Crossing A Deep Blue Line (feat Stacey & Alexis together)


Alexis was curled up, naked, under the duvet. All wrapped up like a little silkworm. She could hear the drone of the early morning traffic through her bedroom window, a sound that impressed upon her the necessity of getting up. But her head maintained a mild throbbing, her mouth was arid and sticky, her dreamy eyes could barely open and her Cheshire cat grin remained cemented on her warm and contented face. Alexis breathed in the scent of raw sex that still lingered in the bedroom’s aura. Her thoughts were of green tea and toast and her mobile phone that had accidently fallen into a wine glass. But more than that, they were very much fixed upon Stacey.

Moments earlier Stacey had got out of bed and padded naked to the bathroom. The sound of the shower had now entered the cacophony of morning clatters and Alexis purred at the thought of soapy water running down Stacey’s toned and tanned body. Ah, that sensuous soft freckled skin, she thought to herself. If only she had the energy to get up and join her in the shower. But all she could do was yawn and shuffle from her foetal position to lie on her back. Then, as she again breathed deeply, she recalled the night’s proceedings.

And she thought hard about Stacey.


The thing about Stacey, is that not only is she serenely beautiful with a high voltage of mischief, but she is an extraordinarily wonderful human being, Alexis summarised to herself.  Her voice is passive and soothing. She does that confident, teasing, sideways smile whilst capturing you with those playful crystal eyes. Her ability to read my mind in bed is remarkable and her soft skin encases a toned body of sheer excellence that must have taken years of dedication to achieve.  She has the discipline of an Olympian, the integrity of Cupid’s arrow, as well as the body of Artemis and the filthy mind of Empress Messalina.

The evening had started with wine, maybe too much wine, and then came the giggles, the accidental brushing into one another and the long glances of mutual fascination and curiosity. Could she really find me anywhere near as attractive as I find her, Alexis had thought. But it was after another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon had been drained then the accident had occurred.

Stacey had grabbed hold of Alexis’ phone and teased her for having such a small and basic device. Laughing with embarrassment Alexis had tried to grab it back but in doing so made Stacey let go of it and somehow the phone toppled into the half full wine glass that Alexis had been holding. The two women looked at one another trying to read each other’s thoughts. Alexis noticed, for the first time ever, vulnerability in Stacey’s expression. She had been caught between uncertainty and foolishness. And it was then that Alexis had taken the plunge.

Alexis leant to where Stacey had been slumped on the sofa and with her eyes nervously closed placed her lips on to Stacey’s. She felt no revulsion or shock from her, but merely the magnet of her warm sweet breath and comforting tender mouth. And when Stacey had placed her hand behind Alexis’ head and stroked her hair gently with her fingertips, the signal had been given and the drowning phone was quickly forgotten.

The drumming of heartbeats amplified quickly as the two women moved hurriedly towards the bedroom. They both wrestled with each other’s clothes like tigers. Alexis remembered seeing her violet coloured evening dress tumble to the floor and then ripping Stacey’s white blouse wide open. She flung it from her shoulders as Stacey pushed her on to the bed. Stacey crawled on top of Alexis making her feel giddy. She felt as if she was slipping down a black hole with nothing to hold on to, so he reached out and grabbed Stacey’s soft shoulders and peeled down her red bra to reveal her magnificent breasts. That perfect chest that she had yearned to see in its naked glory for so long was now, literally, in the palm of her hands. Alexis recalled groaning in delight.

Stacey nibbled and kissed Alexis’ naked tits. She gently teased her hardening nipples with her tongue and her teeth while keeping eye contact and grinning like a wild predator. Then she pulled herself down to Alexis’ pussy as she shimmied and wriggled with pleasure. Alexis remembered breathing deeply and grabbing Stacey’s hair and then feeling her tongue fire darts of ecstasy through her once it touched the gateway to her wet and waiting vulva.

It didn’t take Alexis long before she felt the waves of orgasmic rapture ride up from her groin. She thumped the mattress repeatedly and hollered and howled in bliss, not caring who might hear. With a body engulfed in euphoria, her skin tingling with goose bumps and a mind both liberated and abandoned, everything she had wished for, all the aspirations she had had for the evening were matted together perfectly.

After some glorious moments had passed Stacey hauled herself up alongside Alexis and the two girls snogged passionately, while caressing each other’s bare skin. Occasionally Alexis had let her hand slip between Stacey’s legs and allowed fingers to dip into her flowing vaginal juices that signalled how much she was being turned on. It was as she did this that Alexis suddenly had her idea.

“Just one moment,” she had said, a little apprehensively. “I’ve got a box that may be of interest to you.”

Stacey gave one of her sideways grins and replied, “I’m definitely interested any box that belongs to you”.

“No,” Alexis laughed and gave her partner a slap on the bum. “I mean, I have a toy box”. And with that she leant over the bed and pulled out a chest from underneath it. Stacey had a face full of amusement and intrigue.

Alexis flung open the lid and raised an eyebrow towards Stacey, anticipating some sign of approval. Then from within it she produced a large red dildo that was shaped like a man’s cock, although considerably larger in size than most men’s phallus.

Stacey looked stunned and then let out a howl of amusement. “What the…?” she cried out.

Still chuckling Stacey leant over and plunged her hands into the toy box and began pulling out Alexis’s play things. A mild bolt of panic had shot through Alexis as she watched Stacey’s gleeful excavation. Had she gone too far, she thought to herself. Was she revealing too much about herself? There was her rabbit dildo, her bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulator, her precious glass dildo, her vibrating love eggs, anal beads, strap-on and finally a double-ender dildo, especially designed for two girls who are keen to become intimately acquainted. But her momentary fear quickly subsided when Stacey had let out another excited scream.

“You are one filthy fucking cow,” she shrieked, and immediately kissed Alexis so deep Alexis thought her tongue was going to be sucked out of her head.

The next hour or so was absolute ecstasy for Alexis. One by one the two of them experimented with her proud collection. Alexis had felt further waves of sensation submerging her entire body when Stacey had placed the stimulator on the very tip of her pussy whilst gently sliding the glass dildo in and out. She had been thumping the mattress again with tireless exuberance. And then she delighted in watching Stacey’s face contort with pleasure that was provided by her vibrating love eggs. The finale was when they wrapped themselves onto the two ends of the double-ender and rode each other in glorious harmony. Alexis stared at the ceiling with her eyes slanted and panting through her dry mouth. She had never experienced such sexual elation.

The two of them rolled onto their sides and allowed their naked bodies to entwine. Alexis was exhausted but she knew that Stacey wasn’t finished and was probably harbouring a wicked plan. And she was right.

Stacey sat up and looked at Alexis. She was wearing a particularly mischievous grin and her crystal blue eyes were sparkling with a vivacious playfulness.  She really is a fantastically naughty and beautiful woman, Alexis had thought to herself.

“Ok”, Stacey slowly announced. “I hope you like this idea. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But, I think, it would be great fun”.

Alexis watched perplexed as Stacey scampered off to the hallway where she had left her handbag. She returned with a Tablet, squatted back on the bed and powered it up. She glanced excitedly at Alexis and then at the machine while it was coming to life. She then opened a web browser. What on earth are you up to, my dear, thought Alexis.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out as Stacey soon introduced her idea; “I think we need a stunt cock in here! Right now!”

Alexis paused as she allowed the words to sink in. Then she laughed.

“What?” she asked, shaking her head in slow disbelief. “What do you mean by, a stunt cock?”

“I know this agency”, Stacey explained. “They specialise in strong handsome young men. They are always very clean and polite and will do as they’re told.” She looked at Alexis waiting for a reaction. “We could have a large hard cock to play with, served up in this very room, in less than half-an-hour.”

How could Alexis refuse? She looked at her adventurous young lover and marvelled at her sexual appetite and her desire to experiment. Never before had her bi-sexuality been so activated.

“Go for it!” she said and immediately felt a gush of excitement trickle over her and a wolfish grin slide across her face.


The Stunt Cock had arrived promptly and Stacey had rushed excitedly to the door to let him in. Then there was some shuffling in the kitchen, along with some giggling, before Stacey returned to the bedroom looking very pleased with herself. She jumped back on to the bed with Alexis and clapped her hands loudly.

“Is my order ready?” she called out. She then grinned at Alexis and gave her a wink.

Stunt Cock knocked on the door and entered when Stacey had given him permission. As Stacey had promised he was clean, courteous and very handsome. His name was Christian and he had apparently met Stacey before. He was also wearing nothing other than an apron and was carrying a tray of two cocktails. He passed the drinks to the girls and stood by the bed awaiting further instructions.

Alexis was laughing so much she could barely raise her glass to join in the toast that Stacey proposed. They knocked back their drinks quickly and gave their empty glass back to Stunt Cock.

“What a simply splendid bum you have,” Alexis remarked, when he had turned around to place the tray on the bedroom desk. Stacey laughed and flung herself around Alexis, pushed her to the mattress and snogged her passionately.

This free lesbian bed show was having the desired effect on Christian, whose erection was quite evident through the thin fabric of the apron. The poor man, Alexis had thought. I bet he so desperately wants to wank himself off. But he had been given explicit instructions not to speak or do anything unless he was told to. So he remained standing still and speechless as the two girls feasted on each other’s naked bodies.

“Let’s have us some cock fun, girl,” said Stacey, as she sat up in front of Stunt Cock. She lifted up the apron and gave his penis a rub and gently squeezed his balls. Alexis laughed when Stacey began flicking the cock making it spring up and down, as though it was on elastic. They took it in turns to suck the Stunt Cock and gently rub it, swapping the pleasurable duty after a couple of minutes or so. As Alexis slurped away for the third time she became aware of Stacey staring at her intensely. When she withdrew the cock from her mouth, instead of taking her turn, Stacey embraced Alexis and kissed her with a deep passion. Christian stood passively, staring down at the spectacle in front of him.

Before Christian was allowed to leave Stacey demanded to be fucked by him. She knelt at the foot of the bed with her arse up in the air expectantly. Christian seemed a little concerned as his hour booking was nearly over but he duly obliged. Well, Alexis had thought, what man could possibly resist doing a hard round of doggy with the gorgeous, sexy, Stacey.

As she watched him pounding her from behind she felt aroused again and a warm tingle had crept over her. She slid down from her position of at the top of the bed and strategically placed her thighs around Stacey’s flushed face. Stacey had begun groaning when Christian pumped her hard and fast but the feel of Alexis’ wet and inviting pussy around her lips made her groan louder with delight. She buried her face into Alexis and pushed in her tongue so deeply it took Alexis’ breath away. What a magnificent showstopper this was. Alexis, breathless and wriggling with delight as Stacey feasted on her cunt. Stacey, animalistic and feverish, licking away at Alexis whilst being fucked hard by Stunt Cock and Stunt Cock himself, dutiful and composed, the harmonious engine master at work; the kindling for this chain of ecstasy.

This could go on forever, Alexis had thought as she closed her eyes in sheer bliss. And perhaps it may have done but the event was brought to an abrupt finish when poor old Stunt Cock, without any real warning, let out a hollow, sharply withdrew his cock and fired his seed across Stacey’s  arse.

“I’m sorry,” he gasped and tried to steady his quivering legs on the edge of the bed.

“You bad boy,” Stacey snapped at him. “You’re fired!”

“Don’t be so unkind,” Alexis cried out. “Christian couldn’t help himself.”

Stacey gave her a sharp look confirming that she was only kidding, but then continued with the act.

“Now clear this mess up,” she ordered, looking at Christian whilst pointing at her behind.

Christian looked very anxious as he clearly didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

“Oh, don’t be so cruel!” Alexis had said. “I’ll clear up your mess Christian. Just get dressed darling and get ready to leave. You can take a quick shower if you like.”

Stacey lay on her front laughing into the duvet, while Alexis fumbled for some tissues from a box on the bedside table and Christian looked on in utter shame and embarrassment.


Stacey stepped out of the shower, fetched a toasted towel from the radiator and wrapped it around her naked body. She stood in front of the mirror and looked into her tired face. She too had been thinking about how the night had gone. She felt that from this moment her life had taken a new meaning.

She thought of Alexis lying naked in her bed. That beautifully smooth alabaster skin, her intelligent doll-like face, her raven hair, the beauty spot on her right breast, her intellect and brilliant way with words, the smell of her sweet breath when she was orgasming. She had lusted after this woman for so long but had always been afraid to make any sort of approach. But now this night had happened and everything was different. Everything was now okay.

Stacey felt very peaceful.

She drifted into the kitchen and flicked the kettle on. “Do you want one of your green things?” she called out.

“That would be marvellous, darling” came the reply from the bedroom.

Stacey smiled to herself and thought about the shock she had when Alexis had leant across and kissed her. She had been taken aback, but was also annoyed with herself for not being brave enough to make the first serious approach. Still, it didn’t matter now. She also recalled the surprise and amusement she had had when Alexis revealed her box of sex toys.  Who would have thought that this beautiful demure and cultured woman was actually a sex-crazed dirty mare? But that double-ender was amazing, she thought to herself. I could have stayed on the end of that thing all night.

Stacey popped a peppermint tea bag into a mug and poured hot water over it. She then looked for another type of tea but was unsuccessful, so she made herself a green tea too. She smiled when she noticed the tray of empty glasses that Stunt Cock had served the cocktails in and had obediently returned to the kitchen before he had left. Then she remembered how she felt as she watched Alexis giving Christian a blow job. It was a feeling of strong magnetism and a deep stirring had taken place inside her. She knew she just had to have that woman, right there and then.

Stacey wandered back into the bedroom and placed the tea on the bedside table.

“Thank you, darling,” said Alexis and smiled at her.

“And, are we going to get up this morning?” asked Stacey, with a tinge of sarcasm. But before Alexis had the chance to answer they could hear Stacey’s mobile phone ringing in the hallway.

Stacey grinned at Alexis and left the bedroom to answer it. Oh, that heavenly mischievous smile, thought Alexis, as she watched her leave the bedroom. Alexis began to think about Stacey’s soft body again and felt a warm trickle of arousal. She stroked herself between her legs and realised she was moistening. “Oh Alexis, my dear”, she said to herself. “This really won’t do.” So she reached for her tea.


Stacey came back into the bedroom looking serious.

Whatever’s wrong?” Alexis asked, surprised.

“That was work,” Stacey announced. “There’s been a serious assault in Chelsea Cloisters! They’ve set up an Incident Room and I’m the only Detective Inspector they have available to lead the Investigation Team. I’ve got to go!”

“Oh, I see” said Alexis, as she sat up and swung her legs out of bed. “Did they give you any more details, about the assault?

“The victim is a male and goes by the name of Yeboah. Poor chap was found in a room wearing only a Leeds United scarf and muttering something about “bloody purple site” and “never again””

“Any suspects?”

“Two Eastern European girls, last seen running off towards the Kings Road, with an empty tube of Nair Hair remover.”

Alexis grimaced as she stood up and looked for a dressing gown.

“And they also asked me, if I knew where Detective Superintendent Alexis Angel was. Apparently, they’ve been trying to get hold of you, but, for some reason, your phone goes straight to voice mail,” joshed Stacey, with a slow, knowing shake of her head.

“Whatever did you tell them?” Alexis replied, with a hint of caution in her voice.

Stacey moved over to Alexis, cupped her face with her two hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

“I told them, I didn’t have a clue,” she whispered.

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