Meg Erotic Story at Maxes Angels


Hot 30s Blonde Meg a Mind blowing Punt!

Forget boring days when you are in London, because Meg is waiting to fuck you to death! Just by meeting Meg, you get the impression that she is not real, with desire and horniness torments. The way she talks can make any man hard, and since she one of many Bi London Escorts at Maxes anyone who is the same as me desires an individual like Meg. Her Chanel sweet flagrance, gently teasing and her beauty with exquisite underwear and make up is what hit me when we met in a Kensington Hotel. I had experienced one of the most terrible days in the capital and needed someone exquisite to cheer me up.

I would not have chosen something so perfect and sexy. Just looking at her made my wild head swill with crazy ideas, sexual fantasies that I knew would make me forget the lashing I had got over the week. As we met her smile made my heart dry with heightening activity, just like a sweet horny bitch she embraced and kissed me, and as our tongues met, I realized and felt my problems were over. Well the truth is that I love giving what I expect from a person (I guess that is why I’m successful in my career). With Meg, our fantasies, character, and aims seems to mesh and turn into one. As we kissed, I was right onto her boobs, superb hard icons of sexual perfection, and as I heard her moan, my tongue and activity going down, down, I knew I was right on.

I buried my head between her sweet frames, well toned, streamlined, and made up her beautiful pot of ecstasy. I have never eaten such full and sweet pussy before, wet and full. I surprised her when I had my tongue inside her arse and as she went into working on me, I hardly expected such expertise. The blowjob I received, right to the way she sucked my arse ended up making me sense I was right on it with a horny bitch who knows what she is doing. I almost spat on her mouth, something I don’t like before I have drilled those two openings a horny hottie like Meg has. I love drilling the arse and I hardly fail in that, and as we started running along in the same rhythm together, I could not help wondering about the Gold Maxes Angels has hit on Meg. She is a beauty I encourage any bi or straight to checkout this stunning blonde.

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