London Bridge

We all the song London Bridge is falling down. A bridge to say so which has made history and children read about it. Even till today this bridge has an impact over history because of its history. Truly magnificent, the bridge that we see today is the second built London Bridge. The first one which was built in the early centuries ago burnt down. Even it played a part in the big battle for independence between the Irish and the British. It is history that during the captured and the last moments of an Irish leader, his body parts were sent to all four corners of England, while his head was hanged on the end of the London Bridge. A warning to those who were against the British rule.

Now the London Bridge is a modern piece of work which weighs around 17 tones. More than 44,000 vehicles ply over this bridge every day. On the river of the Thames this bridge beautifully sits on the two edges of the land and making a view which is breath taking. For a tourist visiting London, this is a vital site which should not be missed. Other than that now there are road coffee shops was one can admire the true work of mankind while enjoying the weather.

Be with family or friends is one thing. But being alone can seem to be very pale since most couples do visit this bridge together. But thanks to the London Bridge Escorts, one doesn’t have to feel alone any more. These London Bridge Escorts are aware of the needs and the mental condition, and hence is fun living enough them to light a smile on ones face. London is a beautiful city and this bridge acts as a catalyst to the wonder of Britain.

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