London Escorts With Lower Rates Should Be Treated


You may also notice that the women are grouped into different levels and they have different rates.

Women that belong to the higher level are paid much higher and have more responsibilities to handle. But, it doesn’t mean that the escorts with lower rates are totally different from them.

The London Escorts with lower rates doesn’t mean that they can’t be as good as the others at the A level. Here are the reasons why they belong to the women with lower rates.
New Ladies

The new escorts belong to the lower levels with lower rates. They continue to undergo training and are still learning while in action. They are paid with lower rates because there are services that they can’t provide as of the moment.

Own Choice

Not all ladies are willing to do anything the client requires. That is the reason why the services they can offer are limited. In return, they get lower rates and the client must respect that.

For now, these are the only reasons we know about coming from the different agencies. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter as to which level an escort belongs. What matters are the services they can offer and that they know their limitations.

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