Erotic Story Kelly and her 34FFs


I was in London for some official work and since the trip got extended for several reasons, It started becoming monotonous with only work during day and work and sleep at nights and this made me look out for some hot action as my dick started to show its restlessness while at work as well. I came across Maxes Angels Agency site on the internet and one of the girls there from their fabulous collection named Kelly drove me crazy as soon as I saw her photo.

She was nicely built with huge boobs, which always fascinated me and not only her boobs but she was a complete package with curvaceous figure and flawless skin which look tremendously voluptuous and delicious.

I couldn’t control any further and arranged for an in call immediately the day after. I went to meet her with mixed thoughts and tried not to expect as much as I saw but she looked even more stunning when I saw her and my expectations now knew boundaries and even though, I tried to maintain my formal behavior for first few minutes, It was getting hard to sustain it as my member below started showing signs of record breaking erection with the thought that now I will be having her. She was gentle but very naughty both on and off bed and she pleasures you like she knows you for years, she knows what you want even without you say it and that’s the best part, I didn’t had to try hard to make most of my time with her because she understood my requirements completely just by little initiate talk we had.

While talking, she slowly pulled up her long silk dress she was wearing and her deep neck was giving me full view of her breasts, which had no privilege to be protected by bra. Her upper thighs were now visible and I couldn’t wait to discover whether her pussy had the privilege of being protected by panties or not and so I caressed her thighs gently and started in mid of our so called start up conversation, to smooch her. Her lips were juicy and man, she knew how to kiss and make you breathless. I in the meantime explored further and was happy to know that no panties were on as well and therefore, started fingering her gently.

Her big 34FFs were touching my chest which reminded me of her unguarded treasure and I shifted my focus there and started pressing her boobs as hard as I could and she did not complained but moaned as any girlfriend would do without any professional approach which might turn you off. I squeezed her boobs while kissing her while her hands worked on unzipping my pants and pulling my shirt off. I worked on pulling her dress off which took me only few seconds and there she was, lying there all naked and my imagination wondered, time runs fast as yesterday I was only imagining and today I am doing as well and I can do anything I want. Wow is the word which came close to describing how I felt.

I bent down a little, took her big boobs in my mouth and started licking every corner of it along with little tickling and biting on her tits at regular intervals. I was naked as well by then and as it got hard as ever, she hugged me tightly or should I say asked me in signs to get inside her as she was wet and juicy lubricant was spread all across her pussy and dripping down her anus. I couldn’t resist the temptation as well because I was afraid to cum before even putting it inside by the turn of events which have made me sexually so aroused that I think I can have orgasm every time I think of it. I slammed her ass while fucking her, even pulled her hairs but gently, pressed her hug boobs handedly but still managed to make her moan just by it, squeezed her ass tightly, fondled her legs and thumped hard and very hard and very softly in sequence to go longer and go deeper.

Eventually we both held each other extra tightly which was a sign of cuming together and what can be more pleasurable than that. Since, I was wearing Condom I had the freedom to be that way and hugged her tightly with her tits touching my chest and after a moment, I licked them with great passion until I was off for a while.

It was great fun to take a break before we decided to take a bath and it goes without saying, that scene of Kelly’s naked body and her huge 34FFs aroused me again and I fucked her again there and this one lasted longer and I made sure I licked every part of her body including her juicy boobs and ass in great details.

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