stevo.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I’m late,” said the girl. “I got held up in dreadful traffic and my phone battery is dead.”

We all looked at her confused. “Sorry but are we expecting you?” Stevo asked.

“I’m the strip-o-gram,” she announced. “Who is the birthday boy? I’ve got my police woman’s costume in the car.”

“I think there must be some mistake,” said Stevo.

“No,” said the girl, and she pulled out a form that had all the correct details of the booking on it.

Me and Stevo looked at one another in disbelief. “So does that mean that Belle really was a …..”

Our jaws dropped!








Fifty Shades of A (featuring Alex)


It was the day that changed my life completely! One of those moments that you don’t see coming and totally alters the way you look at world. I got out of bed that day thinking about the dullness ahead of me; writing some piece about potholes or youngsters dropping litter or something along those tedious lines, and there was Charlie, my flat mate, fellow trainee reporter and all-round besty, lying spark-out on the sofa with man-flu.

Charlie had been given the slightly daunting yet prestigious task of interviewing the increasingly infamous Alex Angel who had swiftly become a successful entrepreneur and owner of the AA publishing firm; a company that published erotic magazines and manufactured sex toys. She was a local girl and now a self-made woman and as a result had been the focus of much local interest, even if the subject of her literature had not met the approval of every parishioner. Us local trainee hacks were rarely given these interesting jobs but somehow this one got pushed through to Charlie. However, poor sofa-stricken Charlie’s big moment had slipped through his fingers and it was now I that had to meet the fascinating Miss Angel.

“All of the questions are on my notepad”, Charlie whined through his blocked up nose. “Just stick to the script”.

“Yeah, cheers mate,” I replied, feeling apprehensive as to how this would work out.

Charlie had done all the research on Alex and had rounded up quite a collection of photos of her. I had only seen them briefly. She was certainly a stunning looking girl, with big brown eyes and a very compelling face.

“Laters, mate” I called out to him as I closed out flat door and ventured into the fresh spring morning.


I arrived at the headquarters of AA Publishing. It was a tall office block of tinted glass. The large lobby which was clean and bright and to my astonishment all of the staff were young, handsome, shirtless men, with toned bodies and broad facial features.

I nervously introduced myself to a male receptionist feeling shabby and overdressed in a brown t-shirt and jeans. I followed one of the adonises to an office with a tall brown doorway. By the time I got there I was feeling quite intimidated which was not the best state of mind to be in. However, I knocked on the door and pushed it open when I heard Alex call out. But, I pushed the door too hard and fell through on to the floor. I glanced up, feeling mortified, and there was Alex standing behind her desk, staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

“You must be Charlie”, she said, after an intense pause.

“Ah, no”, I replied, struggling to my feet. “Charlie is feeling a bit rough so they sent me instead. I’m Christian. Christian Duck”, I bumbled, fumbling for Charlie’s Notepad.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Duck”, she replied, with a smile reaching her lips.

“Oh, I prefer Christian. In fact, call me Chris”

Alex didn’t reply. She was tall with shoulder length golden hair, deep-set eyes, high cheek bones and a well formed face. Her midriff was tantalisingly revealed beneath a white short-sleeve blouse that was tied in the middle and above a petite tartan skirt. Although I was trying not to stare I could make out some interesting body art around her waist and on her forearm.

“Well sit down then, Chris”, she replied after a while. I sat on a black leather chair feeling tense. “You have some questions for me?” she asked.

“Yes, I have. If that’s alright?” I asked looking down at Charlie’s list. I was feeling a mixture of nerves and stupidity at my farcical entrance so I read the first question verbatim. “You’ve built your business up from scratch. To what do you…”

“…owe your success?” Alex finished the question. She looked at me with amusement whilst I felt ashamed and annoyed at the predictability of the question.

“Well, you must be very good at what you do”, I floundered.

“Oh no Chris, not at all”, she smiled. “In fact, I’m very bad. You see I’m a very bad girl!”

My mouth was dry and I could feel sweat tingle on my brow tingle. She walked slowly to the front of her desk and sat up on it. Then she crossed her magnificent long legs revealing an expanse of teasing bare thigh above some knee-length leather boots. Immediately, I felt my cock stiffen.

“Do you have another question?” she asked.

I looked down at Charlie’s notes and read out the next one without looking up; “Are you gay?”

I couldn’t believe what I had just asked her. I was ringing with embarrassment. I looked at her face and thankfully she was smiling.

“I began as a young model, about two years ago, fascinated by the pornography business,” she declared, as though she had rehearsed a speech. “Then I realised I could make a lot of money by producing my own magazines and sex toys and making them, well, a bit different to the mainstream stuff. So soon, with a lot of hard work and dedication and focus on customer satisfaction, my little empire grew to what you see around you. Are you not writing this down?”

It was then I realised I did not have a pen with me.

“Urh, no. Don’t worry. I’m sure I can remember all of that,” I said thinking I really should be going. I stood up covering my erection with Charlie’s Notepad.

“Well, thank you for your time Miss Angel,” I said as cheerfully as I could. “I must be getting off.”

“It’s a shame you have to go so soon,” she replied. “You have such firm, strong arms. I could get you a job here if you liked”

“Oh no, don’t worry I have a part time job at B&Qs. I don’t think I would fit in here”, I replied filling up with hot blushes.

Alex smiled again. Her eyes followed me as I made my way to the door. “For the record”, she called out. “I am bi-sexual. I have relationships with women as well as men and I like pussy almost as much as I like cock”.

“Ahh, OK. Thanks for that,” I added with a forced polite smile. I fumbled for the door handle, stepped out onto the hallway and looked up at the ceiling. Well, that couldn’t have gone much bloody worse, I thought to myself. I doubt if I will be seeing Alex Angel again.



The next day I went to work. A trainee’s salary is not that good so I got a part-time job at a small branch of B&Qs. I was soon feeling restless and bored after spending half an hour at the back of the store bringing in a stock order. It was a dull, time-consuming job ticking off everything that was on the order list and checking for breakages. My concentration was broken when Isabel, a young busty Welsh lass, brought me a mug of coffee.

“There’s a woman in the shop wearing an unbelievably tight vest and tiny denim shorts,” Isabel announced. “She’s got amazing legs too”, she went on to whisper.

Naturally, curiosity got the better of me, so I went around to the front counter. There was Alex, staring directly at me, with that same, beguiling smile that had followed me out of her office. The mug smashed on to the floor!

“Mr Duck, what a pleasant surprise” she said.

“It’s Chris. Just call me Chris”, I replied as I stood paralysed with shock.

“I was in the area and I needed to pick up a few things”, she smiled. “Do you stock cable ties?”

“We do, I can show you if you like,”

“Please, lead the way”

I led her to where the cable ties were and handed her a pack. It felt as though her eyes were penetrating me from behind as she followed.

“Do you need anything else?” I asked with a dry mouth.

“Masking tape” she replied.

I pulled open a drawer and handed her two rolls; a two-inch and a one-inch roll.

“Are you redecorating?” I asked.

“No”, she replied curtly.

“Do you want anything else?”

“Yes”, she responded, gazing deeply into my eyes. “Rope”.

I cut her about five metres of red rope.

“There you are. Now you’re the complete serial killer” I quipped.

“Not today”, she replied, and smiled. “By the way, I owe you a coffee”

“You do?”

“I think my appearance made you drop yours just now”

“Oh, don’t worry about that”

“Well, if you change your mind, you’ll find my number on here.”

She handed me a small business card and with that she sauntered out of the shop. I stared after her focusing on the amazing wiggle of her arse in the tight denim shorts.  I may have been intimidated by her, slightly anxious by her sudden appearance, but I was very, very, aroused!



Beer had been flowing all afternoon, and by now the evening was in full swing. Well, England had beaten Wales in the Six-Nations so me, a healthier Charlie, some of our other mates and Isabel from the shop had been celebrating in one of the High Street pubs that had shown the match on the big screen. Well, Isabel understandably hadn’t been cheering on England, but when it came to drinking, she was certainly keeping up with the boys.

Music was pumping out of the jukebox and the place was filling up with high-spirits and frivolity. Earlier, Charlie had told everybody about my adventure with the mysterious Alex Angel. Naturally I took a lot pf piss-taking which I thought I had handled pretty well. However, Charlie kept asking me if I was OK, which was starting to annoy me.

“You seem like you’re miles away,” he had said leaning over me, breathing alcohol fumes everywhere. “You’re not still thinking about that Alex bird are you.”

“Of course not,” I protested, trying to wriggle away from him. “I’m fine mate. Honestly”.

But the truth was I had been thinking about Alex all day long. The image of her pert tits behind that vest, that arse wiggle in those shorts, her glorious long legs in the black boots and her teasing, fascinating, alluring smile was now playing relentlessly with  my intoxicated brain. It was hard to concentrate on the talk that was going on around me. Isabel had noticed something was wrong too. She didn’t say anything, but I could sense it.

Another round of jagerbombs was swiftly emptied and the unfilled glasses were slammed down on the bar. More beer followed and I felt my vision become blurred. I could also feel my stomach churn. I’m not usually such a lightweight, I thought to myself as I pushed my way through the crowd to the toilet.

I stood still trying to pee but all I could think about was Alex. I gave up and went outside to the smoking area. There I pulled out my phone and the card Alex had given me. What the fuck, I thought, so I punched in the number.

She answered.

“Iz zat Alex? Iz zat Alex Angel?”

“Is that you Chris?”

“Look, all I wanted to zay waz I think you’re amazing! And I think you got amazing legs too”

“Have you been drinking Chris? Where are you?”

“And I alzo wanted to zay zorry about the other day, you know, falling over and turning up without a pen…. and all that.”

“Drinking is not good Chris. You can’t be in control if you are drunk”

“Not thatz very very true. I’m really not in control at all right now! You’ve hit the hail on the ned. I mean the head on the nail.”

“Stay where you are Chris, I’m coming to get you,”

Those words hit me like a cricket bat and sobered me up slightly. I ended the call and stared at the phone. How could she know where I was? I was propping myself up against a wooded pole that was holding up the canvas for the smoking area. I must have been there for a good fifteen minutes, with my head tilting and my brain rushing. What do I do now? I wondered.

Isabel came out of the back door. “You OK?” she asked, staring into my face. I didn’t reply so she put her arms around me. I thought she was about to kiss me, which I wouldn’t have minded particularly. “Come on Christian, I’ll take you home,” she said.

“It’s Chris,” came a voice from behind. “He prefers to be called Chris.” It was Alex.

“Oh, is that right?” said Isabel, looking peeved. “Come on Christian, let me take you home. You should stay away from this girl. She’s trouble.”

Alex came over, grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Isabel.

“Chris, you are coming back to mine”, instructed Alex. “My chauffeur, Gabriella, has a car ready.”

“No, stay away from her Christian,” said Isabel desperately. “Come home with me.”

I looked at Isabel.

And then I looked at Alex.

And then, I think, I was sick!



I was aware of daylight. Then I was aware that my mouth felt like it had been scraped out with sandpaper. I had a throbbing in my forehead and my muscles were weak and creaky. I prised my eyes open and squinted as I looked around me. Where the fuck was I?

I lifted my head off the pillow in bewilderment. I was in a bedroom, but not mine. I was undressed, covered only by a duvet, but I don’t remember taking my clothes off. I tried piecing together the jigsaw of last night. There was Vodka shots and jagerbombs; the thought of which made me want to heave. There was rugby… and Charlie… and Isabel… and…..

The door opened and Alex entered wearing a short silk gown and a big smile.

“Good morning,” she said, looking amused.

I tried opening my mouth but nothing came out.

“Tea or water?” she asked. “I don’t recommend coffee as you need rehydrating and coffee won’t do that.”

“Tea would be great,” I croaked.

Alex left and returned a few minutes later with a tray containing tea, toast and marmalade. She laid it on the bed and then sat with me. I had to admit I was starving so I quickly devoured a slice and slurped down some tea.

“Drinking shows a complete lack of discipline,” she suddenly announced.

I didn’t know what to say so I carried on munching.

“When you’re drunk you have no authority or control over any situation,” she continued. “I don’t like to see you drunk, Chris.”

“What happened last night?” I asked, keen to change the conversation.

“I took you home and we slept together,” Alex replied in a very calm and deadpan manner.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, in shock. “Did we…?”

She looked at me as if to say, ‘don’t be daft’.

She removed the tray and to my astonishment pulled back the duvet and slipped underneath it. My customary morning, hangover-induced, semi hard-on was already growing and having Alex’s warm, near naked body snuggling up to me soon made it rocket. Alex knew this, of course and while gazing into my eyes, gently began to stroke it.

“I don’t approve of drinking,” she whispered. “But I do know how to get rid of a hangover.”

And with that promise she slid down the bed and took hold of my rigid cock. She licked up and down my shaft and then onto my balls, while caressing my helmet with her fingers. Then she engulfed it with her mouth and began to suck furiously. My head was spinning with euphoria and I stared up at the ceiling. Never had I received such a passionate and lustful blow-job.

She pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her throat, all the while slurping and spitting and gagging. Harder and further down she pushed it as though she was punishing her tonsils. I glanced down and could see her eyes were watering and bloodshot. Choking and gurgling noises slipped from her mouth as she continued to push her throat down on my cock with fierce determination.

The blow-jobs I had received in the past were always fun, but slightly half-hearted. They were as though the girl thought she had to do it routinely. I hadn’t experienced anything like this before.

I looked down at Alex and a giant roar began to well up inside me. It felt as though a frenzy of power was taking over as she continued to gargle and dribble. This powerful intimidating woman now looked pathetic and at the mercy of my dominance.  And what a filthy whore she is too. She hardly knows me and she’s sucking me dry! I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down as hard as I could and held it there. That’ll teach you, I thought to myself. She sounded like she was retching so I slowly let her up. She looked at me with tears streaming from her eyes and saliva cascading down her chin.

I didn’t know which was this was going to go. Either I had gone too far or not far enough. That question was quickly answered when Alex rolled over and lay on her back horizontally along the bed. She shuffled up so her head was hanging off the side of it. “Fuck my throat, you bastard”, she called out. “And fuck it hard”.

I leapt up and hovered over her head with the end of my cock just inches away from her chin. Never had I experienced such a strong urge to completely dominate a woman. This bitch has it coming, were the words racing through my head. I looked down at her, all open-mouthed like some weak and wretched hatchling. I slapped her face. “You want this?” I shouted with my hard cock jabbing at her mouth. She opened her mouth even wider.

I shoved it forcefully as fast as I could and pumped away with hard thrusts. The mattress squeaked and the bed rocked with my sheer energy. I ripped open her gown and gasped at her body; ample broad tits with large nipples and some dazzling artwork tattooed down to a shaven pussy. The sight of this got me so aroused I could feel my balls release their load. Please not yet, I thought. Just a few more deep hard fucks!

Those final thrusts pushed me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and watched as my spunk shot over her face and joined all the spit and dribble that she was already covered with. I let out a loud groan as my knees trembled and I panted rapidly. She lay there, passive and content, with a face swimming in spit and cum. “Thank you,” she whispered. “You were worth the effort.”



Alex insisted I took a shower while she sorted out some clean clothes. The warm jet of water poured over me as I thought about what had just taken place. I have never been gripped that way before; by a feeling of sheer dominance. For just a few minutes it felt like a beast inside me had been unleashed and had taken complete control. I had to admit, the feeling was incredible.

I turned off the shower and stepped onto the cool bathroom tiles. Alex’s flat was very modern and tastefully decorated. It was at the top of the block which afforded the rooms a glorious view across the town: a perfect little palace for the princess of porn.

“I’ve left some clean clothes for you on the bed”, she called out.

“Thanks,” I replied. “By the way, you were amazing just now.” I felt a little silly when I said that but the image of her on the bed had not left me.

“Have you never fucked a girl’s face before?” She asked.

“Err… No I haven’t,” I answered, as I continued to dry myself.

She laughed. “You’ll be telling me next that you’ve never fucked a girl in the arse before.”

I looked down at my drooping cock, which looked exasperated. “We won’t tell her just yet,” I whispered to it.



I went back to the bedroom and found the clothes she had left me: black t-shirt and jeans. Not my usual choice of colour, but I put them on anyway. Alex entered the room, her heaving bosoms were pressed firmly under a tight little vest and her bare thighs teased between the bottom of a short leather skirt and the top of her black knee-length boots. She smiled at me.

But that smile disappeared quickly when I asked; “So, are we now like girlfriend and boyfriend?”

There was an icy pause where Alex stared at me with those deep and thoughtful eyes.

“I don’t do normal,” she said tersely.

“Well, I meant, I mean, can we, you know, go to the cinema, or have a pizza or something like that?” I fumbled, feeling myself blushing.

“No, I don’t think that will be possible. Or even necessary,”

I hung my head feeling foolish. “I think I best be going. Charlie will want to know where I am.”

“Don’t worry about Charlie,” she said with a hint of a smile returning to her face. “He went home with my sister, Darcy. I arranged it.”

“You have a sister?” I asked, although I don’t know why I felt so surprised.

“Let me show you something Chris,” Alex suggested. “Before you, go.”

I followed her into the hallway. Everything seemed so polished and clean. White walls and mirrors dazzled along our route and there was a crisp clean smell throughout the flat. Some interesting paintings hung on the shiny walls. One was of a woman wearing what looked like a toga, although the garment had slipped down revealing her breasts. She was chained to a pillar and there were three other men laughing at her, one holding a long whip. Another was of a woman stripped nude and curled in a foetal position. She looked peaceful and content, but her legs and back were covered in what appeared to be flagellation marks.

We stopped outside a room with a black door, which looked out of context with the rest of the décor.

“Do you like my paintings,” Alex asked. “I had them commissioned especially for me.”

“Yes, they’re certainly…..different.”

“Remember, I don’t do normal.”

I felt a tinge of excitement sparkle through me.

“What’s in here then?” I asked, nodding towards the door.

“This is my Games Room,” she announced.

“Oh, what you have your Playstation and X-Box in here then,” I said. “I’m doing really good at Minecraft at the moment. I can show you if you like.”

Alex didn’t reply and I knew I had said something really stupid. I was getting used to that expression.

“It’s important you know you can leave any time you like,” she said eventually. “Gabriela will take you home if you wish.”

She pushed open the door and turned on a light. I stepped inside what I can only describe as a grotto of chains and leather. I gasped!

The room was dimly lit and about 50 feet wide by 30 feet long. The walls were covered with red, cushioned soundproofing material, while the floor was made up of stony slabs. My attention was drawn to a large four-poster bed in the centre with a red leather mattress and pillows and wrist-clamps fastened to phallic shaped bedposts. It looked splendid and significant in its central position, as though it was some trophy or a throne. To one side was a huge wooden cross secured to the wall. Each spoke again had some sort of clamp opened and ready to clasp its next victim’s limbs. The cross was at least 8 feet tall and was as grand and foreboding as it was intimidating.

On the other side was a punishment bench, divided on two levels, so the sufferer would kneel on one level and bend over the upper level, which was slanting downwards. There were straps all around it. Next to this was a smaller wooded trestle with a studded leather surface; just the right height for someone sacrifice themselves across it.

But most sinister of all was the artillery of punishment tools that were hanging dauntingly on hooks around the walls, or lying in wait on a large wooden table, next to the cross. There were canes, whips, crops, long and short leather straps of varying thickness, paddles, both wooden and leather as well as  a fierce-looking black flogger with long snake-like tassels.  A terrifying bamboo birch stood propped up in one corner along with a much longer whip that looked like it should only be used by a lion tamer. Piled neatly in an open cupboard, in a meticulously ordered manner, were coiled chains, dangling leather restraints, stern-looking nipple clamps, teasing blindfolds, ball-gags and buckles, shiny butt plugs and dildos of varying lengths and thickness as well as the rope, masking tape and cable ties that I had sold Alex a few days ago.

I turned to her. I could see she was waiting for a reaction.

“Are you….are you, a masochist?” I asked, cautiously.

“No, I’m a submissive,” she corrected.

She stepped gracefully over to the wall of weaponry, her high heeled boots making an echoed clunk on the stone floor and took down a black and red riding crop. She walked back to me.

“What do you think,” she asked.

“Impressive,” I replied, nodding. It was the only word I could think of.

She handed me the crop. I ran my fingers along the whippy stem while gripping the handle. I gave it a couple of shakes I noticed how the leather tip quivered in short bursts, like a snake’s tongue. I looked back at Alex.

“Chris, I’ll be straight with you,” she said, appearing quite sombre. “I need a dominant male in my life. All day I have to make decisions in order to keep the business going. I have to order staff around, draw up verdicts on sale’s figures, make financial projections…there’s so much that goes into running a successful business. When I get home I want someone to take over. Someone to make the decisions for me. Someone to take control of me. Someone to tell me I’ve gone too far. Someone to punish me for being bad. Chris, I want that person to be you.”

I looked hard into her face and for the first time I could see real vulnerability in her eyes. They were doughy, dark and damp looking. She gave the appearance of a lost foal without it’s mother. I looked back at the crop and felt a compulsion surge through my body again.

“Best you take that skirt off and get your arse over there,” I ordered, gesturing towards the Punishment Bench.  I didn’t know where those words came from. It was as though someone had whispered them into my ear.

“Yes master,” replied Alex, looking panic stricken. She walked quickly to the bench and wriggled out of the skirt. She was wearing a thong so her buttocks were completely naked. She looked at me seeking either assurance or approval. I gestured for her to kneel on the bench.

She climbed on to it, knelt forward and bent over the upper half, stretching down as far as she could. Her arse was raised high and ready for chastisement. I could see there were leather restraints on the legs of the bench for her thighs and wrists as well as a long brown belt that I could have tied around her waist. I decided against using these, for now. Let me see how I get on, I thought to myself and raised the crop, high into the air.

It landed smack onto her right buttock with a resounding crack. Immediately a red mark formed on her pale skin. But there was no reaction from Alex. So, I gave her another one, and another, and another, alternating each cheek, until I finally got a whimper.

“You want this, do you?” I shouted at her.

“Yes master,” she purred.

I gave her about a dozen more to which she became more stimulated after each stroke. And I was becoming aroused too. That feeling of dominance was getting a grip of me again, so I threw the crop onto the floor and ripped down her thong. She wailed with delight as I smacked her arse with my palm and then kissed each flaming cheek. I slipped my tongue into her cunt and licked at her wet pussy like it was a bowl of candy. I allowed my tongue to slide into her arse crack and deep into her hole. It tasted lush and savoury and I loved pressing my face into her cool bare flesh.

She began to stir and knelt up. “When I asked if you had ever fucked a girl in the arse, you didn’t reply,” she said looking down at me with a broad grin on her face.

I looked at her with my chin covered in pussy juice and my tongue tingling with the taste of her ring piece.

“I think I had better take care of that situation,” she whispered as she stepped down from the bench and led me over to the bed.

“Have I become a ‘situation’,” I asked, following her.


She peeled off her vest and lay on the bed wearing only her boots. I stripped off as quickly as I could, excitement streaming through my veins. I mounted her and pushed my rock hard cock into her flushed, moist pussy. My eyes fixed on hers as we fucked with strong velocity. I dipped my head down and licked the salty sweat from her neck and chest. Her fragrance was of soap but she smelt of woman.

After a while she put her right hand between her legs and eased my cock out of her. She then lifted her arse up and pushed my cock towards her arsehole. “Push gently, but firmly,” she whispered, looking into my eyes again. After a few unsuccessful jabs, a bit like a drunkard with a key, I finally forced my way in.

She let out a loud groan of pleasure and closed her eyes. Her arsehole gripped around my cock as though it was never going to let go. I pushed it in further and Alex continued to convolute with delight. Then she raised her legs up high and hung her knees over my shoulders.

I pounded away like a piston engine; feeling rushes of ecstasy swim over me and watching Alex’s beautiful face twist and contort with pleasure. I ran my hands up and down her bare legs, remembering how turned on I was when I first saw them in her office. Her arse absorbed my cock so tightly it almost felt numb. Then I felt my balls release their load so I slowly pulled out and breathlessly I showered her body with my seed.

I crumpled in a heap next to her; my heart pounding and completely drained of strength. She smiled at me and ran her fingers through my hair. “I think we’ve dealt with that situation,” she giggled. I smiled, feeling peaceful and sublime.


I stayed a while longer, then I left with Alex’s chauffer, Gabriella. She was a gorgeous looking girl herself, with satiny dark skin and mischievous chocolate-coloured eyes. She was chatty as well, while we were in the lift and then onto Alex’s Mercedes, which was waiting for us in the car park.

“I hope to see you soon, Master” Alex said to me as we left.  “I’ll be in touch. I’ve already sent you something in the post.”

I didn’t know what that was of course but at that moment I wasn’t really bothered. I was sitting in the back of a Mercedes, being chauffeur driven back to my flat and feeling like the king of the world. It felt I had grown up suddenly, within the last 24 hours. New perspectives were dawning on me. The old me had been challenged and now there was an inner-belief and a growing feeling of confidence blossoming within me.  The old cliché of today being the first day of the rest of your life, had never felt so true.

I looked at Gabriella’s beautiful face in the rear-view mirror. She had been silent since we got going. Somehow I knew that she knew what had happened that day. I wondered how many other men she had driven home.

I thanked Gabriella as we pulled up outside of my flat. I stepped out of the car and bundled my way through the door. I was greeted with two surprises; one was Charlie and Alex’s sister Darcy, both naked on the living room sofa, the other was the envelope that Alex had sent to me. I opened it and fished out the contents.

I stood back in amazement.

(To be continued)