St Johns Wood Escorts


Located in the City of Westminster, in the north western region of London is St John’s Wood. This district is situated at a distance of just 2.5 miles along the north western side of Charing Cross. Though the Knights of St John of Jerusalem owned the properties here, it belonged to the Great Middlesex Forest at one point of time in history. Today, you can find some of the most expensive properties in London located in this region.

Till the 19th century, the development at St John’s Wood was relatively slow. However, from the 19th century the development has taken place in leaps and bounds and this is one of the first suburbs in London to boast of villa housing as compared to terraced housing that are common in other parts of London. While most parts of this district have low density housing, there are a few with high density of villas. Both segments are highly preferred by people who are able to shell out the asking rate for these properties.

The headquarters of cricket is located in this district. The famous Lord’ Cricket Ground, Marylebone Cricket Club and Middlesex County Cricket Club are located here. Abbey Road houses the renowned Abbey Road Studios. The songs of Anney Road album were recorded by the Beatles in these studios. A number of famous film stars and celebrities have their homes in this area.
You can see the horses that form a part of the army being exercised by taking them along the streets of St John’s Wood. There are a number of interesting houses that you should see while on a trip to this city, albeit from the outside. There are a number of shops you can purchase goods from and also theaters that you can visit.

However, for a lonely traveler, it might be a boring experience in the absence of a good company. If you are traveling alone, you can request the services of good St John’s Wood Escorts who are not only beautiful and handsome but also intelligent and smart.

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