Hot Duo Blondes Erotic Story


I keep going to London frequently for business purposes and I have heard many times about the famous escorts of London, but I was always reluctant to try these services because my previous escort adventure was a mistake, to say the least. However, one of my colleagues referred me to Maxes Angels and as soon I visited their website, my eyes were struck by lightning as soon as I checked out duo service segment as there were these amazing and sensuous pictures of Meg and Samantha, two super hot blondes who seem to know what they are offering, oozing with confidence and that oomph that is required to pleasure a man with high intensity sexual desires, like myself.

I checked no further and even though I was planning to book just a single escort, I booked a duo session with these two sexy blondes, Meg and Samantha. They had excellent hour glass figure, fantastic sex appeal, curves at the right places and features to die for. They looked like super models and at the price they were booked, it was not only reasonable, it was shocking for me. The duo session was arranged nicely and when I went there, they were all dressed in the fashion I requested them to be on my arrival and I was offered warmly a glass of wine to soothe myself and release my tension before we get down to business.

The whole thing started with steamy and dirty conversation which made my cock hungry like never before, and it seemed that even my cock knew that today it’s not one but two pussy’s shelter it will get.
Meg and Samantha started heating up and undressing themselves and I must admit, they were horny as hell and it was clear that it’s not their profession; it’s their passion as the chemistry between them was outstanding and unbelievable. They started licking and kissing each other and invited me in by holding my cock and asking to join and start off and before I could understand, I was being undressed by two beautiful, gorgeous and hot blondes.

They seemed more horny then I and that surprised me, they were exactly like what I was searching for, Meg’s tongue started exploring my dick while Samantha was licking ass. With four tits touching my groin and whole body, my cock was going to off load without even entering the canal.
Both of them were busty and that is why, it all started with good hour long blow job and foreplay session with me being the boss out there, and the girls fulfilling my demands while of course not going off limits anywhere.

I later enjoyed amazing boob job, mouth fuck, their show of foreplay amongst themselves, licking their wet pussy, and fucking wildly and amazingly with so much at show, I came three times in couple of hours and that was fantastic.

I have never enjoyed so much while having sex and this is one experience I am never going to forget, with reminder of it for even a second arouses me instantly, even now. Meg and Samantha make for a great blonde duo and you are sure to have loads of fun when with them. I look forward to meeting these hot London Escorts again when I visit London next for sure.

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