Stratford Escorts


Stratford Escorts visit a place in northeast London. It is a division of Newham. Stratford is an important place in the map of London. Railways were introduced in 1839 in this place. The London Olympic Park is very close to Stratford. The 2012 Olympics will be held here and so the place including Stratford is undergoing rapid remodelling.

Stratford Escorts are great to be with. You can shop all that you want at affordable prices. Indoor and outdoor market stalls are present. The popular shopping centre of Stratford is situated just opposite to the railway station so that you don’t face any inconvenience. People claim that the centre also has a small network of retail outlets. There is a Cultural Quarter which is beside the shopping centre. Well, it is the entertainment hub of the place. It houses bars and cafes of this place. There are also art venues in the Cultural Quarter.

Those who love theatre can have a lovely time in the Theatre Royal Stratford East. There is Stratford Circus where the kids will have a gala time. You can also visit the Discover Centre for Children. If you are a party freak then don’t think you will miss out on your party life in Stratford. There is the Stratford Rex nightclub which is a perfect place for music lovers.

You can also visit the university campus of the University of East London. The University House is a historic building of the 19th century which is both beautiful and breathtaking. Visit the Passmore Edwards building. This building is perhaps one of the most magnificent buildings of Stratford. The multi-coloured frescoes and the huge domed roof add on to the beauty. If you come to Stratford then you will have a whole new experience of shopping and visiting places.

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