Southwark Escorts


Southwark Escorts are baed in South East London which is a wonderful city in London. This city is found located on the southern banks of River Thames. This is one among the borough cities and forms inner part of London. This city is also called as the London Borough of Southwark.

The history of this city dates back to 9th century. It is believed that this city was named during the Roman Period. The London Borough of Southwark was formed during 1960s along with the other boroughs such as Metropolitan Borough of Southwark, Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell and Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsay.

The famous monuments such as the Tower Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and the London Bridge form the major landmarks of this city. The other attractions found at this city are the Tata Modern Art Gallery and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. You can also find the famous Borough Food Market near London Bridge.

This city is also well known for its ancient and notable places to worship. The churches belonging to all the three majorly found religion such as Roman, Catholic and the independent non-conformist. St George’s Church, Norwegian Church, Finnish Church and St Thomas Church are the majorly found worshipping places here.

You can find many literature associations in Southwark London. The famous writer, Charles Dickens, has written many novels on this borough, where he lived as a young man. The various classical theatres such as National Theatre, Rose Theatre, Globe Theatre and Unicorn Children’s Theatre are also found in this city.

This borough has international and standard museums and galleries along with the educational institutions and courts and judiciary. You can find a wide variety of galleries such as picture galleries, operating theatre museum gallery and Winchester Palace Gallery. You can also find the war equipments which were used by the soldiers and kings, during battles, in the War Museum.
The bridges that are found in this city serve as one among the means of transport. The other transportation facilities are the railways, roadways and tunnels. You can also find local bus facilities that are exclusively meant for visitors.

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