Moorgate Escorts


Moorgate Escorts live in Moorgate which is the name of the street in the city of the London which is still quite famous today. Built by the Romans, it was a postern in the wall which was later turned into a gate. The name means that the last open lands in the city being protected by the gates. Today this area is the home to a lot of financial services offices and to a lot of banks too. Even the tragic incident of the Moorgate Tube crash happened when a train trying to stop failed and hit the brick wall killing 43 people. After that the security installations were added thus the name of the Moorgate control.

Even the buildings have been inspired by the name and there is a glass building which is known as the Moor house on the street. The area is very busy and is home to a lot of offices. Another factor interesting about the Moorgate is that all the earlier trains were in the color yellow, which later on were changed to the colors red & blue. Even there is a coffee shop situated in the area which is known by the name The Moorgate Coffee House. To go back to the history John Keats one of the most famous poets involved in the Romantic Movements was born here.

The only thing about the area that it hasn’t been planned yet so things and the buildings are situated a bit haphazardly. The area has hardly any green since it’s more of a commercial complex area which has lot of important offices into it. This is a very busy street and for a visitor to this place might feel a bit in the blue. But things can be surely different with the Moorgate Escorts coming to the rescue and making it worthwhile for you.

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