Covent Garden Escorts


Located on the eastern side of the City of Westminster and the southwestern side of the London Borough of Camben, Covent Garden in London is one of the busiest districts. Right from the time London was referred to as Londonium, Roman settlers set up their base in this area. During the seventh century, the region surrounding the Covent Garden was Lundenwic, a Saxon port that was the busiest during that period. With the advent of the Viking warriors during the 9th century, this port was abandoned.

Kingsway and Charing Cross Road form the eastern and western borders to this district. High Holborn and the Strand border the north and south respectively. There are a number of shops that you can find in Covent Garden London. You can find shops that sell menswear, womenswear and jewellery in abundance. There are shops that exclusively cater to the children and house various trendy clothes in the kids segment.

The markets of Covent Garden are also very well known all around the world. The two main markets in this region are the Jubilee Market and the Apple Market. The Covent Garden Piazza was one of the largest markets in the region that was located at the heart of the district right from the 15th century to the latter part of the 19th century. This market, that sells flowers, vegetables and fruits is now located at Nine Elms and is called the New Covent Garden Market.

The Apple Market has a lot of dealers who sell antiques and artwork. There are also shops that house clothes of various fashion brands. The Jubilee Market has sells various products on various days of the week. On Mondays, you can find all the antiques you want in this market. The general market is on from Tuesday to Friday and you can find everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes being sold here. If you want to buy arts and craft products, then, visit this market on Saturday and Sunday.

You will need the company of friends or family when you are out exploring these places. If you are travelling alone, then, consider availing the services of Covent Gardens Escorts who can spend the day in your company shopping, eating, drinking and having fun.

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