Ladbroke Grove Escorts


Ladbroke Grove is a name given to the area that surrounds a famous road that carries the same name. This road is named so in honor of James Weller Ladbroke, the person who developed the real estate in this region in the middle part of the nineteenth century.

The history of this place is laden with music. In the year 1969, Hawkwind , a famous rock band was formed here. The band members of this psychedelic band were notorious for showing up at any time of the day or night at the home of Micheal Moorcock who resided there at that time. They showed up at his doorstep requesting for drugs, food or drinks.

The underground movement of Ladbroke Grove UK has given rise to bands like Pink Fairies and Deviants. The local punk group called “The Clash” came together in 1976 in this region. The road starts up north from Kensal Green and ends at Notting Hill to the south. It is situated in North Kensington. The Notting Hill Carnival, which is an annual event, held in August, takes place on this road. This road is home to a number of famous shops, beauty salons, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The Beverly Knowles Fine Art Gallery located on this road has an excellent display of artwork created by some notable British women artists. It was founded in the year 2002 and houses the work of not only established artists, but also those who are relatively new and upcoming. Portrait classes for amateurs and life drawing classes in the evenings are conducted in this museum.

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