Cum Fly With Me (featuring Alicia)


I sat back in the plastic leather seat with the anxiety and despair of a condemned man. Beads of perspiration raced down my forehead as I cautiously surveyed my surroundings. The sides of the cylindrical vehicle arched over me like the grasp of a claw. The tiny porthole windows offered no means for escape. A muffle of excitable voices mixed with some ghastly piped music drifted through the chilled air. My chest had turned to elastic, my stomach churned like a washing machine, my mouth was as dry as stale bread and my knuckles resembled ice-caps as they gripped the armrests. Oh God, I hated flying!!

Most people would have jumped at the chance of a free business trip to Singapore. I was reminded of this by the boss while he was deciding upon a suitable replacement for a colleague who had to pull out of this wonderful opportunity due to his wife giving birth expectedly early. I had flapped about like a marooned fish with a succession of feeble excuses and downright lies until he basically told me; if I didn’t go, I would be sacked. When I finally manned up and came clean about my pathological fear of flying it was too late. He looked at me with utter disbelief.

One thing in my favour was that I had an empty seat next to me. No-one would be witness to my shocking displays of cowardice and at the same time I would not have my torment interrupted by someone attempting to engage me in small talk. The Captain began a cheery announcement welcoming us aboard the plane and wishing us a pleasant journey: as if that was at all possible. Then the cabin door was sealed, which was how I felt my fate had become.

The plane began to roll backwards as the stewardesses went through their routine on flight safety. Who were they kidding? If this thing lands in the sea then it will surely sink and we will all drown. A bloody rubber ring and a whistle will hardly help at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And if it crashes on to the ground then we will all be burned and be blown to smithereens. Knowing the location of the nearest fucking exit is a bit bloody pointless! And what if there is a terrorist on board? A deranged lunatic is not going to lay down his pistol just because I’ve waved a sick bag at him!

The plane moved slowly towards its destined runway and I gradually sunk into resignation. The next thirteen hours were going to be the worst of my life. I took a deep breath as I struggled with the nausea that was sweeping through my stomach. I tried desperately to clear my mind of the impending take off, but panic was beginning to consume me.

“You look absolutely terrified”, said a quiet, calm and intelligent voice from above.

I looked up and there was a stewardess smiling at me. She had a beautiful clear face with warm brown eyes and a smile that looked both bright and peaceful. Her hair was bright blonde and glowed like a lantern and her body was curvaceous and equally enchanting. She was wearing a bright blue jacket and matching skirt as part of her uniform. Her pristine white blouse struggled to contain a pair of the most voluptuous breasts I’ve ever seen.


“I don’t like flying,” was all I could think of saying.

She laughed. “Well, I didn’t think it was the complimentary peanuts that were making you look so frightened. My name is Alicia. Would you like me to sit with you during take-off?”

“Thank you Alicia. Yes, I would like that very much,” I replied, already feeling more comfortable.

Alicia sat next to me and to my surprise took hold of my hand.


The plane stopped at the head of the runway, preparing itself for the big run up. Then the engines roared and the vehicle jolted forward.  Slowly it trundled forward and then gradually gained speed. Faster and faster it went as Alicia turned to me and smiled again. She squeezed my hand tighter as the G-force pinned us into our seats. My ears popped as the plane continued to screech and accelerate. Then the front slowly lifted up and I felt the ground drift away. I started to breathe easier and the aircraft continued its ascent.

“How are you feeling?” Alicia asked, after about a minute.

“OK,” I replied, nodding slowly.

I looked at her. She really was a vision of beauty. I tried to refrain from looking at her breasts but it was very difficult. She talked to me gently about the flight and various things I could expect. Her voice was soothing and perceptive and soon I relaxed and felt upbeat. Eventually I talked about myself and the reason why I was on board this flight, despite being scared shitless of airplanes.

Then a ping indicated it was OK to undo your seat belt and Alicia stood up.

“I’ve got to go,” she announced, with a hint of sadness.

She then produced a couple of tablets.

“I shouldn’t really be giving you these,” she smiled. “But they are perfect for nervous passengers. Take these with a drink and this flight will be over in no time.”

I took the tablets and thanked her for them and her kindness. I was beginning to feel spellbound by her elegance and ravishing figure. She turned around and winked at me as she wandered away down the aisle. It was then I noticed how amazing her arse was too. I had become very aroused.

Shortly after she left another pretty stewardess called Victoria offered me a drink from the trolley. I bought a large Jack Daniels and Coke with ice. I looked at the tablets Alicia had given me and then placed them on my tongue, took a large gulp of my drink and swallowed them in one go.

Gradually, I closed my eyes.




With a sudden jolt I became aware of the plane shaking. At first it was a wobble but quickly it generated into a vicious shudder and then developed into a strong swaying motion. Then there was an extraordinary loud penetrating shriek that I feared may be coming from the engines. Voices became raised and tense and a sense of agitation descended. The tannoy then sounded and I experienced a dreadful sinking feeling.

“Ladies and gentlemen, can you all return to your seats and fasten your seat belts please. We have trouble with the engines and the plane is rapidly losing height. You may also like to familiarise yourself with the emergency landing procedures.  I would ask you to all remain as calm as possible.”

I froze with horror! My limbs became numb and I could barely breathe. All around people were panicking and crying out. I glanced at the window and could see we were falling through the sky.

Just then Alicia sat down next to me, just as she had before take-off. Only this time she was not smiling. In fact she looked incredibly somber.


“This is a very serious situation,” she whispered. “Both engines have inexplicably shut down and we are dropping through the sky at great speed”.


I looked at her and was speechless. I couldn’t think of anything appropriate to say at all. It felt as though everything was happening in slow motion. I looked at her beautiful figure and just wanted to cuddle up to it.

Then her expression changed slightly.

“I’ve got to do this,” she said, with a glint of caution in her eyes. She stood up and took my hand.


“Come with me, quickly.”

I stood up and followed her as she briskly sauntered along the aisle. I steadied myself by grabbing the headrests as I staggered after her. All around me were terrified faces, people crying, trying to contact loved ones on the phone. Even with all the commotion I could not help but gaze at her incredible arse.

“Quickly,” Alicia said as she glanced back at me. I followed her, like a child from Hamlyn.


We arrived at the back of the plane where Alicia opened the door of a small room. The rest of the crew were helping passengers as the plane continued to tumble, so the room was empty. It was small, no bigger than ten square feet and half of it was occupied with a table. Alicia locked the door once we were both inside.

She put her arms around my neck and passionately embraced me. We were soon kissing deeply while fumbling at each other’s clothes. I slipped Alicia’s jacket off and it fell to the floor. I then began to undo her blouse while she released my fly zip.

The plane then took another almighty jolt as it continued its ill-fated descent. We looked at each other, confident in what we were about to do. “I want to be fucked,” she whispered. “I want it to be the last thing I do”. I felt my cock rise as I spun her around and bent her over the table.

I raised her skirt up around her waist. My eyes grew with excitement as I looked at her glorious arse that was barely covered by a pair of black lace knickers. I felt a flush of tingles pour through me to my groin that was now aching with expectancy. I knelt, slipped down her underwear and sunk my tongue deep into her warm, wet pussy.


I could hear her groans of pleasure above the engine’s racket as I lapped away at her juices. Her buttocks were cool, fleshy and soft and I gave them one or two hard slaps that made them quiver. She tasted so sweet and luscious I never wanted to stop. The plane took another sudden downward lurch as I arose from my kneeling position, hard and erect.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” She demanded, looking at me over her shoulder. I slid my cock inside her with ease and soon gathered a strong forceful motion. My hips slapped against her arse with every thrust as she thumped the table with pleasure. She lifted herself up so I could place my hands under those magnificent tits. I could feel her nipples harden through her bra as I squeezed them tightly.

“Harder, harder!” she shrieked, and I could see she was close to climaxing. I found second wind and pumped away at her with zealous ferocity until eventually I felt her tremble and shudder. She shouted and screamed, tossed and wriggled in orgasmic delight as her body was gripped spasm after spasm. I gently pulled myself out and she turned around, gasping for breath, looking deeply satisfied.

“I haven’t finished with you yet, mister,” she smiled. She removed her blouse and whipped off her bra. My mouth fell open. I’ve never seen such a magnificent pair of tits in my life. They were perfectly rounded, creamy white and felt fleshly and soft when I caressed them. I was mesmerised by them and I felt a warm comfort flow over me. It was as though they were providing me with some sort of protection. I sucked at her nipples and then the plane took an almighty plunge which caused the screams and cries of the passengers to rise in volume.


The reality of the situation we were in sank home. “Quickly,” said Alicia and she got down to her knees. She placed her mouth over my cock and began sucking until I was rock hard again. Then she leaned up and placed my penis between her tits.

She rubbed it backward and forward, slowly at first, then gaining speed until feelings of ecstasy washed over me. On and on she went while smiling at me with that heavenly face. I ran my fingers through her glowing hair and looked upwards.

When you know you are at the point of no return you may as well forget about your problems and live the moment. The plane was totally out of control and for that moment, so was I. My legs wobbled and went numb as I panted and groaned. I held my breath and rolled my eyes.  And then I erupted all over that perfect face of hers.

But Alicia wouldn’t stop wanking me. She was determined to crank every last spasm from me and wring my balls empty of all the cum they had. Soon I was bent over her helpless and weak, folded over like a ragdoll. I looked down at her. Her face and tits were covered in cum but she carried on smiling. I slowly withdrew my exhausted cock from her cleavage, shook it and one last healthy drop of cum landed plumb on her blue uniform skirt.

We embraced for a final time.


“Thank you,” I whispered, still a little breathless.

“No, thank you,” she replied with that familiar heart-warming smile.

I slipped out of the small room and into the mayhem of the aircraft’s cabin as it embarked upon it’s final deathly spiral to the earth. All around me were people clinging to each other, weeping hopelessly, bracing themselves for their demise.

In contrast I felt tranquil and fulfilled. Nothing seemed to matter.

I relaxed back in my seat and with the lovely vision of Alicia’s cum soaked smile and magnificent bare breasts.

I closed my eyes.



“You must wake up now, Sir,” came a voice in the darkness.

I opened my eyes and saw the pretty face of Victoria, the stewardess who had served me my drink, smiling at me.

“We will be landing in ten minutes so please fasten your seat-belt,” she continued.

I looked about me, bleary and confused. There was serenity all around as people returned to their seats or put items away in preparation for the landing. I did as I was asked and thought about Alicia.

The plane landed at Singapore airport without drama. Once the plane door opened the passengers began to trickle out. The cabin crew stood by the exit smiling, saying farewell and wishing people a pleasant stay. I was the last to leave.

A furnace of warm Singapore air engulfed me as I stepped onto the gangway. Alicia stood there looking as smart and radiant as she had done when she first sat with me.

“Goodbye, my dear,” I said, as I smiled at her.

“Goodbye, mister. I hope you have a wonderful stay,” she said as she winked at me, with a glint of naughtiness. I looked her over for one last time.

I’m not sure if my eyes were deceiving me but I swear there was a large cum stain on her blue skirt.

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