Highgate Escorts


Highgate Escorts come from this area of the city that is located towards North London, and it lies alongside Hampstead Heath, on its north eastern corner. The place is known for its green fields, which also includes Hampstead Heath’s eastern part, Waterlow Park, Highgate Bowl, which are the east facing slopes, and three ancient woods. It is a rich place and has been used in many movies and shows, for its lovely locations.

At the centre of Highgate London is the Highgate village, where you can find several Georgian shops, residences, restaurants, pubs, and many landmarks including Jacksons Lane arts centre, St Michael’s Church, Highgate School, Gatehouse inn and Highpoint buildings of late 1930s.

Apart from Highgate Escorts this area is also known for the Victorian Cemetery, which has Karl Marx’s body. Islington on the eastern and southern sides, Haringey on the northern side, Camden on the southern and western sides are the 3 London Boroughs which divide the area.

Several notable celebrities have chosen this place to stay due to its wonderful feel and great green fields. Some of the famous celebrities who chose this place and got their houses are Jude Law and Sienna Miller. John James Sainsbury, Roger Fry, Paul Nicholas, Piers Morgan, Mariana Diamandis, Sir Clifford Curzon, Christopher Nolan and several other big names.

The famous Highgate Cemetery has become the burial place for several popular names like Karl Marx, George Eliot, Michael Faraday and Radclyffe Hall

Nearest places to Highgate London are Holloway, Hornsey, Couch End, Archway, Hampstead, Muswell Hill, Dartmouth Park and Finchley.

The place has two tube stations available which are Archway tube station and Highgate tube station. Several places that would interest visitors of here are the pubs along the old high street. The Angel, Wrestlers and the Flask are the top names among these. Other places of interest would be Archway Bridge, Highpoint 1 and 2, Highgate School, Kenwood House, Jacksons Lane, Athlone House and Highgate Wood.

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