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Clapham Escorts know that this area of London is best known for its vivacious high street, gigantic green space Clapham Common, and the village-like ambiance of its momentous Old Town, the Clapham is a place worth visiting.

Clapham London is famed as being the dwelling of Holy Trinity Clapham, the Georgian Minster on Clapham Common. It was from here the group of upper class evangelical Christians along with the Clapham Sect crusade, fought for the elimination of the slave trade in the nineteenth century.

If you stroll around the lanes of Clapham nowadays, you will get to see a few brown and green older looking edifices that stand out amid the contemporary architecture. This edifice is in fact the doorways to air raid shelter. These historical structures always tend to remind the public of the 2nd World War’s impact on the vicinity, as well as on the London en bloc. Overall there are eight of these air raid shelters all over London, and 3 of them are situated in Clapham London.

From the exterior manifestation, these shelters appear rather petite, but they are more than that, as they lengthen as far as the London subversive network. These air raid shelters took more or less a year and a half to construct.

They were completely equipped for any kind of assault or bomb, and they have tunnels that comprises of toilets and beds. Regrettably, there is at the present no means in which the public can see these tunnels as lots of them have been blocked, or are currently used for storage.

At present, Clapham Escorts can visit this chic locale of London that is overflowing to the edge with modish shops, admired restaurants and bars and thrilling nightspots. So if the narration of this up-to-the-minute suburb appeals to you, then get in touch with your Clapham estate mediator and start chasing for your wonderful Clapham spot.

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