Hampstead, a city in north-west London is one of the best places here. As you step into the city, you will be completely absorbed in the spirit of the city with the narrow lanes, lovely cottages and beautiful houses that it has. The very look of these gives you an idea of the country’s rich past and also the artistic beauty this city hosts.

This is a place where the famous John Constable was buried. There is almost none who has not heard of Sigmund Freud and his significant contribution to the field of Psychotherapy. You can get a glimpse of his family home which is one of the most attractive tourist destinations today. Most of the beauty in Hampstead in contributed by its architectural elegance. With buildings like Fenton House, Kenwood House which are examples of the city’s best, you can imagine what an experience it would be to take a ride around the city.

The Century Burgh house is home to the famous Hampstead Museum which will keep you engaged for hours about the city’s details and its splendid past. For those who love outdoor activities, a visit to the Hampstead heath will do all the magic. This 800 acre land is filled with quite woodlands, meadows and dreamy ponds too. If you are the adventurous kinds, you can indulge in some interesting sports activities here.

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Tourists can easily plan their trip, thanks to the many tourist agencies that the place provides. These agencies provide the best of services at the most competent prices and promise you a host of memories that you can treasure all your life.

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