First London Escort Story


I went to London on a business trip to crack a deal for my boss, but after a day’s work I was tired and bored as I was alone and needed something to rejuvenate me for the next day. This is when it came across my mind to book an escort as I always heard of it from my friends who enjoyed having one whenever they are in London, but I never did it myself till yet. Thus, I booked an escort and waited for the girl whom I chose from the online portfolio, to come to my hotel room.

I must say that she was the hottest of London Escorts and looked far more gorgeous than what it appeared on the website pictures when she arrived, I was nervous and stunned by her beauty which I think she guessed. But she made me comfortable as soon as she arrived with a warm hug and a handshake and later on by starting a semi formal conversation. Soon after, she came close and unbuttoned my shirt while continuing the conversation, and I got aroused immediately by sensual activities her hand was exercising on my chest and going below from there, slowly and sensually.

I couldn’t control and I swept her from where she was on to my lap and she submitted to me completely, I unzipped her short skirt and pulled up her tank top and pushed my mouth inside her breast and started sucking wildly. She moaned and so did I as her hand was still doing everything to pull up my bar of arousal.

It was getting hotter by the passing minute and we did what we were meant to in a way I haven’t done since my college days and to top it, she gave me a blow job which seemed to take to me to another world of ecstasy and I reached my climax and she reached soon after in our next session.

I must say, my first escort experience in London have opened my eyes to what I was missing from so long and now I will be booking escort every time I am here, may be the same one again.

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