Waterloo Escorts


Waterloo is one of the most famous stations in the world and especially in the Europe. It connects to the station of Gare Du Nord in Paris, France. But whenever the name Waterloo comes into the mind then the memory of the great battle of Waterloo is there in the mind. A key area in the London, waterloo has a lot of things which can’t be missed as a tourist. Below the South bank of London it is a station that is commuted by millions everyday to travel across. It was also the home of the Euro star till it moved to King’s Cross. Also lying below are the underground stations of the Waterloo.

The reason waterloo is so famous was for its very beautiful cottages, gardens and the most for cruises. Later on the marsh in the area was drained and was developed into shops and houses. BFI IMAX which is the most known cinema theatre in waterloo was inaugurated in 1999 and houses around 500 seats. Not of forget the cut at the waterloo is known for its art venues and Young & Old Vic used to perform here. A place which is basically known for its commercial property is also at the same time puts an affordable pricing.

During the French defeat at the waterloo it has been a trade mark for the British to be proud of and if being visited for business and pleasure this is a place to be in. The best part would be to have a contact with the Waterloo Escorts where beautiful women would give you the company. While you get mesmerized in these sites which mark waterloo, it is also another factor to consider the gorgeous Waterloo Escorts at your service. A real heaven for tourists in the waterloo.

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