Brent Cross Escorts


Brent Cross Escorts come from this area that lies towards North London, specifically in London Borough of Barnet. Above A406 North Circular Road, nearer to A41 Brent Cross Flyover, you can find Brent Cross London.

This area is famous for the Shopping Center located here, and also for the development of Brent Cross Cricklewood. Brent Cross got its name from the cross roads near River Brent. This area does not have any boundaries specifically, but it is located on the east side of M1 motorway, on the western side of Brent Cross Flyover, and nearer to North Circular. A manmade channel allows River Brent to pass through Brent Cross London.

Brent Cross Escorts love this area as it is famous for its Shopping Centre and for quite many reasons. The Shopping Centre of this place opened long back in 1976, and it is also the one and only shopping centre in entire United Kingdom.

First, it was in the shape of a dumbbell located parallel when seen from North Circular Road, and it had two huge stores on its end, namely Fenwicks and John Lewis. Later in 1995, it was renovated with several shops, restaurants and huge parking space. When compared to the newly constructed shopping places like Bluewater, Lakeside, Westfield London and Metro Centre, the Brent Cross Shopping Centre is quite small, but it still earns the highest.

The Underground stations near to Brent Cross shopping centre are Hendon Central and Brent Cross. These stations lie on the Northern Line. Also, there is a bus station next to the shopping place and it operates buses to 13 different routes. This station is open all day long and you could find phone boxes, confectionary and drinks, cash machine accessible even when the Shopping Centre is closed.

Several development programs have been initiated for the transport development in this place which has initiated the construction of new rail station, changing the road network, getting the bus station nearer to North Circular, and building new bridges over North Circular.

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