What Does a Ring Mean to the London Escorts?



A ring worn by the London Escorts in this finger has a meaning that they want to address to the opposite sex. It means “empowering” and that they want to make the decisions and lead the way. It has also been proven that they gain more confidence especially when their clients recognize it.

Middle Finger

It means that they want to grab the attention of the opposite sex and for them to stand out. It implements that they have to be chosen because they are different and they try to position it seductively while talking to clients.


We often find it weird to find someone wearing on their thumbs, but the Greeks used to wear it that way. But for escorts, it means that they are highly paid because they’re extraordinary and performing their crafts and it makes them an expensive escort.

Knowing all these, we now understand why these women have to wear accessories all the time. Now we know that a simple ring can give them more confidence and make them do better.

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