Seven Sisters Escorts


Seven Sisters Escorts come from the north of London, United Kingdom lies a well known area called the Seven Sisters London. This area is a part of the famous London Borough Haringey. This part of London date backs to the 1619, and was then known as Page Green. The name Seven Sisters was given to this exquisite place because of the seven elms that were planted in a circle surrounding a walnut tree placed at the centre.

The Seven Sisters is famous through history for being a part of Ermine Street, which is the Roman road that connects London to York. Today, it is one of the most significant areas of London being multi-cultural. The Seven Sisters market is located at the centre of the region and is held in a building well known as the old Wards Department Store. The market holds over fifty stalls famous throughout London.

Transportation here is very easily available owing to the wide network of connecting routes and also the availability of the underground rail. Traffics are scarce here and travelling quick and simple. The nearest railway stations in the area are Seven Sisters Station, South Tottenham railway station, and Tottenham Hale railway station. The High Road is another route used by many today. The surroundings here are calm and serene, with plenty of trees refreshing the atmosphere.

The places to visit at and near Seven Sisters are the Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane, Markfield Beam Engine, White Hart Lane, South Tottenham, Stamford Hill, Tottenham Hale, West Green, and Tottenham. There are plenty of places to enjoy here, especially many restaurants with incredible delicacies. Some of the best restaurants and bars in the area are Caribbean Spice, Bigbow Noodle, Bongo Bar, Bully and Bullys, Mango Bar and Restaurant, One Love, Scorpios, Tops Pizza, and many more.

The Seven Sisters London is a well planned area with all the contemporary facilities and comfort available which prove it to be highly urbanized to suit the modern lifestyle.

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