Erotic Story Jade


Hot Ebony Porn Star Jade

I spend most of my time at work thinking about a tight ass, neat pussy and a sweet cunt plus pretty boobs and a wonderful figure. I see myself licking clits and rubbing the pussy to kingdom cum. Well, I had a wonderful chance to fulfill my dream when I met a hot Ebony porn star at Maxes Angels London Escorts. I don’t know where Max gets the best in the angel’s kingdom but I’m glad he did. Her name is Jade and I swore if I don’t get another business trip to London I would force it.

Man, Jades tight ass and erect nipples sent a whirlwind of desire across all the nerves in my body, but the most affected was my stiff flagpole that almost tore my pants apart. Seeing her smile and stand expectantly made me know I had a gem in my hands, the girl I had been dreaming about at work. Just by looking at the flag pole begging to be let out was enough to show her what was in my mind and she asked me with one of the most sexy of voices whether I would love to place my dick at the heart of her flower. Before I could answer, her sweet tongue was jostling mine as we came even closer to one another. She took my hands and placed them right on her boobs and I squeezed the cute nipples as I fondled the beautiful boobs until she closed her eyes with pleasure.

This ebony PSE Escort star was not only hot but knew how to get the best out of you. Just by touching her tits, I was already thinking about hammering her pussy lips with my stiff member and drive her nuts. She did not mind when I dropped to my knees and sucked her pussy lips in my mouth, softly biting her. She was wet and ready to fuck. I loved her more for letting me dictate what I wanted; as she followed every clue I gave with meticulous alacrity. Man, I have never eaten such a beautiful pussy and my thoughts were blazing with need to harmer her cunt. My erect Justus was already protesting, and wanted the warmth that lay between her legs, the soulful protection that a sexy woman’s pussy promises a stiff cock.

I banged Jade’s mightily and her ability to come repeatedly was remarkable. I loved to see her cum, as I rubbed her pussy with juice oozing to my own pleasure. She had no qualms with my desire to feel her tight ass and stick my dick in it, as I rubbed her pussy. She loved that. I love a tight ass and Jade got a sweet one. Its weeks since I was at Maxes Angels. The desire to return for the ebony porn star is the only thing in my mind. I only dream about my stiff peter between her legs, my hands feeling her erect nipples and touching her hard boobs.

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