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Erotic Story Jett Black


If there is something that spreads faster than a wild fire, it’s the fame of a sexy woman. I just learnt about Maxes Angels London Escorts the other day but I wish I had known the place earlier. Just thinking about the place makes me hard, as I recall my first session with the sexy and shapely Jett Black. London has always been my favorite place and when I was told at work I will be traveling to the capital, I was ecstatic as usual. Through my co-worker, Ralph, I learnt about Maxes Angels. I am a skeptic and Ralph’s insistence that I should specifically ask for Jett Black as she was simply mind blowing!

When we met, I expected a timid and shy kitten, one I could intimidate with my gigantic physique. Nevertheless, Jett Black was something else. When I saw her, I become hard and she noticed some bulging movement in my pants. She is very chatty and made me feel good, a PSE escort with a difference. Her big round and stiff boobs are exceptional, and she let me toy with them, squeezing and rubbing my blazing cock between them. Just by looking at her, you get the feeling she hardly knows how aroused you are but make no mistake. When I saw her, my head could only think about one thing; getting between her legs to discover the pussy she was stroking. Wherever Max got her, he has a sex angel, a balanced and streamlined figure that arouses you even when fully clothed.

Somehow, she realized how I love my sex, oral followed by serious hard fucking. That’s why I love a tight cunt and I could not believe my eyes when she pulled her dark skirt a few inches, opening her legs enough for me to see the noble charms the neat pussy wields. She saw me swallowing hard and smiled, came over and her sweet tongue was immediately in my mouth. Both hands worked on my zipper as the most wonderful of arousals worked its way up my stiff cock. I surprised her when I said I don’t like someone licking my stiff peter but love eating neat and lovely pussy.

Well, my hands were now between her legs and when I lay her on the sofa and started licking her shapely thighs, working my way down from her belly to her wet fanny, I heard a moan and knew I was right on track. I loved fondling her million dollar super boobs and fucking her sweet cunt amidst licking her clits and seeing her cum. It is something I have not seen in years, and Ralph was right to direct me to Maxes, because I am the luckiest. I licked a Jett angel.

Erotic Story Jade


Hot Ebony Porn Star Jade

I spend most of my time at work thinking about a tight ass, neat pussy and a sweet cunt plus pretty boobs and a wonderful figure. I see myself licking clits and rubbing the pussy to kingdom cum. Well, I had a wonderful chance to fulfill my dream when I met a hot Ebony porn star at Maxes Angels London Escorts. I don’t know where Max gets the best in the angel’s kingdom but I’m glad he did. Her name is Jade and I swore if I don’t get another business trip to London I would force it.

Man, Jades tight ass and erect nipples sent a whirlwind of desire across all the nerves in my body, but the most affected was my stiff flagpole that almost tore my pants apart. Seeing her smile and stand expectantly made me know I had a gem in my hands, the girl I had been dreaming about at work. Just by looking at the flag pole begging to be let out was enough to show her what was in my mind and she asked me with one of the most sexy of voices whether I would love to place my dick at the heart of her flower. Before I could answer, her sweet tongue was jostling mine as we came even closer to one another. She took my hands and placed them right on her boobs and I squeezed the cute nipples as I fondled the beautiful boobs until she closed her eyes with pleasure.

This ebony PSE Escort star was not only hot but knew how to get the best out of you. Just by touching her tits, I was already thinking about hammering her pussy lips with my stiff member and drive her nuts. She did not mind when I dropped to my knees and sucked her pussy lips in my mouth, softly biting her. She was wet and ready to fuck. I loved her more for letting me dictate what I wanted; as she followed every clue I gave with meticulous alacrity. Man, I have never eaten such a beautiful pussy and my thoughts were blazing with need to harmer her cunt. My erect Justus was already protesting, and wanted the warmth that lay between her legs, the soulful protection that a sexy woman’s pussy promises a stiff cock.

I banged Jade’s mightily and her ability to come repeatedly was remarkable. I loved to see her cum, as I rubbed her pussy with juice oozing to my own pleasure. She had no qualms with my desire to feel her tight ass and stick my dick in it, as I rubbed her pussy. She loved that. I love a tight ass and Jade got a sweet one. Its weeks since I was at Maxes Angels. The desire to return for the ebony porn star is the only thing in my mind. I only dream about my stiff peter between her legs, my hands feeling her erect nipples and touching her hard boobs.

Erotic Story Mimi


Mimi the naughtiest Escorts at Maxes Angels

I love naughty girls and when my friend told me about Mimi, I was immediately sailing in the ways of an orgasm. Just thinking about her and hearing the horny and erotic details my friend told me about, I was literally dying to meet the horny beauty. Thus, I checked out Maxes Angels London Escorts and boy! The photos of Mimi made me fret with need as my mind conjured what we would be doing together, figuring out how naughty Mimi can be.

We got into chatting and immediately I realized how horny and naughty the sexual deviant was. She tells you about the 4some, 3some, parties and groups the petite sexy thing has tried over the years and her love for escorting. It was evident from the beginning even the agency’s other sexy figures cannot get enough of this sexy beauty with a body perfectly toned. It doest matter what is in your mind, whether it is a duo or not, this horny naughty girl is ready to deliver one hell of a sexual rollercoaster of unimaginable proportions.

They say that you can forget every girl you have had fun with but no one forgets the naughtiest. This is what is true when you meet Mimi, where your sexual fantasies come alive. I love a lot of fore play and straight drilling sex, creatively interwoven into a cacophony of ejaculations for both of us. I have a big appetite for well-toned bodies, more so well maintained and beautiful, and Mimi just blew me away once I saw her naked. She was more than a sexy London Escort but a horny little pro who can make you fret with desire and satisfaction. She knows the rhythm of lovemaking, the place to tickle and a great player, more so if you are in a group.

She is everything I enjoy in a woman, and the truth is that any time I am in the Capital for business I would stop by Maxes London Escorts for my Mimi. Mimi is a unique, horny, sexy and ready to play the part you give her. I love eating pussy and this little bitch has one of the most beautiful, sweetest and well-maintained flowers I have ever eaten and drilled. Boy does she cum! That is something I treasure in any bitch I suck, drill and eat pussy but Mimi’s experience makes me squirt now as I sit on my desk.

Meg Erotic Story at Maxes Angels


Hot 30s Blonde Meg a Mind blowing Punt!

Forget boring days when you are in London, because Meg is waiting to fuck you to death! Just by meeting Meg, you get the impression that she is not real, with desire and horniness torments. The way she talks can make any man hard, and since she one of many Bi London Escorts at Maxes anyone who is the same as me desires an individual like Meg. Her Chanel sweet flagrance, gently teasing and her beauty with exquisite underwear and make up is what hit me when we met in a Kensington Hotel. I had experienced one of the most terrible days in the capital and needed someone exquisite to cheer me up.

I would not have chosen something so perfect and sexy. Just looking at her made my wild head swill with crazy ideas, sexual fantasies that I knew would make me forget the lashing I had got over the week. As we met her smile made my heart dry with heightening activity, just like a sweet horny bitch she embraced and kissed me, and as our tongues met, I realized and felt my problems were over. Well the truth is that I love giving what I expect from a person (I guess that is why I’m successful in my career). With Meg, our fantasies, character, and aims seems to mesh and turn into one. As we kissed, I was right onto her boobs, superb hard icons of sexual perfection, and as I heard her moan, my tongue and activity going down, down, I knew I was right on.

I buried my head between her sweet frames, well toned, streamlined, and made up her beautiful pot of ecstasy. I have never eaten such full and sweet pussy before, wet and full. I surprised her when I had my tongue inside her arse and as she went into working on me, I hardly expected such expertise. The blowjob I received, right to the way she sucked my arse ended up making me sense I was right on it with a horny bitch who knows what she is doing. I almost spat on her mouth, something I don’t like before I have drilled those two openings a horny hottie like Meg has. I love drilling the arse and I hardly fail in that, and as we started running along in the same rhythm together, I could not help wondering about the Gold Maxes Angels has hit on Meg. She is a beauty I encourage any bi or straight to checkout this stunning blonde.

The best London Escorts really are at Maxes Angels.

Erotic Story Kelly and her 34FFs


I was in London for some official work and since the trip got extended for several reasons, It started becoming monotonous with only work during day and work and sleep at nights and this made me look out for some hot action as my dick started to show its restlessness while at work as well. I came across Maxes Angels Agency site on the internet and one of the girls there from their fabulous collection named Kelly drove me crazy as soon as I saw her photo.

She was nicely built with huge boobs, which always fascinated me and not only her boobs but she was a complete package with curvaceous figure and flawless skin which look tremendously voluptuous and delicious.

I couldn’t control any further and arranged for an in call immediately the day after. I went to meet her with mixed thoughts and tried not to expect as much as I saw but she looked even more stunning when I saw her and my expectations now knew boundaries and even though, I tried to maintain my formal behavior for first few minutes, It was getting hard to sustain it as my member below started showing signs of record breaking erection with the thought that now I will be having her. She was gentle but very naughty both on and off bed and she pleasures you like she knows you for years, she knows what you want even without you say it and that’s the best part, I didn’t had to try hard to make most of my time with her because she understood my requirements completely just by little initiate talk we had.

While talking, she slowly pulled up her long silk dress she was wearing and her deep neck was giving me full view of her breasts, which had no privilege to be protected by bra. Her upper thighs were now visible and I couldn’t wait to discover whether her pussy had the privilege of being protected by panties or not and so I caressed her thighs gently and started in mid of our so called start up conversation, to smooch her. Her lips were juicy and man, she knew how to kiss and make you breathless. I in the meantime explored further and was happy to know that no panties were on as well and therefore, started fingering her gently.

Her big 34FFs were touching my chest which reminded me of her unguarded treasure and I shifted my focus there and started pressing her boobs as hard as I could and she did not complained but moaned as any girlfriend would do without any professional approach which might turn you off. I squeezed her boobs while kissing her while her hands worked on unzipping my pants and pulling my shirt off. I worked on pulling her dress off which took me only few seconds and there she was, lying there all naked and my imagination wondered, time runs fast as yesterday I was only imagining and today I am doing as well and I can do anything I want. Wow is the word which came close to describing how I felt.

I bent down a little, took her big boobs in my mouth and started licking every corner of it along with little tickling and biting on her tits at regular intervals. I was naked as well by then and as it got hard as ever, she hugged me tightly or should I say asked me in signs to get inside her as she was wet and juicy lubricant was spread all across her pussy and dripping down her anus. I couldn’t resist the temptation as well because I was afraid to cum before even putting it inside by the turn of events which have made me sexually so aroused that I think I can have orgasm every time I think of it. I slammed her ass while fucking her, even pulled her hairs but gently, pressed her hug boobs handedly but still managed to make her moan just by it, squeezed her ass tightly, fondled her legs and thumped hard and very hard and very softly in sequence to go longer and go deeper.

Eventually we both held each other extra tightly which was a sign of cuming together and what can be more pleasurable than that. Since, I was wearing Condom I had the freedom to be that way and hugged her tightly with her tits touching my chest and after a moment, I licked them with great passion until I was off for a while.

It was great fun to take a break before we decided to take a bath and it goes without saying, that scene of Kelly’s naked body and her huge 34FFs aroused me again and I fucked her again there and this one lasted longer and I made sure I licked every part of her body including her juicy boobs and ass in great details.

If you like busty girls then Maxes Angels London Escorts is the place to go.

Erotic Story Watersports with Crystal


There is no end to how much you can explore your sexuality in just so many ways and if you are at London, then your sexual adventure will experience its peak when you call up Maxes Angels. One of the angel here, Crystal, gave life to my all time fantasy to have and enjoy watersports session with a beautiful girl who does so with equal or more passion and make me reach my climax by just doing so.

As soon as I met Crystal who I selected online through Maxes Angels website and thereafter arranged an out call meeting with her, my excitement experienced the level of peak which was unknown till then. My manhood struggled to stay silent and at last it just gave up which did embarrassed me a little but Crystal was not only stunningly good looking and hot but also gentle and nice to talk to. She made me feel comfortable in most weird of the situation for the first time meeting and then came close to me to know what is it that I would like her to do, and when I hesitatingly announced my fantasy for watersports session, she said get ready you sexy boy.

Immediately after before I could realize I was kissing her with great intense and her juicy lips were locked with mine, she behaved like a real life girl friend and I appreciated that extra bit of fun which ignited passion of next level in me. She unzipped my pants and rubbed me all over my pole region and it got hard for me to control my passion to burst, and I had to pull down her tight slim fit jeans as well as pull out nice skin tight spaghetti top and put my sexual member in her recently trimmed vagina, I started thumping as fast as I could and feeling of her being completely wet was felt all over my thigh region as I started to slam and fondle her butts.

I thought she forgot about my fantasy and let it go but all of a sudden she announced, lets enjoy peeing which took me by great surprise and her being so pleasing almost made me pee inside her but I kept it somehow as she pulled herself up and sat down to suck my cock and balls with great enthusiasm. She never stopped for next five minutes and she could feel the pressure in which I was controlling my urge as she was pressing hard and feeling the muscle pull sensation while licking all around my anus and cock region.

Crystal pulled me closer as she pulled out from sucking my cock and hold my butts tightly and said let’s do it and though, I was bit shy, I let go and made her bath of my pee which she seemed to enjoy with great pleasure and that aroused me even more. Before I could settle down Crystal said now it’s my turn and on hearing that, I was aroused again after having orgasm together while peeing just few seconds ago and I agreed to be her slave for it and she repeated the same action as mine and it was fun having a partner which share the same passion and that too so engagingly.

We bathed together after that and while in shower, we again peed on each other and it was great feeling to let go off any strings attached while having the most intimate time anyone could have and I fucked her again under cold shower. After a long period of time I enjoyed multiple orgasms in that short period of time and I look forward to meeting Crystal next time I am in London which should be in couple of months for sure.

Watersports Escorts are the best at Maxes Angels London Escorts.

First London Escort Story


I went to London on a business trip to crack a deal for my boss, but after a day’s work I was tired and bored as I was alone and needed something to rejuvenate me for the next day. This is when it came across my mind to book an escort as I always heard of it from my friends who enjoyed having one whenever they are in London, but I never did it myself till yet. Thus, I booked an escort and waited for the girl whom I chose from the online portfolio, to come to my hotel room.

I must say that she was the hottest of London Escorts and looked far more gorgeous than what it appeared on the website pictures when she arrived, I was nervous and stunned by her beauty which I think she guessed. But she made me comfortable as soon as she arrived with a warm hug and a handshake and later on by starting a semi formal conversation. Soon after, she came close and unbuttoned my shirt while continuing the conversation, and I got aroused immediately by sensual activities her hand was exercising on my chest and going below from there, slowly and sensually.

I couldn’t control and I swept her from where she was on to my lap and she submitted to me completely, I unzipped her short skirt and pulled up her tank top and pushed my mouth inside her breast and started sucking wildly. She moaned and so did I as her hand was still doing everything to pull up my bar of arousal.

It was getting hotter by the passing minute and we did what we were meant to in a way I haven’t done since my college days and to top it, she gave me a blow job which seemed to take to me to another world of ecstasy and I reached my climax and she reached soon after in our next session.

I must say, my first escort experience in London have opened my eyes to what I was missing from so long and now I will be booking escort every time I am here, may be the same one again.

The Escort that gives the best blow job in London


It is fun to mix business with pleasure and whether you are from London or on a trip to London, you cannot miss out on the escort that gives the best blow job in London. It is every male’s wildest fantasy to get a blowjob from London Escorts who are as horny as she is beautiful and it is not difficult to find the escort of your dreams, here in London.

Escorts in London know what you want and they assure you of one of the best sexual experience ever. When it comes to blow job, you want an escort who not only is mechanical but enjoy what she is doing and escorts in London are best at that. They enjoy pleasuring you and when she is with you, she will make you comfortable by her friendliness and exotic nature, which is definitely something you always longed for and which can be truly felt only when you book her.

Escorts are available for both in call and out call whether it is day and night. So, I booked an escort for the whole night and waited for her to come. I longed for blow job and I was already aroused imagining the activities going to happen soon and as soon as she arrived, she saw me and she understood, there is no formal introduction round happening for long.

We did chat for few minutes but I kissed her in between and unbuttoned her attire and pulled down my pajamas simultaneously. I brushed my manhood against her bush and signaled her to bend down and give me what I have come to know she is best at and I must admit, as soon as she swallowed my pole, it was heaven. She didn’t left any stone unturned in making me feel good and she continued for so long that I had to cum inside her and she obliged with pleasure.

I am not going to miss a chance of having her give me a blowjob again when I am in London again, and she is definitely the escort that gives the best blow job in London.

Julia Erotic Story Maxes Angels


Mix of perfectly toned immaculate body, hypnotizing charm, unbelievable intellect and sensual Goddess like appeal, that’s Julia for you. She is one of those amazing escorts with whom you can have fantastic stimulating conversation before the grand finale and warm up your senses and also check all the fantasies written in your to-do list. I am a regular client at Maxes Angels and have never been disappointed on any occasions, and this time I made sure I get Julia booked before her schedule gets too tight to fit me in, as it happened many times earlier.

As soon as I saw her, I understood why I was never able to book her earlier and why is she is always overbooked, the answer was very clear at the first glimpse of her. She has that amazing hour glass figure which any man would die for to have and here, she was there to provide me with ultimate satisfaction as well as fulfill my fantasies, which I got excited about as soon as her I saw her, imagining what a time I am going to have tonight. She was friendly and great to talk to and after a round of warm up sensuous flirtatious mischievous talks, she got closer and got hold of my manhood and gave me a deep kiss which aroused me to the hilt and I thought I will cum to soon out of excitement but thanks to God, I didn’t and we continued the rest of the story in bed.

She was super horny and agreed to give me an erotic BJ and then a bit of role playing and lap dance. She also has amazing range of sex toys and uniforms after wearing which she looked super hot and I wanted to have her even more. I was more than ready to become her slave and do as she said, as that was part of the game and I must admit, she knows what she does and she understands what you need, and gets involved in it too much for that fantasy to remain only yours as she takes it upon her and all I did after that was enjoy every moment of being with her, while we continued our sexual adventures and fantasies ending in around three rounds of orgasms, making me even more hungry for Julia and I can’t wait to see her again soon and this time, I will make sure I book her for longer time and enjoy her sensual body and sexy appeal.

The best London Escorts are certainly here at Maxes Angels.

Lexi Erotic Story Maxes Angels


If you want one of the horniest and sexually pleasurable experiences while in London, you have to meet Lexi, who is bold, black and one of the bustiest girls in town. I saw her photos at Maxes Angels London Escorts and from then on I was craving to meet her and fulfill my sexual fantasies as I read in her profile that she can be dirty, explicit and is ready to take all over you. However, I must admit that as soon as I met her, I was stunned because she looks amazing and the images of her at the website were nothing in comparison to what she looked like in real life.

Lexi looks amazing and has a wonderful body. Her busts are out of the world and I feel I haven’t had my hands on such big juicy breasts for a very long time. She is friendly and as soon as she walked in, after a very short and candid conversation, we jumped in to sharing sexual fantasies which was arousing my member to hilt. She was fresh when talking and didn’t make me feel that I am with an escort because she was flirting in a way any girlfriend would do before hitting the bed. She was warm and friendly and as we reached the peak of conversation, she leaped in to my manhood to give me a cock sucking experience of the lifetime which I will savor forever.

She allowed me to do whatever I wanted, and after she took in all my cum she was horny and hot and wanted me to insert my manhood and when I did, warmth of her hugged me and it was hard to resist to not cum so shortly after. The thumping I gave was the best I could but she wanted more and Boy! She was horny like hell and her moaning made me horny as well and then she came out and gave me oral again, one of the best I had till now of all my sexual adventures.

She is definitely worth it if you are looking for some hot mind boggling sexual time when in London and I can’ wait to see her again soon.