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Earls Court Escorts

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The district of Earls Court is situated in the Borough of Chelsea and Kensington in London. The Earl’s Court Road and a few streets around this place are where most activities in this region take place. On the east and west, Earls Court is bound by South Kensington and West Kensington respectively. Kensington and Chelsea surround the district on the north and south respectively.

Once upon a time Earls Court was a rural area in London and was home to innumerable market gardens and green fields. The Vere family controlled the lordship over this region for over five centuries. Though it was sparsely populated a long time ago, by 1867, it had become densely populated with two churches and 1200 houses.

After the Second World War, Polish immigrants set up homes in this region of London. Hence, this area was also referred to as The Danzig Corridor. Over a period of time, a lot of Australians also found their homes here, thus, awarding this place another name, “Kangaroo Valley”. Even today, you can find mixed population here with most of them being from New Zealand and Australia.

Till a few years ago, Earls Court was considered to be a poorer district as compared to its counterparts who border this place. But from the year 1990, some rich people also moved here and established their base, thus adding affluence to the place. The increase in the property prices led to a lot of people from the upper strata of society purchasing property in this part of London. Though there are some very expensive and luxurious hotels and pubs, you can also find some cheap accommodation options while on a visit here.

The Earls Court Exhibition Center in this district has the biggest indoor arena in the UK and is a notable venue for concerts. Attending these concerts in the company of Earls Court Escorts will add glam to your day, especially if you are travelling alone.

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Belgravia Escorts


Located in the City of Westminster in London is a beautiful district called Belgravia. Belgravia is sandwiched between Chelsea and Knightsbridge, both of which are very interesting places. Some of the wealthiest people in Britain have their houses in this part of London. This city has a lot of prominent buildings including the embassies of various countries. Eaton Square in the heart of Belgravia has played host of three “James Bond” heroes, a feat that no other hotel has been able to match.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea on the western side, Buckingham Palace on the south western side, Sloane Street on the western side and Grosvenor Place on the eastern end form the boundaries of Belgravia.

The Second Marques of Westminster, Richard Grosvenor, owns a substantial number of properties in this region. Right from the 18th century, the Marques has shown keen interest in developing these properties and improvising the city. The white stucco residential units that adorn the Eaton Square and Belgrave Square are worth a look. Right from the time, the city came into being; it is noted for its fashionable looks.

Despite having some of the most notable people living in this area, this city is a lot quieter than most other cities of London. Hence, you will find it boring to traverse through the city without an escort by your side. In the company of this lady or gentleman, you can visit all the places of interest in this city. The company of this person will induce in you, the zest to shop at various boutique stores and shops in this area.

Visiting one of the posh restaurants in the city with a good Belgravia Escorts will also be an engaging and interesting experience. You can end the beautiful day with a visit to one of the pubs and restaurants that are known to be the best in class as compared to the others in the neighboring cities.

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Covent Garden Escorts


Located on the eastern side of the City of Westminster and the southwestern side of the London Borough of Camben, Covent Garden in London is one of the busiest districts. Right from the time London was referred to as Londonium, Roman settlers set up their base in this area. During the seventh century, the region surrounding the Covent Garden was Lundenwic, a Saxon port that was the busiest during that period. With the advent of the Viking warriors during the 9th century, this port was abandoned.

Kingsway and Charing Cross Road form the eastern and western borders to this district. High Holborn and the Strand border the north and south respectively. There are a number of shops that you can find in Covent Garden London. You can find shops that sell menswear, womenswear and jewellery in abundance. There are shops that exclusively cater to the children and house various trendy clothes in the kids segment.

The markets of Covent Garden are also very well known all around the world. The two main markets in this region are the Jubilee Market and the Apple Market. The Covent Garden Piazza was one of the largest markets in the region that was located at the heart of the district right from the 15th century to the latter part of the 19th century. This market, that sells flowers, vegetables and fruits is now located at Nine Elms and is called the New Covent Garden Market.

The Apple Market has a lot of dealers who sell antiques and artwork. There are also shops that house clothes of various fashion brands. The Jubilee Market has sells various products on various days of the week. On Mondays, you can find all the antiques you want in this market. The general market is on from Tuesday to Friday and you can find everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes being sold here. If you want to buy arts and craft products, then, visit this market on Saturday and Sunday.

You will need the company of friends or family when you are out exploring these places. If you are travelling alone, then, consider availing the services of Covent Gardens Escorts who can spend the day in your company shopping, eating, drinking and having fun.

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Kensington Escorts


Kensington is one of the districts in London that boasts of an affluent population. Located in the West London region, it has a dense population. South Kensington, referred to by most as the museum district is a part of Kensington London. The commercial heart of this place is the Kensington High Street.

Notting Hill borders the district on the northern side and Chelsea borders it on the south. To the east, it is bound by Knightsbridge and Brompton and the western side of the district is bordered by Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith. Princess Diana lived in the Kensington Palace and could be spotted shopping in one of the many stores in this region.

The Kensington High Street is the main section of the district that is abuzz with activity all through the day. In February 2005, this street was adjudged the second best shopping area in London due to the presence of innumerable shops that sell a plethora of products. The Westfield center that opened up in White City in October 2008 has been giving Kensington High Street tough competition.

South Kensington is the second busiest area of this district. There are clusters of shops that you can find in the vicinity of the tube station in this place. You can find all types of products, ranging from the smallest keychain to the largest bags in these shops.

Shopping has always been a pleasurable experience for travelers who have paid a visit to this city. Eating and drinking are also a favorite pastime, thanks to the innumerable restaurants and bars located here. However, be it shopping along the streets of Kensington or having lunch or dinner in one of the most affluent restaurants here, you need a good companion you can share your day with. You can request for the services of Kensington Escorts who will prove to be just what you need to spend an interesting day at Kensington.

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Knightsbridge Escorts


Located in the western side of Central London, Knightsbridge is a district whose name is borrowed the road that carries the same name in this region. Running from the southern side Hyde Park and encompassing the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the City of Westminster, this road is one of the arterial roads in this region.
Knightsbridge London is one of the most affluent districts in Central London and is home to some of the super rich people who live in this region. This up market road is filled with retail outlets from very prominent brands from various parts of the world. Harvey Nichols and Harrods are the two most important retail outlets along this stretch.

Thanks to its proximity to West End and easy access from Canary Wharf and City of London, this place is one of the most renowned locations for international business organizations. The flagship stores of many fashion labels, not only from Britain, but also from other parts of the world can be found in this district. Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo are two noted footwear brands that have their stores here. The fashion house Chanel has two outlets here and the Coutts Banks, which is known to reject any account with less than five million pounds, also has its branch in this part of London.

Antiquity dealers, selling some of the most exquisite antiques in the world, also have their shops along this stretch to cater to interior designing needs of the elite class here.

Considering the fact that this place is home to some of the socially elite in the world, there are a number of finest hotels of London that are located here to cater to their taste buds. In your spare time, you can also take a walk along the street or go horse riding and boating along the Serpentine Lake that runs through the place.

However, spending a day in this city without one of our hot Knightsbridge Escorts by your side can be a boring task. It would be nice to attend an opera or visit the theater in this area or even go shopping with an interesting London Escort to give you company.

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Pimlico Escorts


Nestling comfortably in the City of Westminster at London is a small, but interesting city, called Pimlico. The exquisite Regency architecture is the most notable feature of all the buildings in this place. Built as an extension on the southern side to Belgravia, this city is renowned the world over for the beautiful garden squares.

The Victoria Station separates this place from Belgravia in the northern side. It is bound by River Thames on the south and Grosvenor Canal on the west. The Vauxhall Bridge Road marks the boundary on the east.

The detailed planning of the city in 1825 by Thomas Cubitt enabled well laid out residential streets at the heart of the city. Today, the Pimlico Conservation Area protects this place. There are a number of interesting buildings that a traveler to the city should visit. If you are interested in architecture, then, you may want to consider paying a visit to the Pimlico School which is noted for its Brutalist architecture.

Dolphin Square, which is home of a number of politicians in the upper house of the Parliament, is a group of self contained flats which is the largest in the world. Lillington Gardens and Churchill Gardens are the two other upcoming estates in this city.

You will find it pleasurable to visit these places in the company of an interesting and engaging escort who can show you around the city. It is always nice to have the company of a lady or gentleman when you visit the places of interest here.

There are a number of Anglican churches which are very old. St James the Less, St Savior and St Gabriel churches are among the oldest in this place. Don’t forget to visit Tate Britain which is one of the most prominent landmarks in Pimlico London. The Chelsea College of Art and Design is also worth a look when in this city.

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Victoria Escorts


The city of Victoria in London is named in honor of Queen Victoria who once ruled the United Kingdom. There are a number of interesting places that come under the boundaries of this beautiful city. Long before this city came into being, there existed just one brewery on the southern end of Victoria Street. This brewery, along with a few other properties in the vicinity, belonged to St James’ Palace during the early part of the 17th century.

This place was subsequently purchased by Watney and Co who built many other places to stay around the brewery. Finally in the 19th century, the brewery was demolished and the only remnants of that till date are the Stag Pub and Stag Place. It is worth a visit to this place when you are in the city so you can get a glimpse of its humble past.

There is the Buckingham Palace on the northern side of this beautiful city, in addition to Grosvenor Gardens, Wilton Road, Eccleston Street and Bressenden Place. Any visitor to Victoria London should not miss a visit to these places.

However, a lonely traveler might find it boring to visit these interesting places without a good companion. If you are travelling alone, you can avail the services of the Victoria Escorts here at Maxes Angels who knows this city like the back of their hand.

Victoria Street is the main hub of activity in this city and it runs the entire length from Westminster Abbey to Broad Sanctuary Station. You can take a leisurely walk along this street with the escort and admire the buildings that adorn this street. You can shop at House of Fraser which is a prominent department store. If you want more options, you can also visit Marks and Spencer which is also located on the same street. A good meal at one of the many noted restaurants on this street can be a great ending to a beautiful day with an interesting companion.

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Marylebone Escorts


Marylebone London excellence begins by noticing its affluence, built in a very elegant surrounding, whose neighborhood is such great beacons of London as Regent’s Park. You will find Marylebone London Station as well as the original site of the well-known Marylebone Cricket Club along Dorset Square.

While the area is largely residential, it has very many dental and medical offices that are traditionally well concentrated at the heart of Harley Street. After the Baker Street opening of the Jubilee Line Station, the area has become one of the most sought after regions at the centre of London. There are a lot to checkout in Marylebone as well as to enjoy, more so when you love being at the centre of the capital.

It is a town with such an elegant and luxurious history, wielding the Marylebone Garden, a pleasure garden in London within the old manor house grounds in Marylebone and was a major attraction since the middle of the 17th century. The area was just a village separated from the capital by market gardens, fields up to the 18-century’s third quarter. The Marylebone Gardens were situated along the region now known as Marylebone Road, Weymouth Street, Harley Street and Marylebone High Street. In fact, its site was then developed into what is Devonshire and Beaumont Street.

Whether you are a solo traveler for business or pleasure the affluence and elegance of the capital’s town will surely mesmerize you. Hotels in the area are also well known for first class service at great prices. Most check-in staff are very friendly as you get the best in the area. You can find a small and basic room but do not forget brand new ones are also amicable and very clean. Don’t forget to checkout Regent’s Park while you are in this area, as you sample the best of Marylebone London.

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Bayswater Escorts


The built up district Bayswater is one of the main areas of west London with a population density of nearly 17,500 per sq/km. Hyde Park is bordering the north side of the Bayswater and it is around 3 miles away from the Charing Cross. You can find a good quality of Bayswater Escorts here.

Being one of the cosmopolitan areas of London, Bayswater having an assorted local population amplified by a high strength of hotels.

Besides the main ancestral British, you can find a significant number of Arab, Greek, American and Brazilian communities in the Bayswater, London.

The beautiful garden squares and stunning streets are lined with boarding houses and flats ranges from luxurious apartments to small studio flats. The main streets of Bayswater are the Queensway and Westbourne Grove. You can find many striking ethnic cuisine restaurants along these streets.

The Hyde Park is a main attraction in Bayswater Road which is one of the largest and the Royal Park in the central London. It is a popular tourist place famous for picnicking, rowing, swimming, jogging and horse riding. Many large events are occurring in the Hyde Park which covers more than 360 acres.

London’s first departmental store Whiteleys Shopping Centre is located in the Bayswater region. It is a famous historic structure in London. There are many shops and restaurants in the Whiteleys. The multiplex cinema plus and the top class restaurants that serve swish sushi is a favorite hangout of many who comes to the Whiteleys Shopping Centre.

The other main attractions near the Bayswater area are the Speaker’s Corner which is 3 minutes walk from the Bayswater Road. If you walk around 10 minutes, you can reach the Serpentine Boating Lake which is located in the heart of the splendid Hyde Park of London. A 10 minutes walk takes you to the Wallace collection where you can attend free art classes and workshops.

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Sloane Square Escorts


Sloane Square London is found in Chelsea, while the London Underground station in the area is a Travelcard Zone one. To enter the Sloane Square Underground station you make use of the Eastern side that is adjacently placed to a theatre, the Royals Court.

If you are heading to the shopping at Kings Road, it is the shortest way, to such places as the Cadogan Hall and Peter Jones Department Store. A London place that has little gems you can enjoy today.

After leaving the Sloane Square tube, one meets a score of well-known places across the UK and beyond, such as the Sloane Square, Tiffany’s, Boggi Milano and Royal Court Theatre. The square is full of trees where the Venue Statue is, which won Royal Academy Award in 1951. After leaving the Sloane Square up to Oakley Street in King’s Road, you will come across some vast ranges of award winning luxury fashions and boutique as well as dinning establishment worth indulging.

Since the day Henry made the Chelsea Manor acquisition of 1536, the area has held an aura for and of the wealthy. However, the community is diverse and wonderful, as you watch the elderly locals from the Chelsea Barracks sporting their unique regal uniforms and even chat with them along King’s Road. Walk in a lush of green grounds on the extensive Barrack ground gardens where Chelsea’s Flower Show is usually held every May.

Parallel to the King’s Road is the Duke of York’s Square, which is an exit of the entire busy thoroughfare along King’s Road. You then come across lovely restaurants, bread stores, beauticians, coffee shops, bookstores, patisserie, and many boutique stores with the best of luxury fashion, all opening up to a huge courtyard, sandstone paved. If you love shopping without the bother of mass retailers and huge crowds found along the Regent Street, King’s Road is the place, a modern village worth checking out.

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