The Seaman Hunter


The first things I became aware of when I regained consciousness were the boat’s swaying motion, the humming of its engine and the dank smell of the basement’s wood panels. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been knocked out for but even in my groggy state of mind it didn’t take long to realise I was at sea, bound for who knows where. Literally bound as well, as my wrists and ankles were tied together and I had been trussed on to a small wooden chair.

I recall the surprise I received when they had approached me as I took my usual short cut through the side alley off Liverpool Street. There were four of them, looking sullen and mean, dressed in suits and looking respectfully evil. It had been Tommy’s leaving drink after work and I had polished off the best part of two bottles of wine so they probably didn’t need much of that chloroform they were clutching, wrapped in a flimsy rag.

They were a militant gang of Jihadi separatists, of course, presumably part of an extremist network that were kidnapping suitable targets in the name of their own fanatical agenda. I knew nothing about my captors other than they must have been clinical enough to have taken me from the streets of London, all the way to the coast and aboard a boat, unnoticed. As he left me alone in the basement, one of them shouted “Your life is over”, and as the hours pass by I had a sinking belief that he may well be right.

So it was a wonderful surprise when a hatch opened in the ceiling and a torrent of daylight plummeted to the floor. This was followed by a rope and a beautiful face above it. My heart began racing as a vision of female perfection shimmied down the rope. She was wearing an all-black leather catsuit unbuttoned at the front. Her wholesome figure captivated me and her toned arms and waist line, ample breasts, were all immaculately drawn under her skin tight costume.

She held a finger to her perfect lips indicating for me not to say anything as she jumped to the floor. Then she leaned over me and untied my wrists and as she did so I had a rousing eyeful of her formidable cleavage. Her breasts looked perfect and mouth-watering. I could feel the warmth of her heaving chest against my cheek and her sweet scent filled my senses. I wanted to kiss her glistening skin but having released my arms she swiftly knelt down to undo my ankle ropes.

She glanced up at me and smiled. “I’m Stacey,” she whispered in a low, sultry tone. “But we’ll save the formal greetings for later.” Her shoulder length hair was inky black and her blue eyes sparkled at me like sapphires. Her smile was calm and gentle and had a soothing confidence.

I hobbled to my feet. It was the first time I had stood up for many days and my legs were stiff and numb. I looked at Stacey. I was speechless and began to feel very aroused. I had been cooped up for so long in this dingy basement without any form of stimulation and as luck would have it the heroic angel that had come to my rescue was absolutely stunning.

“What are you like at climbing?” she asked, looking at me and then at the rope.

“I will certainly give it a go,” I assured her.

“Good boy,” she said and reached up and grabbed hold of it, allowing me another glimpse of her buxom chest. “Follow me”.

She pulled herself up a couple of lengths and I gazed at her incredibly rounded and toned buttocks that were pressed firmly into her leather costume.

Then the door of the basement swung open with a loud clatter and two of my kidnappers stood in the entrance. They were breathing heavily and looked fierce and angry. And worryingly, they were both holding knives.

“Kill them,” one of them snarled.

Stacey wasted no time at all. She jumped to the floor and after two quick, purposeful strides judo-kicked the knife from the grasp of one of them. He looked stunned and then hollowed in agony when Stacey jump-kicked him straight into his bollocks. He slumped to the floorboards in agony. In the meantime I had picked up the chair and ran at the other man. He looked surprised but swiftly assumed an offensive stance holding the knife directly in front of him, as though it was a fencing match. Stacey clearly had no time for this and kneed him in the stomach and then rabbit punched him on the back of the neck as he keeled over. He too ended up on the floor, writhing in pain.

“Are there many others?” She asked looking satisfied with her handiwork.

“Two more,” I replied.

She bent down and picked a key from the pocket of one of the men. We stepped out of the room and she locked the door behind us. Then we ran along a passage way that was heading towards the front of the boat. We came across a narrow flight of steel white steps that looked as though it would take us up to the main deck. We climbed them, Stacey going first, and again I was treated to the glorious sight of her magnificent arse and toned legs, just inches from my face.

As we arrived on the upper deck I stared around at the vast rolling expanse of a blue ocean that surrounded us. The temperature was sweltering and the bright sunlight hurt my eyes. It was the first time I had been outside since my kidnap. And the truth was; I didn’t know where in the world we were!

“Right, to the back of the boat” Stacey shouted and sprinted past me. I followed her although she ran much faster than I could. But our path was suddenly blocked by the other two kidnappers who sprung out in front of us.

“Quick, turn around” Stacey screamed and we began running towards the front of the vessel. Again Stacey was faster and soon overtook me. For the first time I detected a tinge of panic in her voice.

We neared the bow of the boat and I could hear the thunderous footsteps of the men close behind me. One reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the deck. Stacey stopped and looked around shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand. I glanced up and to my horror one of the terrorists pulled out a gun and aimed it at her. Everything then appeared in slow motion as the man grew a devilish smile and pulled the trigger. The gunshot was thunderous and the bullet whistled past me. I looked at Stacey and watched in helpless dismay as she fell off the edge of the boat and into the ocean.

“NOOOO!!!” I cried and managed to wriggle away from the clasp of the other man. I bumbled my way to the bow of the boat, grasped the rail and peered into the murky depths of the sea. Stacey’s body had already been sucked into the undercurrent and dragged away forever. I was rigid with shock.

The two men then approached me. They were relaxed and laughing. The murderer with the gun then lifted it up and pointed at my forehead.

“I think it’s time to join your lady friend,” he cackled, with a sinister grin.

“Wait,” the other men called out. “We need him alive.”

The man holding the gun sucked his teeth in disapproval, but then lowered it. The one who had spared my life then placed his face close to mine. His nostrils were flared and his eyes seemed reptilian and full of spite. The pungent smell of his sweat and breath made me choke.

“If we don’t get what we want, then you will join her!” he growled. “I hope you understand”.

My throat was dry and my arms felt limp. I was feeling light headed and sliding fast into the realisation that I would be soon trussed up in the basement again, without daylight and any kind of hope.

But then the loud zipping sound of a speed boat engine roared from beneath us. Startled, we all looked overboard and there to my delight was a large glistening silver and white power boat. It had sped through the waves like a blazing arrow, parting the water into neat divisions of white surf.

And to my absolute amazement, steering it, was Stacey.

She stood proudly and calmly at the wheel with her damp black hair blowing in the wind as she shielded her face from the sunshine and sea spray. The sun’s reflection shimmered on her shiny wet catsuit.

“Quick, jump aboard,” she shouted with a sparkling smile, her voice just audible above the motor’s buzz.

The sight of Stacey and the power boat caused confusion among the two. “You fool,” shouted one as he struck the man holding the gun. “You should have killed her.”

I took advantage of the distraction and leapt on to the side rail like a frog. Then, without giving it much thought, I jumped into the boat, my fall cushioned by a spongy mattress on the floor.

Stacey smiled at me. “Hold tight,” she said and pressed down on a foot pedal. The boat rocked and swayed and then lifted up at the front. And with breath taking acceleration we shot off through the waves. Within seconds we were far away from the kidnappers.

“I thought you had been killed,” I called out over the racket.

“I ducked,” she replied, flashing her serene smile again. “And I’m an excellent swimmer too, before you ask.”

I had so many more questions I wanted to ask her, like who are you and where exactly am I, but instead I lay down and watched the vessel I had been held captive on vanish into the horizon. I was exhausted after my ordeal, not to mention hungry. I gazed up at the bright cloudless azure sky and felt the warmth of the sun basting my face. Free at last, I thought to myself.

After half an hour or so of travelling at high speed Stacey slowed the boat down and eventually brought it to a halt. She switched the engine off allowing it to bobble on the ocean’s surface.

She stood over me as I looked up at her. Her hair was gently whisking in the sea breeze circled by the sun’s glow behind it, giving her the image of a goddess. She looked at me and smiled. Her perfect facial features and bronzed skin sparkled in the sun’s rays.

Slowly she unzipped her black catsuit and peeled it off. Standing with her hands on her hips and only dressed in a dark blue bra and knickers she looked utterly divine. Her forearms, torso and thighs were firm and muscled and in impeccable condition. The harmony of her curves and contours turned her appearance into something celestial and highly erotic.

She slowly undid her bra from behind and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were bronzed, curvaceous and looked better than I had imagined them to.

“Well mister. I think it’s about time we became better acquainted.” She said as that composed, teasing smile returned to her bright and gorgeous face.

My cock sprung to attention immediately. Stacey knelt down and pulled off my trousers and pants with focus and determination. My erection waved free in sea breeze and pangs of excitement bolted through me. She gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

“When was the last time?” she asked cautiously.

“About a week ago,” I replied, which triggered a look of sheer delight in Stacey’s face.

“Fucking give it to me!” she demanded and gleefully engulfed my whole cock with one mouthful.

She then sucked my manhood as though she was devouring a delicious and sumptuous meal. Slurping, spitting, gagging, and choking with such vigour and enthusiasm I couldn’t help but cry out several times. Occasionally, and without warning, her tongue would bury its way into my arse, forcing me to call out even louder. I stared up at the sunlight with tears streaming from my eyes and ecstasy flooding through my veins. It was heavenly.

I successfully refrained from cuming too soon as I hoped there would be more. And my efforts were soon rewarded. Stacey ripped her knickers off and straddled me, grabbing my rigid cock and guiding it into her moist pussy. She pushed down deep and gyrated on me with an intense appetite. Then, in rhythm with the boat’s seesawing motion the ocean’s surface, her momentum increased as she slid up and down on my firm shaft.

I caressed her warm thighs as we fucked. A faint layer of silky short hair really turned me on. Her legs were strong and her skin was flushed and velvety. She then stood up, turned around and lowered herself again on me while facing the other way. The sight of her broad shoulders, suntanned back and toned buttocks grinding on my groin amidst the roasting sunshine will live long my memory.

We fucked in this position for several minutes. I fought against the waves of euphoria that swept through me, trying as hard as I could to prolong the moment and not to cum. But it seemed Stacey did not have the same resolve. She stood up, turned around again to face me and then rubbed her clit frantically having widened her legs apart. I watched in joy and fascination as her face fiercely contorted and she hollowed in frenzied pleasure as one orgasm bolted through her after another.

She collapsed to her knees, almost in a trance, panting and heaving away, while I still gently rubbed my cock. After she regained her breath she thoughtfully examined my naked body and erection with the frown of someone who knew their work was not yet complete. She rose up and squatted over my face, allowing me to lap away at her sugary nectar.  It was succulent and syrupy and the tingles on my tongue and the wafts of female scent filled my mind with primal desire.

I lapped away as my chin became sticky with her juices. She then stood up and crouched over me. One hand rubbed her cunt from the front and the other hand from behind. I looked into those beautiful sapphire eyes that peered so questioningly and longingly into mine. Her pussy lips then parted and I was sprayed with a shower of golden fluid.

That filled me with a compelling and fierce carnal instinct. I pulled myself from under her legs and stood up behind her. My cock was now throbbing with a hunger and lust I found so powerful that I lost all self-control. I forcefully bent her over the side of the boat and ploughed it deep into her soft pussy. I was determined this mysterious beauty of the sea was going to get the fucking of her life.

I pounded and pumped away with all the energy I had left in me, clutching handfuls of her tits or bare waist. I smacked her arse hard as though she were a young filly at the races and tugged at her flowing mane of dark hair that was swept over her shoulders if I felt she was close to falling into the sea.

Harder and deeper the thrusts came as they were inspired by the groans and weeps of pleasure she was letting out that blended with the gentle ripples of the ocean’s tide. I breathed in the salty air and felt the sun blazing on my naked back as I stroked her tanned, supple flesh. I looked up at the cloudless, dazzling sky and wished this moment would last forever. But the surges of rapture that I had so bravely fought against in an effort to prolong this blissful moment were inevitably winning their battle.

I withdrew my cock and Stacey knew exactly what to do. She knelt in front of me and tipped back her head. Her eyes gazed yearningly into mine and she opened her mouth in expectation. With the encouragement of a dozen or so hard rubs, my cock erupted over her face and that weeks’ worth of slushy cum splattered across her nose and slowly slid across her cheeks and into her gapping mouth, like syrup trickling off a cool dessert.

I let out a long shudder as my knees weakened and I leant forward. A second batch of cum then shot out, this time directly into her mouth. Then a final delivery was despatched over her chin. She hadn’t flinched at all and she looked at me with a glowing satisfaction.

She lay down and tipped her head back over the side of the boat, her eyes squinting in the sunshine and my sperm still resting on her face. She remained there whilst I collapsed to one side trying to collect my thoughts. I glanced back over to her, worrying that we were just drifting at sea with no direction. But she looked so peaceful as she lay naked and marinating in the sun’s brilliance, her head tilting back without a care and my cum dripping from her chin. So I left her alone and simply savoured this uniquely beautiful vision.

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The first things I became aware of when I regained consciousness were the boat’s swaying motion, the humming of its engine and the dank smell of the basement’s wood panels. I wasn’t sure of how long I’d been knocked out for but even in my groggy state of mind it didn’t take long to realise I was at sea, bound for who knows where. Literally bound as well, as my wrists and ankles were tied together and I had been trussed on to a small wooden chair.

I recall the surprise I received when Stacey approached me after we had arrived at the side of a ship that was docked in the harbour. She stood there, looking hot and seductive, dressed only in a red bikini and looking respectfully delicious. I guess I was still too exhausted after the hours of relentless sex we had been having in the power boat, so she probably didn’t need much of that chloroform she was clutching, wrapped in a flimsy rag.

“Well,” said the guy trussed up next to me and who had been listening patiently and attentively to my story for the past half hour. “That’s pretty similar to how we all came to be here.”

He gestured around him with his head at the other five men who were in a similar predicament amidst the gloom of the boat’s vault.

“She’s known as Stacey, The Seaman Hunter,” one man called out. “Her sole objective and purpose is to capture men who are stranded at sea and use them for her own sexual gratification. I haven’t seen my friends or family for months!”

“More like a bloody SEMEN Hunter,” another man spoke. “Apparently she makes bloody cocktails out of cum.”

“And you should see what she does with that strap-on,” a further man hollowed. “I wasn’t able to sit comfortably for a week.”

“A true filthy whore,” murmured another, shaking his head as he gazed at the floor. “A Swashbuckling Slut of the Seven Seas”

I shuddered and sunk into a realisation that I too was now one of Stacey’s sex toys.

Suddenly a hatch opened and daylight plummeted to the floor. A rope followed as did a pretty face. Our heartbeats collectively quickened.

Stacey shimmied to the floor. She looked at us all in a sultry, beguiling way. That confident smile I once found such relief in now looked villainous and bewitching. But how could any man not feel spellbound and mesmerised by her natural beauty and raw seduction.

Then she clapped her hands. “Good news boys! It’s bukkake night, tonight!”

There were a few quiet groans.

“Oh, come one. It’s not every night you come across a completely sex-mad, semen collecting, nymphomaniac, in the middle of the ocean.” She turned away but then glanced over her shoulder grinning. “Pun, FULLY intended, by the way.”

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