Erotic Story Watersports with Crystal


There is no end to how much you can explore your sexuality in just so many ways and if you are at London, then your sexual adventure will experience its peak when you call up Maxes Angels. One of the angel here, Crystal, gave life to my all time fantasy to have and enjoy watersports session with a beautiful girl who does so with equal or more passion and make me reach my climax by just doing so.

As soon as I met Crystal who I selected online through Maxes Angels website and thereafter arranged an out call meeting with her, my excitement experienced the level of peak which was unknown till then. My manhood struggled to stay silent and at last it just gave up which did embarrassed me a little but Crystal was not only stunningly good looking and hot but also gentle and nice to talk to. She made me feel comfortable in most weird of the situation for the first time meeting and then came close to me to know what is it that I would like her to do, and when I hesitatingly announced my fantasy for watersports session, she said get ready you sexy boy.

Immediately after before I could realize I was kissing her with great intense and her juicy lips were locked with mine, she behaved like a real life girl friend and I appreciated that extra bit of fun which ignited passion of next level in me. She unzipped my pants and rubbed me all over my pole region and it got hard for me to control my passion to burst, and I had to pull down her tight slim fit jeans as well as pull out nice skin tight spaghetti top and put my sexual member in her recently trimmed vagina, I started thumping as fast as I could and feeling of her being completely wet was felt all over my thigh region as I started to slam and fondle her butts.

I thought she forgot about my fantasy and let it go but all of a sudden she announced, lets enjoy peeing which took me by great surprise and her being so pleasing almost made me pee inside her but I kept it somehow as she pulled herself up and sat down to suck my cock and balls with great enthusiasm. She never stopped for next five minutes and she could feel the pressure in which I was controlling my urge as she was pressing hard and feeling the muscle pull sensation while licking all around my anus and cock region.

Crystal pulled me closer as she pulled out from sucking my cock and hold my butts tightly and said let’s do it and though, I was bit shy, I let go and made her bath of my pee which she seemed to enjoy with great pleasure and that aroused me even more. Before I could settle down Crystal said now it’s my turn and on hearing that, I was aroused again after having orgasm together while peeing just few seconds ago and I agreed to be her slave for it and she repeated the same action as mine and it was fun having a partner which share the same passion and that too so engagingly.

We bathed together after that and while in shower, we again peed on each other and it was great feeling to let go off any strings attached while having the most intimate time anyone could have and I fucked her again under cold shower. After a long period of time I enjoyed multiple orgasms in that short period of time and I look forward to meeting Crystal next time I am in London which should be in couple of months for sure.

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