Cannon Street Escorts


St.Paul’s Cathedral is the most visited place in Cannon Street apart from of course the Cannon Street Escorts. This area is a pure work of modern techniques which introduce new roads and buildings in this area, leaving the few apart. There was a time when this area was the home of the candle makers who resided on the streets. An artifact to remember is that the London Stone which was used to measure the distance was actually invented in the Cannon Street.

19th century brought a difference in the area in the sense that it became the stalk hold of the wholesalers who use to deal basically with fabrics and cotton goods. Also a memory is to remember the fatal crash of the singer Marc Almond while riding a on a motor cycle. Cannon Street Escorts still come to see the site of the crash even today. The London Stone also rests in a case in the side of the street. Cannon Street is also famous of for the big amount of pubs and bars it has in its area. More than 45 bars and puns are present making this toll the second after the Leicester Square.

The river Thames is very near and almost adjoined to the Cannon Street making it an attraction for the visitors to come. For a tourist the river Thames holds a lot of history and ongoing stories with it, so it would be a treat to have a view of it. The map and the structure of the area are more diversified. It spreads out like a ray of lights spreading in every direction form a corner. The history of the Cannon Street bomb wreckage of the train is another thing for a tourist since it holds a lot of history to it.

And the best way to end a tour of the area is to be with the beautiful Cannon Street Escorts who can make the time for you in your lifetime.

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