Belle Of The Ball (featuring Belle)


The backroom of the local pub had been transformed into a glittery spectacle of festivity and joy. The DJ was stoking things up with some smoky R’n’B, silvery streamers garnished the walls, tables with glitzy decorations were stationed around the sides and a spectrum of coloured lights twirled gleefully on the open floor amidst the dimmed lighting. And the spangly gold and blue banner said it all!


The event had been organised by my best buddy Stevo and his sexy-as-hell girlfriend Victoria. It was supposed to be a surprise party but Stevo’s big gob is not the best vessel for retaining secrets. Not that it mattered one bit; my bachelor days had been resumed following the recent break-up of a long term partnership and I was ready for some serious drinking, and maybe getting my hands on some new young totty. I really could do with grabbing a nice round pair of tits. That would roll all my birthdays into one!

Guests had been trickling in all evening and the room was getting quite busy. I had already sunk about four pints and was feeling very much in the mood for a party. Stevo and Victoria were standing near to the bar engaged in a conversation and glancing at their watches. Oh boy, I would love to get my hands on Victoria. She has red hair, big turn-on eyes and such a cute face as well as a great figure. But she was Stevo’s girl, so that was definitely a no!

I moved over to them brushing past some girls who were already up dancing.

“Oi, you two, what’s with the time-watching?” I shouted over the cacophony of excited voices and thumping bass lines.

“Err, nothing mate,” replied Stevo, looking a bit apprehensive. “You having a good time geezer?”

“Brilliant mate, brilliant. Thanks ever so much for this” I said to him and to Victoria, who winked and blew me a kiss.

Just then, Tom, another good mate of mine, came over with a worried looking face.

“I’ve got some bad news,” he quietly said to me, looking very concerned. “The police have turned up and are asking for you”.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I replied. “What do they want? Come to spoil my party, I suppose”.  Then I remembered my unpaid speeding fine and had a horrible sinking feeling.

I stood and watched as a police woman sauntered slowly over to me. She was young looking and about five foot six tall. Her light brown hair was tied back under her cap and she had a lovely round fresh-looking face with big blue eyes, high cheek bones and a magnificent pair of tits pressed tightly behind a white blouse. She was also wearing a tight fitting, knee length skirt over, what I suspected, were stockings. Her presence hadn’t escaped the attention of the guys at the party as she had walked over to me;  nor from one or two of the girls either. If she hadn’t been a copper I might have fancied having a pitch at her.

“Good evening Sir, could you tell me your name for me please,” she said, quite eloquently over the din. I folded my arms and confirmed my name.

“And this is your party tonight, is it?”

“Yes,” I said brusquely “And I suppose you’re here to spoil it.” I looked at the name badge perched on her magnificent right boob. It was WPC Belle something. I couldn’t quite make out the last name.

“I understand you have an outstanding speeding fine Sir,” she said looking me up and down in quite a personal manner.

“Can’t this wait ‘til tomorrow?” I asked impatiently. I glanced at Stevo for support but he just shook his head in resignation.

There was a pause while Belle continued to look me up and down, particularly at my chest and groin. Then she looked up at my face with an impish grin. “Yes, I expect it can wait,” she said and gave me a wink. “Well then, do I have to buy my own drink here?” She asked, looking around her.

I glanced back at Stevo confused and noticed both he and Victoria were laughing. Then, without any warning, WPC Belle put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her face. She kissed me firmly on the lips and whispered, “Come on birthday boy. Let’s get the party started!”

It hit me! Stevo and Victoria had booked me a strip-o-gram!

Oh Stevo, you bad, bad man!


The DJ played Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’ and to my delight Belle stood back and began shaking her hips in time to the rhythm. She was looking at me in a very promiscuous way and many of the guests crowded around us. Then slowly and seductively she removed her neck-tie and unbuttoned her blouse. I could feel a rush of excitement head straight to my groin – was she really going to get those unbelievable looking tits out?

People began cheering and clapping to the music as she gradually removed her top and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were bursting out from behind a very skimpy bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the black lace. She had a sexy mosaic of tattoos down her left arm and her eyes were transfixed on me with clear amusement. She knew the effect this was having on me and she was loving it.

The DJ switched the record to Kylie’s “Spinning Around” and that acted as a cue for Belle to unzip her dress. She wiggled and gyrated her hips and slowly let the skirt slide down. My eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sight of her knickers. They were virtually non-existent; just a black narrow thong with a see-through lacy front that barely covered her snatch. And I was right about the stockings. She span round and slowly bent over and revealed the most amazing, spankable arse I have ever seen. I thought I was going to pass out.

I couldn’t resist it. I moved over to her and grabbed hold of her waist. She began twerking with me straight away, pushing her near naked buttocks firmly on to my cock, that was becoming increasingly hard. All around people were cheering and egging us on.

‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’, blasted out LMFAO from the DJ’s speakers.

Belle turned around and pulled me close to her face snogged me deeply. A round of whooos flared up from around the room as I rubbed my hands up and down her near naked body and grabbed hold of that fantastic arse. Then she pulled back and with one swift movement undid her bra from the front and let it drop.

They were out! Those amazing, incredible tits that I had noticed when she walked in the room were out and on full display. And they were astonishing! Rounded, buoyant and huge! I looked at her as if to say – ‘can I?’ And she looked back as if to say – ‘of course you can!’ I moved over to her and grabbed hold of them. She giggled which turned me on even more. Victoria then leant over with a tube of squirty cream and covered Belles bare tits to everyone’s joy and amusement.

Belle was laughing as I buried my head into her cream covered breasts. I licked fast and frantically in order to get a taste of the smooth skin beneath the cream and quickly moved my mouth towards her right nipple that was sticking out like a glacier cherry. I was aware there was cream all around my face when I eventually lifted my head up to breathe. Belle was shaking with the giggles and everyone was howling and calling out. This has been amazing, I thought, but I expected this was the end.

However, I was wrong!

WPC Belle clearly had other plans for me. She moved over to where her skirt had fallen and picked up her hand-cuffs. Then she led me to a small chair and sat me down. The crowd followed us in a state of curiosity. Within moments this topless beauty had my wrists cuffed behind the chair so I couldn’t move. I stared with apprehension as Belle went back to where her skirt had fallen and returned with her truncheon.

The DJ played Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

I sat there transfixed on Belle’s perfect body as she lifted the truncheon to her mouth and licked it seductively. My cock crowed inside my trousers, yearning to be released, as she placed her lips over the top and sucked it. A hush descended from the guests as everyone seemed aghast at what she was doing and even more so than when she ran the truncheon down the front of her chest, over her tummy and placed it inside her knickers.

She slowly crouched down in front of me and rubbed herself with the weapon. Then she wriggled out of her knickers and pushed it further underneath. To everyone’s astonishment, she stood the truncheon upwards and squatted over it. And as she rode and grinded herself on the truncheon cries of astonishment and howls of glee, the type that can usually be heard at firework displays, sounded all around the hall. A few of the guys produced camera phones, as did Victoria.

I have never seen anything so erotic in my life. I desperately wanted to grab hold of her, or my cock, or both, but I couldn’t. I sat mesmerised by this spectacle feeling elation rush throughout my veins as Belle gradually brought herself to a climax. She closed her eyes and to a resounding roar of both men and women, enjoyed a powerful orgasm.

Victoria couldn’t restrain herself and as Belle sat panting on the floor in only her stockings and shoes, she moved over to her, leant over and kissed her full on the lips. Belle responded by placing her hands around the back of Victoria’s head and kissing her back. Within moments the two girls had their arms around one another snogging frantically. I glanced over to Stevo who had his hand on his forehead in disbelief.

The DJ switched the music to Britney’s “Oops I Did It Again” and Belle pulled herself away from Victoria.  She slowly crawled over to me with a real mischievous twinkle in her eye.  It felt like my cock was going to explode if it was released from my pants.  Belle placed her mouth on to my groin and with her teeth delicately unzipped my fly.

My cock sprung out to a cheer from everyone. I felt a little embarrassed that it was in full view of so many women guests, but it was soon covered by Belle’s mouth. She quickly began a fast sucking motion, occasionally glancing up into my eyes. The crowd flocked around and as I glanced around with my rolling eyes all I could see was a parade of camera phones and smiling faces.

Belle gave a perfect blow-job. She dribbled and spat over it to keep it lubricated and skilfully used her tongue to tease me along my shaft, occasionally giving my crown a little nibble. I had euphoric waves flowing up through me. Oh, how I wanted to grab the back of her head and push her down hard, but I was still cuffed. Then she undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to me knees.

She stood up and then crouched over me spreading both her legs wide. More cheers sounded around as everyone knew what she was about to do. She licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy, making sure everything was soft and lubricated. Then she lowered herself onto my cock and I felt an upsurge of exhilaration burst inside my groin.

She pumped herself up and down, grinding and bumping, like she had done on the truncheon. Her cunt felt warm, soft and cosy as she slid up and down. She placed her hands behind my head and kissed me as we fucked. I was trying so hard not to cum; wanting to make the moment last. Then she leant over me, almost suffocating me in her tits and uncuffed my wrists.

“Doggy or mish?”, she asked, just about making herself heard over the roars and the music. The crowd began clapping, shouting out their preference for the finale. I shook my head, I had no idea. So Belle made my mind up for me. She knelt down facing the other way and as the DJ played Lady Ga Ga’s  “Born This Way” raised her bare arse and glanced over her shoulder.

I knelt down behind her and shoved my cock inside her as fast as possible. Grabbing her waist again I thrust myself back and forward feeling her bare arse checks slap against my thighs. I looked up at Stevo who was laughing. Victoria looked at us as though she was hypnotised. Stevo’s going to get a good shag tonight, I thought as he came over to me. I continued to fuck Belle as hard as I could while he reached down and we high-fived.

The crowd went mad. Other guys then lined up to be high-fived as well. I was riding Belle like she was a bucking bronco, gripping hold of her hair with my free hand and slapping palms and her arse with the other. Belle’s face was full of pleasure as she glanced behind her. Then I felt it coming.  Oh shit, I thought and quickly slapped Belle’s arse again and withdrew my cock. She span around and knelt in front of me as I stood up. Our eyes were fixed on each other’s as I gave myself some final tugs. To a thunder of cheers I exploded all over Belle’s cheeky face. The first blast landed on her forehead, the second across her nose and on to her right cheek and there was just enough for some driblets for her chin.

I stood there breathless, starring down at the glorious spectacle of Belle’s cum smothered face. She looked up at me gleefully. This had been the most brilliant birthday present I have ever had. I soaked up the moment feeling like a true stud. And as for WPC Belle, well, she had been the belle of the ball alright.



Belle had got dressed quickly and scurried away, ignoring advances from various men and even snubbing Victoria’s attention too. I retired to the toilets where I tidied myself up and rearranged my clothes. I just finished having a piss when Stevo came in.

“Mate!” I said and walked over to him. I gave him a hug. “She must have cost you a packet.”

“No, she wasn’t that expensive at all. Just the going rate for a stripper,” he replied. “All we asked for was a full striptease. We didn’t expect her to go the full hog.”

“Jesus, she must fucking love it then,” I said. “How did she know about the speeding fine?”

“Oh, we told her about that,” Stevo confirmed. “We asked her to do the police woman routine”

“Well thanks again mate. It was totally brilliant.”

“In fact come to think of it,” Stevo continued. “I haven’t paid her yet!” He pulled out a wedge of notes from his wallet. “She’s fucked off without me even paying her.” We both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

We wandered back into the party room where people were still laughing and talking about it, watching it play back on their camera phones and patting me on the back as I walked through. Then Tom came over with a confused expression on his face and a young girl next to him.

“Hi,” said the girl. “I’m looking for Steve”

“That’s me” said Stevo.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I’m late,” said the girl. “I got held up in dreadful traffic and my phone battery is dead.”

We all looked at her confused. “Sorry but are we expecting you?” Stevo asked.

“I’m the strip-o-gram,” she announced. “Who is the birthday boy? I’ve got my police woman’s costume in the car.”

“I think there must be some mistake,” said Stevo.

“No,” said the girl, and she pulled out a form that had all the correct details of the booking on it.

Me and Stevo looked at one another in disbelief. “So does that mean that Belle really was a …..”

Our jaws dropped!

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