Escorting in Different Countries


For your awareness, here are the rules of Mexico, Syria and Sweden regarding this profession.


The field of escorting is allowed in this country. Every single agency is legit and only hires women of legal age. Agencies that hire underage women will face several charges from the government.


The profession is strictly prohibited and there is no way this type of job will be legalized by the government. However, the rich men of the country are the biggest clients of some of the famous agencies in the world like the London Escort Agency.


There is no law yet that will make the act illegal. However, it is still legal and people can hire escorts anytime as long as they won’t be caught by the government. Once caught, they will face several fines and 4 years of being in jail.

We need to realize that not all countries are open to this kind of profession. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are women who would risk their lives to earn a living and people who would always seek for the services of an escort.

If you plan to visit a different country and hire an escort from a London Escort Agency or from different countries, maybe it’s better for you to know these facts to avoid trouble.


Canada is a democratic country and escorting isn’t illegal. However, establishing it as a business or forming a group of escorts is a crime against the law.


This job is only allowed if the escort has a valid reason why he or she is an escort. For example, if the escort is doing the job in order to sustain his education then that is acceptable.


Escorts are legal, but the government continues to offer them programs to switch to different jobs. They are also considered as professionals in the field and are obliged to undergo medical tests from time to time.

Escorts in London

It’s a legal business in London and they have a variety of women that the clients can choose from. People just have to be aware that there are fake agencies that won’t give satisfying services.

Escorting is considered to be the easiest way for some women to earn money today. It’s also admiring to know that some countries implement laws for the clients to follow in order to maintain the rights of the women.

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