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Paddington Escorts


Paddington London is well located within the Westminster borough while its rail stations are a very significant part of the area. It is on the Northern side of Hyde Park, a couple of meters from Marylebone and Oxford Street. It is dully situated for ample shopping for anybody who loves exquisite and unique shopping experiences. It is one of the most popular places for Paddington Escorts.

Paddington is quite a residential area and thus some of the memorable events in this part are a short distance from the Paddington London station. You will find that nearby, are West End theaters, many galleries as well as the best of London, Hyde Park, offering many activities for many to recreate, from horseback riding to seasonal festivals within the park.

Paddington venues also seem to suggest full relaxation and lots of refreshing air and activities. For example, Hyde Park is best for those in love with taking strolls, horseback rides, concerts, and picnics and runs in the park. On the other hand, Cherry Jam is another place you can visit, well known for wide balconies, cool air and constant DJs. Canal Café Theatre is another great place worth visiting, best for viewing lots of young comedians, new writing, while you can view history in form of the longest running comedy show that is live, as per the Guinness World Record. If you love anything underground, perhaps you can do it literally, by checking out the Subway Gallery that is superb for some true art found underground.

In case you fly through Heathrow, Paddington London gives the right frontier from which you can experience London and its environs. You can even take the Heathrow Express train that begins from the airport and arrives after just fifteen minutes in Paddington Station. Paddington is the right place to access Kensington Gardens and the all time favorite ‘Hyde Park’.

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Angel Escorts


Angel is a district of London, England. It is a part of the London borough of Islington. It is identified as one of the 35 major centers in Greater London. Angel Escorts are beautiful girls offering visits to you here.

Originally it was an inn on the Great north road until it was merged with the Metropolitan Borough of Islington in 1965. A pub situated at the junction of Pentonville Road goes by the name The Angel.
The area in which the Angel hotel is situated had been a great entertainment centre in London comprising of The Collins Music Hall, the Grand theatre and the Philharmonic Hall.

Angel London tube station is an underground station located on the Bank branch of the Northern Line. It also has the longest escalator on the tube network. A number of buses flow here transporting people to their destiny.

The cosmopolitan area offers a lot to its shoppers and visitors. The N1 shopping centre is a full entertainment and shopping experience selling designer furnishings, musical instruments, designer clothes and gifts.

Camden Passage Market is popular across Europe. With over 350 shops it attracts its antique lovers and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Chapel Market is a local street market where you can be sure of a bargain. It comprises of good vegetable and fruit stalls. The Archway market offers best organic foods, books, jewelry and interiors.

The Upper Street is best known for eating and drinking with an assorted mix of Italian, Vietnamese and Turkish restaurants. It has over 500 vibrant bars and pubs ranging from the traditional British public houses to modern venues along with luxurious wine bars. The popular ones amongst these are the Metro and Walkabout. It’s famous for The Sadler’s Wells dance theatre, museums and galleries which the tourists cannot afford to give a miss.

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Edgware Road Escorts


Edgware Road is a very prominent street which is situated in the district of City of Westminster. The road moves along the western part of central area of London, starting from the Roman Road. These days, it has become the section of the popular A5 road. We have a collection of English Edgware Road Escorts.

The area near Marble Arch at the southern part of the road is very popular for restaurants. Some of the specialties of this place are Middle East cuisines, nightclubs and bars, and some outstanding cafes. True to the food cultures of the place, the areas have been nicknamed by the Londoners as Little Beirut, Little Cyprus and Little Cairo.

This particular road is also referred to as the informal district of London, which is the area around Cumberland Gate and Marble Arch and northeastern section of Hyde Park. At the northern end of the road, you will find the Marylebone flyover. The area between Marylebone Flyover and Marble Arch distinguishes between the Bayswater and Marylebone Areas.

The junction on the southernmost part of Edgware Road London is very well known for some of the Middle Eastern or Arabian style restaurants, and you’ll come across plenty of shisha cafes and the Lebanese restaurants. The nightclubs of this area are beautifully set up with the Arabian themes.

In this area, you will also find the Odeon cinema, and they play a lot of Arabic movies on their mammoth screen. The Edgware Road is quite uniquely traditional in spite of being located in central London, and you will get to see some of the most ethnic cultures out here. The communities living around in area are mostly the Africans and Middle East people.

However, many modern chain restaurants have managed to open their outlets in this unique street. You will come across Subway, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger and lots more. The ‘Salt’ is one of the most popular bars in the area. The most best-selling foods at this area are shawarmas and a wide range of kebabs, as you will find many restaurants serving them. Another popular landmark of this area is the Church Street Market.

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Hyde Park Escorts


Hyde Park is considered as the largest park covering 253 hectares in Central London. Hyde Park Escorts love to live and work in such a lovely area of London.

In 1536, Henry VIII acquired the hall of Hyde from Westminster Abbey. It was enclosed as Deer Park and private hunting until Charles I opened the park for General Public in 1637. The most important event in the park to take place was Great Exhibition of 1851.

The prominent locations within the park is the “Speaker’s Corner”, a venue where public speaking is allowed assuming that it is legal and free from profanity. It is also regarded as place of protest.

Princess Diana memorial which is oval stone fountain surrounded by lush grassy field. Its mission was to give people access to the monument, and water provides some of the most soothing tranquility.

The Serpentine is recreational lake in Hyde Park. It has got many activities like swimming, Boating and the Solar Shuttle where solar powered boat ferries passengers between northern and southern banks of serpentine.

Rotten Row is broad track to ride horses, cycling, rollerblading and jogging route. It is a popular meeting place for upper-class Londoners where they ride along the row in carriages.

Marble Arch is a white Carrara-marble monument on a large traffic island which also includes a very small park, in the midst of swirling traffic.

Hyde Park is famous for its famous rock concerts like Live 8.The famous British Band; Queen thronged almost 150-200 thousand people turning for the event .Also Blur Band released a live album ‘All the People: Blur Live at Hyde Park’ recorded in the park. The proms are considered as the London venue in the park since 1996.

The London Underground stations situated in the park are Hyde Park Corner, Marble arch, Queensway, Knightsbridge and Lancaster Gate. Buses play a prominent role around the local area.
Hotels located near Hyde Park London are Park wood at Marble Arch, The Cumberland, Grosvenor House, Berkeley Court Hotel and many more.

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Westminster Escorts


Westminster London is a place where you can find London’s notable and prominent attractions. You can also find the best in high class Westminster Escorts.

Westminster was ancient description of area around Westminster Abbey which was the venue for Kings and Queens in England. In 1066, after the Norman Conquest of England, Palace of Westminster became the royal residence.

Buckingham Palace is considered as principal royal residence of Monarchs which has 660 rooms. Visitors can access to Rooms, while the Queen stays at her Scottish palace at Balmoral. The magnificent rooms are decorated with some of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection, Palace of Westminster is considered as Houses of all Parliaments. It features three main towers: Victoria Tower, also regarded as King’s tower, Sovereign’s Entrance luxuriously decorated with sculptures and Clock Tower commonly known as Big Ben.

Big Ben popularly known as Clock Tower was designed by Augustus Pugin. Famous for keeping impeccable time, Big Ben refers to the bell housed within the tower.

Westminster Abbey is traditional place for church and location for royal coronation and burial site for English. It is a 700 year old building where millions of people come for daily service.
Kensington Gardens are considered as Royal Parks in London. It features Italian Garden fountains, The serpentine Bridge from Hyde park, Albert Memorial and statue of Peter Pan.

Westminster is served by 10 Underground lines and major terminal stations include Paddington, Victoria, Marylebone and charring cross. It also has 15 electric vehicle charging points to travel across the city.

University of Westminster has served as a centre for public education over 170 years. It has the largest scholarship programme of its kind. It has got four internationally research in Linguistic, Media, Asian and Law.

London School of Business is international business school offering postgraduate programmes in finance and management. Strong non-quantitative qualifications, high GMAT score and a high GPA are typically the requirements for admissions.

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Mayfair Escorts


Mayfair is a well known place and one of the exclusive districts of London. This amazing place is the home to the popular Handel House Museum and the Wallace Collection. The place got its name from the famous annual fair held in the place until 1764.You can enjoy some of the best shopping activity in this fashionable district. You may also want to hire one of our stunning Mayfair Escorts.

Mayfair is at the center of London and one of the most expensive properties that roughly set between Regent Street, Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane. It is always remain as a peaceful place in the heart of the City of London and looking more attractive with its beautiful squares and lovely parks.

Once it was the most haunted house in London for many decades. Today it is occupied by rare book sellers, Maggs Bros. It is said that that a monstrous man with a gaping mouth have disturbed this building for many years.

One of the elite shopping areas of London, Bond Street is a shopper’s paradise. You can purchase some of the world famous brands of clothing and jewelry from the vast array of shops. It is a regular hangout of foreigners as well as locals. Even you can spot celebrities now and then in the Bond Street.

Barclays Bank is one of the oldest, yet beautiful buildings in the Mayfair region. The interior as well as the exterior of the banking building is always fascinated by many people.

A tribute to the millions of animals killed during war was exposed in 2004. You can see the full sized bronzed models of a horse, two pack mules and a dog walking through a curved stone wall besides the images of animals from worms to elephants that have served in war on the wall of the memorial. It is a good place to hang out for the sculpture fans and animal lovers.

It is an excellent piece of religious architecture located in the luxuriant streets of Mayfair. As a home to a Christian community, the church is always welcoming worshippers from all over the world.

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Notting Hill Escorts


Notting Hill is a cosmopolitan district in West London, popular for the annual Notting Hill Carnival. It is an affluent and rich area with many striking terraces of big townhouses, top class restaurants and high end shopping malls. If you plan a trip to Notting Hill, London, it offers a lot of things to do and will get an unforgettable vacation. This can only be made better by booking Notting Hill Escorts

Notting Hill is an ideal travel destination that attracts many people with its charm and flamboyant daily life. It is an easily accessible area with Tube, buses and taxis. Tube is the best way to exploit London. You can find many conveniently placed stops for easy access in Notting Hill.
Majority of the Notting Hill areas are reachable within a short walk. You can enjoy beautiful sceneries of the place while you walk. You can take the short Tube ride and stroll from there to get to the different points of the city.

Notting Hill is one of the hottest markets in the world for its real estate value for residential, commercial and investment purposes. In fact, the unique atmosphere of the Notting Hill region made it extremely attractive for people all over the world. Located near the Hyde Park area, many property dealers are fascinated by the stunning architecture and friendly social outlook of Notting Hill.

You will definitely love the culinary experience in the Notting Hill which is among the best in the country with a blend of conventional British culture and a combination of ethnic style. You can find many top class restaurants within just a walk that give items from delicious French cuisine to pleasant home made Thai meals.

Being a well known tourist spot for continental and global travelers, you can find more than a dozen hotels in the Notting Hill for visitors. If you are looking for a budget travel, you can rent local homes and apartments on a seasonal basis apart from traditional hotels. These local homes can provide a local ambience of the area too.

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Old Street Escorts


Old Street is an ancient road in Islington. It runs from west to east where it intersects with London borough of Islington to London Borough of Hackney. Old Street Escorts can be found offering outcalls in this area of London.

Geffrye Museum is museum of interiors, with real rooms from every period of history .It is a conversion from alms house and is remodeled as museum. In addition to the 20th Century interiors, it has also got a walled garden, also referred as ‘garden room’. It is accessible by bus, from Liverpool Street Station to Kingsland Road, or a longish walk from Old Street Tube
Wesley’s House is Methodist congregation in Old Street London with a full of services and events throughout the week.

Shoreditch Ball is the famous event in east London. Apart from offering four course dinner and entertainment, there will be an auction where people can bid items made by designers and top artists.

Starting on 16th September, “Oktoberfest in London” will continue for eight weeks making it the longest Oktoberfest in the World. It features great sports coverage, huge screens, Poker Tournaments, Pool and Darts

Circus Skills Workshop make you learn skills like tight-wire walking, flying trapeze and acrobatic balancing and static over a whole or half day 120 Central Brasserie serve an array of British dishes from an A La Carte to buffet menu. They can cater up to 160 seated guests.

The Alba caters to the requirement of contemporary Italian food. It is generally preferred by the Italians and the lawyers for a quick bite. It can cater up to 80 guests for private parties. A takeaway and delivery service is also available.

Cafe El Paso serves a variety of Mexican, Tex-Mex and vegetarian dishes. The food has an authentic taste and perfectly fits your budget. Passage to India serve a variety of Indian dishes at their restaurant. Other Indian Restaurants include Dockmasters House Restaurant.

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Chelsea Escorts


Chelsea Escorts live and work in an important area in Central London. The place is a fraction of Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Many people think that the famous Chelsea football club is located in Chelsea. But very surprisingly the Chelsea football club is situated in Fulham and not Chelsea. Chelsea buns were quite popular at one point of time. It was a famous delicacy in which the people of Chelsea excelled.

Chelsea Escorts love to buy Chelsea Chinaware. Original Chelsea ware is actually expensive too. If you are looking for the most famous building in Chelsea then the building of the Chelsea Royal Hospital will top the list. The magnificent building has extensive grounds. Every year a beautiful flower show is held on this ground. The former Duke of Yoke’s Barracks off king’s Road has been made a fraction of Duke of York Square. There is a weekly farmer’s market and many new shops and cafes have been opened. The Chelsea Bridge also looks great.

The Chelsea Public Library is also definitely worth a visit. The Chelsea Collection of artworks is very renowned. King’s Road is the most famous and the most frequented road of Chelsea. The road is a shopper’s paradise and almost has every exquisite shop that you will find on any UK high street. Stores such as GAP and Virgin store have made the road really important. Two other splendid shopping destinations are Sloane Street and Knightsbridge. If you want fashionable clothes or wonderful jewellery then this is the place. You will find stores of Gucci, Cartier and Graff here.

A place can never be great if the transport links are not good. Chelsea London is served by four London underground stations. The names of these stations are Sloane square tube station, South Kensington tube station, Earl’s Court tube station and Fulham Broadway tube station.

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Farringdon Escorts


Farringdon Escorts are situated in the City of London. People generally refer to it as a historical place. It consists of two wards Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. The area near the Farringdon station is basically called Farringdon and it falls in the London Borough of Islington. Don’t get worked up by the use of “Without” and “Within” for Farringdon. These words are used to separate the areas that fall within the London Wall and outside the London Wall.

The Farringdon Station is on the Thameslink north south rail route. The Clerk’s Well is situated on the Farringdon street. It was the setting of many plays performed by the Parish Clerks of London. The Clerk’s well has undergone a complete renovation and now its history can be known by visiting the place. You can also visit the St Paul’s Cathedral and the Cock tavern.

Farringdon Escorts love the night life in Farringdon which is much more hip than you think. Fabric is a one of the most popular nightclubs in Farringdon London. The night club has its own DJs and there are guest DJs as well who make good music so that you can dance away all night. Bedouin is another popular joint for people who love to eat, drink and party. It is not only a good restaurant providing excellent food but is also a nightclub cum bar.

Don’t miss out Venus if you want to have real fun. You will get one of the finest fully nude Table dancing in London. You will have a gala time watching lap dancing. There is also the Fluid Night Club which is situated under the Fluid restaurant and bar. Ghost is another popular joint for the party lovers. All the bars are fully licensed and guarantee full enjoyment and fun along with awesome food and splendid booze.

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