Embankment Escorts


Embankment Escorts come from an area of London which is a well known place having many good places in it. These can be found close to the hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and clubs of this area. The embankments are always found situated near various tourist attractions of the city.

The Embankment is found situated in the Somerset House, which was built during the 18th century. This place provides mesmerizing views of the Southbank and Waterloo Bridge. This embankment is also considered to be one among the exotic riverside attractions. You can find the great St Petersburg museum, the Queens Chapel of Savoy and the Royal Society of Arts, as few other attracting places.
Victoria Embankment is situated in the City of Westminster, London.

The major events such as Mayor’s Thames Festival, the Last Night of Prom and the river races are hosted at this embankment. The wonderful celebration of the Asian music, London Mela is also held here seasonally.

You can find a wide variety of festivals and events that are held every month at Victoria Embankment. Here, September to December is the busiest time of the year. The famous Mayor’s Thames Festival is held on every Blackfrairs Bridge, from September to November. This festival is replaced with annual New Year Eve’s Fireworks Display that is organized throughout the month of December.
The Embankment Tube Station is situated near the clubs and pubs in London.

You can also find accommodation facilities close to this station. The other attractions that are found near this embankment are cinema theatres, galleries, various memorial halls, monuments of the famous persons, churches and museums. A great place to share a good time with Embankment Escorts.
The other interesting attractions, which are found close to the Embankment are Cheyne Walk, Chelsea Embankment, Grosvenor Road, Millbank and Victoria Tower Gardens.

You can also find shopping centers, Battle of Britain Monument, Benjamin Franklin’s House, Cleopatra’s Needle and Sphinxes, various embankment piers and the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

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