The Duties


All these women wear fancy clothes and expensive accessories to catch the attention of men. But, they have a deeper meaning why they continue doing this job.
Tour Guide

If you’re a visitor in London, your lady or man escort will tour you around the place. It’s a great way to start the connection. These women are nationals of London and no one else knows better about the place, but them.


They may be underrated at times, but they are the people who can keep their clients company without any worries. They’re willing to start a conversation that their clients can’t do with the people closest to them.

Make Clients Happy

Every single escort would only want their clients to enjoy during their stay in the place. It’s pleasing for them to know that they were also able to touch the hearts of one or two of their clients.

Being an escort may seem to be an easy job. But if you look closely it isn’t. We admire how these women can care about their clients and they deserve the same respect and rights while they’re in the business.

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