They Also Have Several Rights to Be Respected


The clients just think of them as toys that are going to do whatever they want them to do. But, it should be fair enough for everyone to know that they are also women that have the same rights with others.

It’s their right to complain about the customer if they think that they weren’t treated right during their service. It’s also their right to disagree on what the client asks him or her to do. London escorts have different kinds of services and it’s their right if what they’re doing is beyond normal already.

They have the full rights to be respected and to be treated like any other woman is being treated. They have to be handled with care and should not be abused by anyone. According to studies, there are so many lady escorts that get battered, raped and some weren’t compensated with the services they provided.

We are all humans and it’s important for us to know how to treat people fairly. The lady escorts deserve the same respect that we give to our mothers and sisters.

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