Richmond Escorts


Richmond Escorts come from Richmond which is an area to the southwest of London is a town called Richmond. The Richmond London is a part of the well known London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The town was named so because of the Richmond Palace built here during the early 16th century. The development of the town began in the 1890, after the opening of the railway station. The town is beautifully situated on the meandering of the famous river Thames, and is now a significant commercial centre with numerous open spaces and parks.

Richmond Escorts like this area as it is one of the greenest parts of London. The Richmond Park is open to public and is bustling with kids and families enjoying a fine evening amongst the whispering trees away from the noise of the city. This park was before used as a hunting ground, but is now National Nature Reserve and also a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The beautiful Richmond Hill is a must see, owing to the Terrace Gardens that slope down to the River Thames. The view of the river and the town from here is stunning. The Royal Star and Garter home was an old hotel during the World War I. Later it was converted into an entertainment centre, but is now used as a military hospital.

Transportation at the Richmond London is easy owing to the Richmond Station which is one of the western terminals of the London Underground system. The Richmond University is one of the most sought after, and the degrees here are accredited in USA.

At the centre of the town is the Richmond Green which holds many cricket matches. On a regular hot day, this place attracts many visitors and sunbathers. Parking space is easily available near here. Some of the other places to visit are the Old Palace, The Cricketers, Richmond Theatre, Richmond Bridge, and many more.

Food and drinks are available at any location of your choice in Richmond whether it is on the riverside, on a pavement, or a sophisticated restaurant. One just needs to wish as Richmond has it all.

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