Limitations Depending on the Request


The London Escorts are only there to keep their clients company so that they won’t feel alone while staying in London. They can tour their clients around the place and be with them during mealtime, shopping time and leisure time.

Most of the escorts are only limited to those services and nothing more intimate. However, there are special requests that the clients want them to do. For example, some clients would want their escorts to wear skimpy clothes when they meet. Some clients would ask them to do something for them that have been discussed before the deal was made.

If an intimate relationship happens while the two are together, that is already the decision of the escort. It’s up to her if she would accept the proposal or not.

Most of the agencies have clearly posted on their websites the services that their escorts can do. The client should also be responsible to abide by the rules and respect the decision of the escort.

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