Green Park Escorts


Green Park Escorts are situated between London’s Hyde Park and St James Park. Initially the Green Park London was also called duelling ground. The Green Park almost forms a continuous stretch of open land after it joins with Kensington Gardens and the gardens of Buckingham Palace. It covers an area of 47 acres. These 47 acres were not converted into a park in one day.

Green Park Escorts are astonished to know that the park was basically a swampy burial place for lepers. Charles II transformed this stretch of ground into a Royal Park. He has not only built main walks of the park but has also built an icehouse. The icehouse always provided him with a constant supply of ice. A peculiar thing of Green Park is that it doesn’t have lakes or buildings.

There are only a few monuments namely the Canada Memorial and the Constance Fund Fountain. The park is a peaceful and serene place and the wooded meadows add to the beauty of the park. The Green Park tube station is very close by. There are mature trees and grassland that surround the park.

The Green Park London is also a famous place for picnics. When the weather is fine then the Green Park becomes the perfect place to spend your leisure time. The park is open all day all the year round. People also rush to this park to enjoy sunbathing. If you visit the park, you will find this place filled with joggers and runners.

The park has walking routes so that you can enjoy the park as well exercise a bit in the park.
The Government offices are at the east side of the Green Park. There are corridors which join the Green Park to the nearby Royal palaces. You can avail the Green Park tube station or the Hyde Park Corner to reach the park.

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