Erotic Story Jett Black


If there is something that spreads faster than a wild fire, it’s the fame of a sexy woman. I just learnt about Maxes Angels London Escorts the other day but I wish I had known the place earlier. Just thinking about the place makes me hard, as I recall my first session with the sexy and shapely Jett Black. London has always been my favorite place and when I was told at work I will be traveling to the capital, I was ecstatic as usual. Through my co-worker, Ralph, I learnt about Maxes Angels. I am a skeptic and Ralph’s insistence that I should specifically ask for Jett Black as she was simply mind blowing!

When we met, I expected a timid and shy kitten, one I could intimidate with my gigantic physique. Nevertheless, Jett Black was something else. When I saw her, I become hard and she noticed some bulging movement in my pants. She is very chatty and made me feel good, a PSE escort with a difference. Her big round and stiff boobs are exceptional, and she let me toy with them, squeezing and rubbing my blazing cock between them. Just by looking at her, you get the feeling she hardly knows how aroused you are but make no mistake. When I saw her, my head could only think about one thing; getting between her legs to discover the pussy she was stroking. Wherever Max got her, he has a sex angel, a balanced and streamlined figure that arouses you even when fully clothed.

Somehow, she realized how I love my sex, oral followed by serious hard fucking. That’s why I love a tight cunt and I could not believe my eyes when she pulled her dark skirt a few inches, opening her legs enough for me to see the noble charms the neat pussy wields. She saw me swallowing hard and smiled, came over and her sweet tongue was immediately in my mouth. Both hands worked on my zipper as the most wonderful of arousals worked its way up my stiff cock. I surprised her when I said I don’t like someone licking my stiff peter but love eating neat and lovely pussy.

Well, my hands were now between her legs and when I lay her on the sofa and started licking her shapely thighs, working my way down from her belly to her wet fanny, I heard a moan and knew I was right on track. I loved fondling her million dollar super boobs and fucking her sweet cunt amidst licking her clits and seeing her cum. It is something I have not seen in years, and Ralph was right to direct me to Maxes, because I am the luckiest. I licked a Jett angel.

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