Finchley Escorts


Located in the London Borough of Brent, Finchley is a suburb in north London. It lies in the north western part of Charing Cross at a distance of 11 miles from it. In the past, it belonged to the parish of Middlesex and since 1965 it has become a part of the Greater London area. There are 3 town centers in this suburb which is predominantly filled with residential units.

The first reference of the name can be traced back to the 13th century. Farming was the main occupation of the people in this place during the 13th century. The Finchley Common was formed in the 15th or 16th century after clearing the woods in the eastern side of the parish. The Great North Road that runs through this place was dreaded by people in the past since it was filled with highwaymen who looted people traveling along this route.

The rail services were introduced in Finchley in the year 1867 and the tram services in the year 1905. The trams were eventually substituted by trolley buses.

Finchley is situated atop a hill that is 300 feet above the sea level. It is 7 miles from Charing Cross on the North and 4 miles from Barnet on the south. There are three distinct layers in the soil of this region. Most of it is boulder clay, followed by gravel and then the underlying London clay which is what made this land fertile for farming purposes in the past.

The places that you must visit when you are on a visit to Finchley are a parish church built in the 13th century and a big old House called Avenue House built on East End Road. Finchley’s last farm, College Farm, is also worth a visit. If you are traveling alone, you can avail the services of good Finchley Escorts to accompany you to the Phoenix Cinema or one of the many cozy restaurants for a relaxing date.

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