Paddington Escorts


Paddington London is well located within the Westminster borough while its rail stations are a very significant part of the area. It is on the Northern side of Hyde Park, a couple of meters from Marylebone and Oxford Street. It is dully situated for ample shopping for anybody who loves exquisite and unique shopping experiences. It is one of the most popular places for Paddington Escorts.

Paddington is quite a residential area and thus some of the memorable events in this part are a short distance from the Paddington London station. You will find that nearby, are West End theaters, many galleries as well as the best of London, Hyde Park, offering many activities for many to recreate, from horseback riding to seasonal festivals within the park.

Paddington venues also seem to suggest full relaxation and lots of refreshing air and activities. For example, Hyde Park is best for those in love with taking strolls, horseback rides, concerts, and picnics and runs in the park. On the other hand, Cherry Jam is another place you can visit, well known for wide balconies, cool air and constant DJs. Canal Café Theatre is another great place worth visiting, best for viewing lots of young comedians, new writing, while you can view history in form of the longest running comedy show that is live, as per the Guinness World Record. If you love anything underground, perhaps you can do it literally, by checking out the Subway Gallery that is superb for some true art found underground.

In case you fly through Heathrow, Paddington London gives the right frontier from which you can experience London and its environs. You can even take the Heathrow Express train that begins from the airport and arrives after just fifteen minutes in Paddington Station. Paddington is the right place to access Kensington Gardens and the all time favorite ‘Hyde Park’.

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