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Green Park Escorts


Green Park Escorts are situated between London’s Hyde Park and St James Park. Initially the Green Park London was also called duelling ground. The Green Park almost forms a continuous stretch of open land after it joins with Kensington Gardens and the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It covers an area of 47 acres. These 47 acres were not converted into a park in one day.

Green Park Escorts are astonished to know that the park was basically a swampy burial place for lepers. Charles II transformed this stretch of ground into a Royal Park. He has not only built main walks of the park but has also built an icehouse. The icehouse always provided him with a constant supply of ice. A peculiar thing of Green Park is that it doesn’t have lakes or buildings.

There are only a few monuments namely the Canada Memorial and the Constance Fund Fountain. The park is a peaceful and serene place and the wooded meadows add to the beauty of the park. The Green Park tube station is very close by. There are mature trees and grassland that surround the park.

The Green Park London is also a famous place for picnics. When the weather is fine then the Green Park becomes the perfect place to spend your leisure time. The park is open all day all the year round. People also rush to this park to enjoy sunbathing. If you visit the park, you will find this place filled with joggers and runners.

The park has walking routes so that you can enjoy the park as well exercise a bit in the park.
The Government offices are at the east side of the Green Park. There are corridors which join the Green Park to the nearby Royal palaces. You can avail the Green Park tube station or the Hyde Park Corner to reach the park.

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Holborn Escorts


Holborn Escorts live and work here in central London, England. Basically it lies between City of London and West End. There is also a road named High Holborn. If you are in Holborn then you should visit the St Etheldreda’s Church. It is one of the oldest churches in London and previously it was only an Anglican chapel. The church building is beautiful and is definitely worth a watch. The St Alban church is another beautiful church. The building has been built in the Gothic Style.

The ancient Guild church, St Andrew is near the Holborn Circus. The equestrian statue of Prince Albert is the city’s official monument. It is the pride of the city and was presented by the chairman of the De Beers Company, Charles Oppenheim.

Holborn Escorts know that this is a busy place with a number of new hotels and new offices. The transport links are outstanding. The Holborn Underground station is very close to the place and it serves as the junction of the Central and Piccadilly lines. Other nearby stations is St Paul’s, Chancery Lane, Covent Garden and Farringdon. One of the most popular hotels in Holborn London is the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel. The Grange Holborn Hotel in Holborn is also very popular. Live your life like a king and enjoy all the modern facilities in these hotels.

You can visit the nearby places like Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, Smithfield, Charing Cross, Soho, Covent Garden and St Giles. The building of the Holborn Bars is exquisite. The structure and the architectural beauty are pretty stunning. The building is now used as the headquarters of the Prudential Assurance Company. The Staple Inn building near the Chancery Lane tube Station also attracts visitors. Holborn London is not a dull city. It is also popular as an entertainment venue. Visit the city to know more about it.

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Russell Square Escorts


Russell Square Escorts know that there are a number of squares in London and one of the famous garden squares is the Russell Square. It is situated in Bloomsbury in the London borough of Camden. You can easily reach the place by the Russell Square tube station. The main building of the University of London is very close. The British Museum is one of the most popular attractions here. The area is dominated by upper middle class families and their huge terraced houses.

If you want to see Russell Square Escorts and buildings then visit the southern and western sides of Russell Square London. The Hotel Russell is a grand building. You will be able to see the glimpses of the splendid titanic ship in the ballroom of the hotel. The President hotel is one of the ancient hotels in Russell Square but you might be a bit disappointed because the hotel is suffering from poor maintenance.

In 2002, Russell Square London went through major landscaping. The place had been redesigned according to the style of the 19th century. The café which is a popular hangout had also gone through remodelling. There is a fountain in Russell Square which is a major attraction for kids. This fountain was installed in 2009. The jets eject directly from the pavement which increases the beauty of the fountain.

You can also visit the “London Social Centre”. All this is managed by London Borough of Camden. You can visit Woburn Place which is to the north of Russell Square and Southampton Row which is to the southeast of Russell Square. This place can boast about notable residents. The prominent architects Philip and Philip Charles Hardwick used to live here. Russell Square in all is a good place to spend a nice weekend. Do explore the place while you are there.

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Warren Street Escorts


The Warren Street tube station is very close to Warren Street Escorts. You will take just three minutes to reach there on foot. Warren Street is pretty close to Euston Square, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan lines. You can find Warren Street Escorts close to here offering incall and outcalls.

There are a number of shops, famous bars and restaurants that you must visit if you are in the company of Warren Street Escorts. One of the famous but small shops is the Black Truffle Shop. You will get shoes, bags, home ware and unique accessories in this shop. The items are both different and contemporary. The shop includes labels like Paul and Joe and Billy Bag. If you are in Warren Street then enjoy the food from Villandry.

You will get an assortment of meat, fish, wine, cakes, sandwiches, takeaway dishes and many more. You can visit the Aquatic Design Centre too. Huge number of beautiful fishes can be found in this place. The place has around 300 tanks which are filled with various kinds of tropical, coldwater and marine fish. The lighting is just appropriate to let you see the fishes and enjoy their beauty.

This is a place where you can roam around for hours, that too for free. The Frieze Art Fair is also held close to Warren Street. This conventional art fair brings together the world’s most renowned art buyers. You will also get to see short films, specific projects in this fair. If you are someone who is interested in art, then this fair will be paradise to you.

Visit Prescott & Mackay School of Fashion and Accessory Design where they teach you designing and provide other professional courses in fashion. The Alec Tiranti and Thorsten van Elten in Warren Street London is another thing to look out for. If you want to buy musical supplies then go to All Flutes Plus.

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Liverpool Street Escorts


Liverpool Street Escorts are located in one of the best places in London. You can shop, eat, drink and party at this place. You can also find stunning Liverpool Escorts here. The most fashionable and different styled clothing stores of London can be found on Liverpool Street. Shop to your hearts content, visit the best restaurants and have fun of a lifetime. Some of the famous clothing stores include Austin Reed, Ted baker & Friends, Absolute vintage etc. Austin Reed stated humbly as a tailor shop and now has expanded to a classic shop selling the most stylish clothes at affordable prices.

Liverpool Street Escorts know that if you want vintage handbags, different styled shoes and belts and offbeat dresses then visit Absolute Vintage. Ted Baker & Friends generally keeps clothes that will make you look cool and hip. If you just love perfumes then take a look at Penhaligon’s. This place is more than 130 years old and once you enter this place your nose and your heart will be filled with blissful sweet smells of various perfumes. Don’t forget to buy one.

The places that you might see are Raven Row and The Natwest Tower. The Raven Row is an art centre while the Natwest Tower is the tallest building in Central London. It is the first skyscraper in London and stands tall at 600 ft.

Want to eat at a good place? Try out 1901. The Dining room coupled with the exquisite food makes an ideal eatery. If you are at Liverpool Street London then you can also eat at Rhodes 24. Ambience, food, interior designing and everything else is just superb at Rhodes 24.

You can stay at Andaz Liverpool Street or the Apex London Wall Hotel. The Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel is one of the most magnificent hotels. It has been built in the 18th century style. Have a memorable stay at Liverpool Street London.

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Baker Street Escorts


Baker Street is a name that is famous for its bakery. Well, recently it is also famous for having one of the most famous escorts in Greater London. The biggest deal about them is they know how to present to one and do it in a manner which in turn is a yes. A client has a several options to browse through the portfolio and decide the type of escort he or she would like to have. Not only has this but the horizon been widened in this case. Categories divide each escort and thus a simpler but detailed option about the choice one makes.

Baker Street has seen a lot of changes around itself from time to time. But, perhaps this is the change which will change with time but to a more prospective level. Baker Street Escorts are not all about pleasure. It is about companionship too. Some find friends, some peace and to the extent some eve find love in them. Also the male escorts for women are fun too. They are very friendly and can make merry with them as one of their own. Fun to roam around with they are very friendly and while one gets to know them more. Undoubtedly, Madame Tussauds wax museum is one place where they can show you around.

Baker Street Escorts are more into life then just profession. Although, the profession involves a lot of pleasure but no words can describe their energy for their respected clients. After the whole plan for the day you can certainly enjoy the time with the escorts in a comfort hotel room. Or for more options there are escort luxury apartment which one can opt too. Baker Street Escorts definitely are worth the bucks spent for a wholesome goodness for a short time.

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Blackfriars Escorts


Black Friars is the name which goes back to the period of the 18th century when a group of travelers settled here. Thus, the name. Nothing new is the fact about nature that things change with time. Certainly, Black Friars Escorts are the hottest one can find around. Intelligent, talented, and also derived with pure passion they serve the best so that the outcome is the best. Not only they are escorts by choice of their love to it, but even models are the ones to opt for it too. It is a too fun loving experience to live without.

The photographs of the models are in the gallery of the web site. Easily, it is a decision like cake to pick up the favorites. One can choose to have the company of more than just one woman. Details and information have to be filled then reciprocation. This is a place which the Blackfriars Escorts have a lot around to show. There are a lot of key buildings in the Blackfriars area which can be observed by a tourist.

Also, one of the biggest attraction is the Blackfriars station which hundreds of commuters everyday use to travel their destination. Even Black friar theatre is not very far away from Shakespeare’s Global theatre which is a must watch destination for the tourists. The only disappointing thing is that the Global theatre was destroyed in the London Fire. But again, it was built by the society built it again. A lot of memories are attached with it since it holds the scent of the ear that passed long back on.

One of the major attractions too is Unilever House located in the New Bridge Street. It is certain that one will have a wonderful time watching these monuments with the company of an excellent Blackfriars Escorts.

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Euston Escorts


More of an architectural in London, it is a part to the New Road. Also known to be the London’s first by pass. It was a long time back, but now it is considered to be the central London. Being the first bypass it allowed quick exit & entry to the London. Future plans are the city to be developed more into the modern form of a proper gate to various points in the city. Like park, tube station and also be man made into the organizing malls coming up.

For a tourist it is a place where he or she should have Euston Escorts to be around with. People don’t have much time here and are rushing to various places. Since it’s located and now is the central London a lot of famous places like the Tottenham Court Road are connected near to it. With the company of the Euston Escorts a great time can be enjoyed while catching the view of the busy streets. The Euston tower is a view, one can’t miss and the head office for Abbeys is also in this area.

The most know BT Tower is also there which serves unification this central area. A noticeable part of this area is the old and the new building of the Well come Trust, both on the south side of the road. St. Pancreas Church is also nearby, a place for the peace of mind. Other big monuments like British Library is also there which serves a great view.

A place is this where you have to get time to see it. And there is no other enjoyable way, other than the Euston Escorts. The fire station in this area is also built in an art style way to mark the history of this place.

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Waterloo Escorts


Waterloo is one of the most famous stations in the world and especially in the Europe. It connects to the station of Gare Du Nord in Paris, France. But whenever the name Waterloo comes into the mind then the memory of the great battle of Waterloo is there in the mind. A key area in the London, waterloo has a lot of things which can’t be missed as a tourist. Below the South bank of London it is a station that is commuted by millions everyday to travel across. It was also the home of the Euro star till it moved to King’s Cross. Also lying below are the underground stations of the Waterloo.

The reason waterloo is so famous was for its very beautiful cottages, gardens and the most for cruises. Later on the marsh in the area was drained and was developed into shops and houses. BFI IMAX which is the most known cinema theatre in waterloo was inaugurated in 1999 and houses around 500 seats. Not of forget the cut at the waterloo is known for its art venues and Young & Old Vic used to perform here. A place which is basically known for its commercial property is also at the same time puts an affordable pricing.

During the French defeat at the waterloo it has been a trade mark for the British to be proud of and if being visited for business and pleasure this is a place to be in. The best part would be to have a contact with the Waterloo Escorts where beautiful women would give you the company. While you get mesmerized in these sites which mark waterloo, it is also another factor to consider the gorgeous Waterloo Escorts at your service. A real heaven for tourists in the waterloo.

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Gloucester Road Escorts


Gloucester is one of the oldest areas in Great Britain. Known for its roman style sized building and churches, this place are a devotion to the past. Not only is the weather beautiful to roam around but also the coffee shops on the side of the southern roads. Might feel a bit blue for the tourist here but a Gloucester Road Escorts will make it a fine time out here. The noticeable thing about this area is the inspired art style of the roman in almost everything.

The maximum amount of churches out here in this area is the roman inspired churches. When it comes to food this area leads like anything. From pasta to sushi, and from Mexican to mouth watering organic food is right in this locality. Some of the best venues in London for conference are in this district of Gloucester. It is evident that when it comes to business, pleasure should be a part of it. So to make up for the time are the Gloucester Road Escorts, who are here to give you the satisfaction of a lifetime. They are well enough to be taken to the conference. Or to the gathering where everybody has got a company to be with.

Since the area is not as fast and busy like the other ones, the policemen out here are very friendly. If asked directions or any information, they help you with a broad smile on the face. So, also is the part where some of the local people do know French. So tourists in this place will certainly do feel like home. Culture, history and people make this are beautiful indeed. With Gloucester Road Escorts, it will become a wonderful time to be spent in and around.

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