Julia Erotic Story Maxes Angels


Mix of perfectly toned immaculate body, hypnotizing charm, unbelievable intellect and sensual Goddess like appeal, that’s Julia for you. She is one of those amazing escorts with whom you can have fantastic stimulating conversation before the grand finale and warm up your senses and also check all the fantasies written in your to-do list. I am a regular client at Maxes Angels and have never been disappointed on any occasions, and this time I made sure I get Julia booked before her schedule gets too tight to fit me in, as it happened many times earlier.

As soon as I saw her, I understood why I was never able to book her earlier and why is she is always overbooked, the answer was very clear at the first glimpse of her. She has that amazing hour glass figure which any man would die for to have and here, she was there to provide me with ultimate satisfaction as well as fulfill my fantasies, which I got excited about as soon as her I saw her, imagining what a time I am going to have tonight. She was friendly and great to talk to and after a round of warm up sensuous flirtatious mischievous talks, she got closer and got hold of my manhood and gave me a deep kiss which aroused me to the hilt and I thought I will cum to soon out of excitement but thanks to God, I didn’t and we continued the rest of the story in bed.

She was super horny and agreed to give me an erotic BJ and then a bit of role playing and lap dance. She also has amazing range of sex toys and uniforms after wearing which she looked super hot and I wanted to have her even more. I was more than ready to become her slave and do as she said, as that was part of the game and I must admit, she knows what she does and she understands what you need, and gets involved in it too much for that fantasy to remain only yours as she takes it upon her and all I did after that was enjoy every moment of being with her, while we continued our sexual adventures and fantasies ending in around three rounds of orgasms, making me even more hungry for Julia and I can’t wait to see her again soon and this time, I will make sure I book her for longer time and enjoy her sensual body and sexy appeal.

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