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Angels “Selfies”


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Lady Alexis’ Lover (featuring Alexis)


Lady Alexis sat alone in her chamber gazing speculatively at the splendor of the autumnal afternoon. It had expanded delightfully across the luscious green lawn. The weather conditions were ideal for her plans for the day. For Lady Alexis harbored a dark secret, one that could never be known to those outside of the Manor.

She took another fruitless examination of the recent events that had concluded with her feeling so abandoned. It had been marvelous when they had met. There were wild parties with bohemian friends, the witnessing of sunsets and sunrises together, colourful odysseys exploring each other’s minds and bountiful sessions of gratifying sex. But those days were at such a distance now. They had become locked away in a hedonistic time-capsule that had slipped away forever.

She cursed the fact that writing had become such an obsession for him. It’s all he wanted to spend his time doing. He would not notice her for hours at a time, scribbling away, way into the evening’s gloom. It’s not as though he wrote anything important or good.

This made Alexis feel wretched and empty on the inside even though she knew she was still beautiful on the outside. She had maintained grace and elegance throughout these shifting times. Her hair was still shiny black, her eyes emerald green, her breasts as pert as any woman’s in the village and as for her legs, well; she knew they still turned the heads of all the local gentry.

To distract him from his scribes she had once bought a pair of knee length black boots and had paraded herself in front of him in them and only flimsy and transparent under garments. She had also acquired a riding crop and smacked it several times against her palms and bare thighs hoping the cracks would rekindle sparks of eroticism in his decaying imagination. She had also arranged to have photographs taken by a local man for which she wriggled and writhed face down on a rug, wearing only the black boots. However, the results lay desolate and dust collecting in the drawing room; much like her guile. Mind you, the photographer had proved very irresistible: but that was another story.

It hadn’t been fair on her. And this is why she did what she did. She quickly brushed her hair in front of a mirror and searched for a jacket.



The Game Keeper was a curious fellow. She was terrified of him at first as he seemed to appear in her life with such swift menace. He was moderately tall, lean and often silent. He had a reddening face and distant eyes and wore green velveteen and gaiters. He would look at Alexis with a fearless and impersonal glaze, almost as if she was his equal rather than a servant.

It had been her choice to meet him in the woods; a deliberate act of mischief. She had come to realise she could not live with intellect alone. The man she lived with was clever, scholarly and thoughtful and proved that a body without mind is brutish. However, mind without body simply loses the purpose of double being. Lady Alexis had to fill the void that had left her bleeding.

She left the Manor and stepped guiltlessly on to the pathway.

She wandered along the walkways until she arrived at the forested area. She climbed the fence into the narrow path between the dense, bristling young firs. Alexis didn’t care much for this new part of the wood; it seemed gruesome and choking. She hurried on with her head down, thinking of her friend’s new baby. It was a dear little thing.

She started out of her muse, and gave a little cry of fear.


A man was there. It was the keeper. He stood in the path like Balaam’s ass, barring her way.

“How’s this?” he said in surprise.

“How did you come?” she panted.

“How did you? Have you been to my hut?”

“No! No! I haven’t had time.'”

He looked at her curiously, searchingly, and she hung her head a little guiltily.


“Will you be going to my hut now?” he asked, rather sternly.

“No! I mustn’t. No one knows where I am. I’m late. I’ve got to run.”

“Giving me the slip, like?” he said, with a faint ironic smile.

“No! No. Not that. Only…”

“Why, what else?” he said. And he stepped up to her and put his arms around her. She felt the warmth of his body.

“Oh, not now, not now,” she cried, trying to push him away.

“Why not? It’s only six o’clock. You’ve got half an hour.”

He held her firmly and she felt his urgency. Her old instinct was to fight for her freedom. But something else in her was strange, inert and heavy. His body was urgent against her, and she hadn’t the heart any more to fight.

He looked around.

“Come, come here! Through here,” he said, looking penetratingly into the dense fir-trees that were young and not more than half-grown.

He looked back at her. She saw his eyes, tense and brilliant, fierce and unloving. But her will had left her. A strange weight was on her limbs. She was giving way. She was giving up.

He led her through the wall of prickly trees, to a place where there was a little space and a pile of dead boughs. He threw one or two dry ones down, put his coat and waistcoat over them. Alexis lay down like an animal while he waited in his shirt and breeches, watching her with haunted eyes.

She pulled off her jacket and stared up at him, shielding her eyes from the glimpses of sunshine that were peeping through the fir trees.


Then, to his shock, she got to her knees and undid his hunting belt. Within moments she tugged at his britches and wrestled them to the ground; his pants soon followed. She then took a moment to marvel at the size of his erection before placing her mouth around it and pushing it in as far as it would go.

She sucked his cock with urgency and devotion, occasionally removing it so she could lick the underside of his testicles. She kissed his thighs and gazed longingly into his face while he stroked her silken hair and fought against the surge of exhalation that was filling his groin.


Then she stopped suddenly and did something that was most unexpected. She ripped open her bodice and removed it. Then her summer dress and her corset fell to the ground with unnerving expertise. The keeper stood aghast as she continued her disrobing until she was only in the skimpiest pair of knickers and black stockings. Her rosy nipples grew alert to their new found surroundings. She lay back on the boughs and beckoned him forward.

Within moments his head was buried between her bare thighs; his teeth tugging at her knicker crotch like a dog with a toy. He then pushed her legs upward and indulged his tongue with her syrupy secretions. She lay back flinching in the sunlight and breathing in the fresh aroma of the evergreens.


He rose up and wiped her nectar from his bristles. She stared at him demandingly and then swung a leg over his head. She knelt with her naked posterior in the air and her elbows digging into the earth, inviting him. No words were needed.

He fucked her with all his might. Pushing and pumping and forcing his way deep into her vagina. He grabbed the front of her thighs to steady his action. His brow perspired as he gritted his teeth.

After 10 minutes of the deepest intercourse they had ever enjoyed they both paused for breath. She rolled back around and they came together in an embrace. Her naked breasts brushed across his chest muscles as they panted and kissed. “Lie down, you bastard,” she whispered to him. He obeyed.

She straddled his waist and lowered herself on to his mast. He let out a soft cry that drifted through the forest. Slowly and with precision she began to grind her pelvic muscles. When they had both gathered momentum she rode him like a wild beast.

Alexis looked into his contorting face from this position. This was a man whom she once distrusted; a man who looked sullen and was condescending of her class in society. Elation streamed through her veins from the realisation that her sexuality had been reinvigorated from its wilting state. She was back in control of her life.

She rolled onto her back and raised her legs. He forced his way on top and inserted his penis into her again. Once more they clicked into a rhythmic motion. Alexis’ nipples began to tingle and then a tickle from her clitoris rolled up through her. Her chest tightened and her arms became numb. The waves grew stronger and tiny sparks dispersed heat everywhere. She became flushed and breathless as her vagina pulsated with pleasure. Harder he fucked her. Harder and harder! She erupted into spasms; cries of inexplicable joy escaped from her mouth as she rumbled and vibrated at her very core and then burst into an uncontrollable surge of rapture. She opened her eyes and looked into her lover’s face and could see his pained expression. She had felt an explosion inside her at the time of her climax. She knew they had cum together.

She felt soothed and comforted as she watched him stand up and re-dress. A shared orgasm; this had never happened to her before. Her skin was still sensitive and besieged with tingles and she pulled her jacket over her shoulders to protect her from the early evening chill. He turned and left without a word. The sound of cracking twigs and foliage under his feet and the rustling of leaves could still be heard even after he had left her vision. She brushed away the pine needles that had become pressed into her knees and elbows as a cuckoo sounded from a nest nearby. She smiled at the sky; this bird had found her wings and was ready to fly again.



She felt as though the whole village was aware of her misdemeanor as she approached the Manor. The evening sky had begun to settle and burdened the weight of guilt she moved furtively to the front door. She was late for dinner and was desperately searching her mind for a plausible excuse. She pushed open the door and entered the candlelit hallway.

Alexis entered the dining room. The room was dark and cold. He was sitting alone in a corner, gazing at the floor. Everywhere was gloomy and bleak. She knew he was aware of her presence, even though he didn’t look up. She knew she would have to perforate the tension.

“I’m sorry I am late. I visited a friend on the other side of town; the one that has a new baby. He is a bonnie little thing. A bit bow-legged, just like his father,” she explained. “We were talking and I lost all track of time.”

There was no evaporation of the silence.

“What is for dinner? I am so hungry I’m sure I could devour a whole piglet,” she continued.

He raised a hand. “Alexis. Does your heart belong to another man?” he asked.

His words hammered down like an anvil. She stared into the bleakness that was all around.

Then she began to laugh uncontrollably.

“You silly arse,” she cried, through her tears. “Where’s this bit coming from?”

He looked up and laughed too.

She flicked on a light switch and looked at him.


“You are somewhat overdoing the melodrama, my darling,” she said.

“I know. I couldn’t help it,” he chuckled. “But when have you ever eaten a piglet?” They laughed even louder. “You’ll have to make do with a pizza. It’s all we’ve got in.”

Alexis paused and looked him in the face. She then placed her arms around his neck. “You were unbelievable out there,” she said appreciatively.


“And you were one filthy minx. I don’t recall in the book Constance Chatterley stripping down to a pair of stockings.”


“Well she does in my version,” smiled Alexis.


“Well, you completely took my breath away and my balls are still throbbing”

“Which book are we doing next week?”

“50 Shades of Grey of course. It’s my birthday and you promised. Remember?”



Cum Fly With Me (featuring Alicia)

Alice Judge

I sat back in the plastic leather seat with the anxiety and despair of a condemned man. Beads of perspiration raced down my forehead as I cautiously surveyed my surroundings. The sides of the cylindrical vehicle arched over me like the grasp of a claw. The tiny porthole windows offered no means for escape. A muffle of excitable voices mixed with some ghastly piped music drifted through the chilled air. My chest had turned to elastic, my stomach churned like a washing machine, my mouth was as dry as stale bread and my knuckles resembled ice-caps as they gripped the armrests. Oh God, I hated flying!!

Most people would have jumped at the chance of a free business trip to Singapore. I was reminded of this by the boss while he was deciding upon a suitable replacement for a colleague who had to pull out of this wonderful opportunity due to his wife giving birth expectedly early. I had flapped about like a marooned fish with a succession of feeble excuses and downright lies until he basically told me; if I didn’t go, I would be sacked. When I finally manned up and came clean about my pathological fear of flying it was too late. He looked at me with utter disbelief.

One thing in my favour was that I had an empty seat next to me. No-one would be witness to my shocking displays of cowardice and at the same time I would not have my torment interrupted by someone attempting to engage me in small talk. The Captain began a cheery announcement welcoming us aboard the plane and wishing us a pleasant journey: as if that was at all possible. Then the cabin door was sealed, which was how I felt my fate had become.

The plane began to roll backwards as the stewardesses went through their routine on flight safety. Who were they kidding? If this thing lands in the sea then it will surely sink and we will all drown. A bloody rubber ring and a whistle will hardly help at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And if it crashes on to the ground then we will all be burned and be blown to smithereens. Knowing the location of the nearest fucking exit is a bit bloody pointless! And what if there is a terrorist on board? A deranged lunatic is not going to lay down his pistol just because I’ve waved a sick bag at him!

The plane moved slowly towards its destined runway and I gradually sunk into resignation. The next thirteen hours were going to be the worst of my life. I took a deep breath as I struggled with the nausea that was sweeping through my stomach. I tried desperately to clear my mind of the impending take off, but panic was beginning to consume me.

“You look absolutely terrified”, said a quiet, calm and intelligent voice from above.

I looked up and there was a stewardess smiling at me. She had a beautiful clear face with warm brown eyes and a smile that looked both bright and peaceful. Her hair was bright blonde and glowed like a lantern and her body was curvaceous and equally enchanting. She was wearing a bright blue jacket and matching skirt as part of her uniform. Her pristine white blouse struggled to contain a pair of the most voluptuous breasts I’ve ever seen.


“I don’t like flying,” was all I could think of saying.

She laughed. “Well, I didn’t think it was the complimentary peanuts that were making you look so frightened. My name is Alicia. Would you like me to sit with you during take-off?”

“Thank you Alicia. Yes, I would like that very much,” I replied, already feeling more comfortable.

Alicia sat next to me and to my surprise took hold of my hand.


The plane stopped at the head of the runway, preparing itself for the big run up. Then the engines roared and the vehicle jolted forward.  Slowly it trundled forward and then gradually gained speed. Faster and faster it went as Alicia turned to me and smiled again. She squeezed my hand tighter as the G-force pinned us into our seats. My ears popped as the plane continued to screech and accelerate. Then the front slowly lifted up and I felt the ground drift away. I started to breathe easier and the aircraft continued its ascent.

“How are you feeling?” Alicia asked, after about a minute.

“OK,” I replied, nodding slowly.

I looked at her. She really was a vision of beauty. I tried to refrain from looking at her breasts but it was very difficult. She talked to me gently about the flight and various things I could expect. Her voice was soothing and perceptive and soon I relaxed and felt upbeat. Eventually I talked about myself and the reason why I was on board this flight, despite being scared shitless of airplanes.

Then a ping indicated it was OK to undo your seat belt and Alicia stood up.

“I’ve got to go,” she announced, with a hint of sadness.

She then produced a couple of tablets.

“I shouldn’t really be giving you these,” she smiled. “But they are perfect for nervous passengers. Take these with a drink and this flight will be over in no time.”

I took the tablets and thanked her for them and her kindness. I was beginning to feel spellbound by her elegance and ravishing figure. She turned around and winked at me as she wandered away down the aisle. It was then I noticed how amazing her arse was too. I had become very aroused.

Shortly after she left another pretty stewardess called Victoria offered me a drink from the trolley. I bought a large Jack Daniels and Coke with ice. I looked at the tablets Alicia had given me and then placed them on my tongue, took a large gulp of my drink and swallowed them in one go.

Gradually, I closed my eyes.




With a sudden jolt I became aware of the plane shaking. At first it was a wobble but quickly it generated into a vicious shudder and then developed into a strong swaying motion. Then there was an extraordinary loud penetrating shriek that I feared may be coming from the engines. Voices became raised and tense and a sense of agitation descended. The tannoy then sounded and I experienced a dreadful sinking feeling.

“Ladies and gentlemen, can you all return to your seats and fasten your seat belts please. We have trouble with the engines and the plane is rapidly losing height. You may also like to familiarise yourself with the emergency landing procedures.  I would ask you to all remain as calm as possible.”

I froze with horror! My limbs became numb and I could barely breathe. All around people were panicking and crying out. I glanced at the window and could see we were falling through the sky.

Just then Alicia sat down next to me, just as she had before take-off. Only this time she was not smiling. In fact she looked incredibly somber.


“This is a very serious situation,” she whispered. “Both engines have inexplicably shut down and we are dropping through the sky at great speed”.


I looked at her and was speechless. I couldn’t think of anything appropriate to say at all. It felt as though everything was happening in slow motion. I looked at her beautiful figure and just wanted to cuddle up to it.

Then her expression changed slightly.

“I’ve got to do this,” she said, with a glint of caution in her eyes. She stood up and took my hand.


“Come with me, quickly.”

I stood up and followed her as she briskly sauntered along the aisle. I steadied myself by grabbing the headrests as I staggered after her. All around me were terrified faces, people crying, trying to contact loved ones on the phone. Even with all the commotion I could not help but gaze at her incredible arse.

“Quickly,” Alicia said as she glanced back at me. I followed her, like a child from Hamlyn.


We arrived at the back of the plane where Alicia opened the door of a small room. The rest of the crew were helping passengers as the plane continued to tumble, so the room was empty. It was small, no bigger than ten square feet and half of it was occupied with a table. Alicia locked the door once we were both inside.

She put her arms around my neck and passionately embraced me. We were soon kissing deeply while fumbling at each other’s clothes. I slipped Alicia’s jacket off and it fell to the floor. I then began to undo her blouse while she released my fly zip.

The plane then took another almighty jolt as it continued its ill-fated descent. We looked at each other, confident in what we were about to do. “I want to be fucked,” she whispered. “I want it to be the last thing I do”. I felt my cock rise as I spun her around and bent her over the table.

I raised her skirt up around her waist. My eyes grew with excitement as I looked at her glorious arse that was barely covered by a pair of black lace knickers. I felt a flush of tingles pour through me to my groin that was now aching with expectancy. I knelt, slipped down her underwear and sunk my tongue deep into her warm, wet pussy.


I could hear her groans of pleasure above the engine’s racket as I lapped away at her juices. Her buttocks were cool, fleshy and soft and I gave them one or two hard slaps that made them quiver. She tasted so sweet and luscious I never wanted to stop. The plane took another sudden downward lurch as I arose from my kneeling position, hard and erect.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” She demanded, looking at me over her shoulder. I slid my cock inside her with ease and soon gathered a strong forceful motion. My hips slapped against her arse with every thrust as she thumped the table with pleasure. She lifted herself up so I could place my hands under those magnificent tits. I could feel her nipples harden through her bra as I squeezed them tightly.

“Harder, harder!” she shrieked, and I could see she was close to climaxing. I found second wind and pumped away at her with zealous ferocity until eventually I felt her tremble and shudder. She shouted and screamed, tossed and wriggled in orgasmic delight as her body was gripped spasm after spasm. I gently pulled myself out and she turned around, gasping for breath, looking deeply satisfied.

“I haven’t finished with you yet, mister,” she smiled. She removed her blouse and whipped off her bra. My mouth fell open. I’ve never seen such a magnificent pair of tits in my life. They were perfectly rounded, creamy white and felt fleshly and soft when I caressed them. I was mesmerised by them and I felt a warm comfort flow over me. It was as though they were providing me with some sort of protection. I sucked at her nipples and then the plane took an almighty plunge which caused the screams and cries of the passengers to rise in volume.


The reality of the situation we were in sank home. “Quickly,” said Alicia and she got down to her knees. She placed her mouth over my cock and began sucking until I was rock hard again. Then she leaned up and placed my penis between her tits.

She rubbed it backward and forward, slowly at first, then gaining speed until feelings of ecstasy washed over me. On and on she went while smiling at me with that heavenly face. I ran my fingers through her glowing hair and looked upwards.

When you know you are at the point of no return you may as well forget about your problems and live the moment. The plane was totally out of control and for that moment, so was I. My legs wobbled and went numb as I panted and groaned. I held my breath and rolled my eyes.  And then I erupted all over that perfect face of hers.

But Alicia wouldn’t stop wanking me. She was determined to crank every last spasm from me and wring my balls empty of all the cum they had. Soon I was bent over her helpless and weak, folded over like a ragdoll. I looked down at her. Her face and tits were covered in cum but she carried on smiling. I slowly withdrew my exhausted cock from her cleavage, shook it and one last healthy drop of cum landed plumb on her blue uniform skirt.

We embraced for a final time.


“Thank you,” I whispered, still a little breathless.

“No, thank you,” she replied with that familiar heart-warming smile.

I slipped out of the small room and into the mayhem of the aircraft’s cabin as it embarked upon it’s final deathly spiral to the earth. All around me were people clinging to each other, weeping hopelessly, bracing themselves for their demise.

In contrast I felt tranquil and fulfilled. Nothing seemed to matter.

I relaxed back in my seat and with the lovely vision of Alicia’s cum soaked smile and magnificent bare breasts.

I closed my eyes.



“You must wake up now, Sir,” came a voice in the darkness.

I opened my eyes and saw the pretty face of Victoria, the stewardess who had served me my drink, smiling at me.

“We will be landing in ten minutes so please fasten your seat-belt,” she continued.

I looked about me, bleary and confused. There was serenity all around as people returned to their seats or put items away in preparation for the landing. I did as I was asked and thought about Alicia.

The plane landed at Singapore airport without drama. Once the plane door opened the passengers began to trickle out. The cabin crew stood by the exit smiling, saying farewell and wishing people a pleasant stay. I was the last to leave.

A furnace of warm Singapore air engulfed me as I stepped onto the gangway. Alicia stood there looking as smart and radiant as she had done when she first sat with me.

“Goodbye, my dear,” I said, as I smiled at her.

“Goodbye, mister. I hope you have a wonderful stay,” she said as she winked at me, with a glint of naughtiness. I looked her over for one last time.

I’m not sure if my eyes were deceiving me but I swear there was a large cum stain on her blue skirt.



Abbie Island (featuring Abbie)


The sun was merciless! It had me trapped, pinned down in my little dinghy that had served me so faithfully. But this final beating from therelentless blaze of sunshine was finishing me off! Exhausted and dehydrated I could barely move a limb or even raise my hand to try and protect myself from the sun’s glare. Then suddenly, I felt the drifting and bobbing motion of the dinghy come to a juddering halt.

I could hear the sound of gulls clucking around me and what sounded like waves gently lapping a shore. With some effort I prised my head above the edge of the boat and to my amazement it seemed I had moored myself on to the beach of a small island. Still squinting from the sun, I looked around me and could see the beach led to a small density of palm trees. There were also some rocks rooted among the waves but very little else. I remained motionless, taking in this blissful sight and breathing in the salty air.

Gradually, I lifted myself out of the dinghy and flopped onto the shore. My shirt and jeans were torn and crumpled and stuck to my body with the sweat that was racing down my chest and back. I got to my knees and looked around at the stillness again. A light wind began to cool my brow as I eventually rose to my feet and slowly staggered towards the shelter of the palm trees.

Once I arrived there I tumbled to the ground. The soft sand provided a perfect cushion for my aching and bruised legs. My skin tingled and itched with sunburn and my mouth was dusty and arid. I lay with my head right back staring at the sun which was teasing me through the giant palm leaves. The first chapter of thisnightmare appeared to be coming to a close.

My memories of the last couple of days were sketchy and jaded. I remember the terror on the faces of the passengers and crew as the ship rolled over and sank. The deafening roar as the lopsided vessel crashed mightily on to its side. Figures of people jumping into the sea in desperation, screaming and crying for help.

I recall falling into the sea myself and swimming frantically against the huge waves, taking in great mouthfuls of salt water and desperately trying to keep my head above the surface. It felt as though I was being sucked into an abyss. Then, although barely able to open my eyes through the stinging salt, I saw a small dinghy floating just ahead of me. With a final burst of energy I swam over to it and somehow hauled myself into it without toppling it over. And there I just lay still, breathless and raw, whilst the sound of the mayhem of the shipwreck became quieter as it drifted into the distance.

I remember the large waves arriving. The sky had been covered with thick, sinister clouds that had turned the sea into a turbulent and angry beast. I was rocking from side to side as I clung on for dear life. Wave upon wave of sea water drenched me and I had expected the dinghy to go under and for me to drown at any time. Then the calmness spread as daylight dawned, closely followed by the sun finding me and shining on to me like the torch of an interrogator.

I’ve no idea how many days and nights I must have stayed afloat in that dinghy. No idea at all!

Still aching with fatigue I allowed my eyes to close.




“Well, well, well! What have we got here?”

I heard a female voice above me and realised I must have fallen asleep.

I looked up and standing over me was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever set my eyes upon. Her skin was creamy white, her blonde hair glowed amidst the sun rays and she had blue eyes that sparkled like moonstones. Her smile was warm and soothing. I genuinely felt my heart miss a beat: not through the shock of waking up on a deserted island, or by the sudden surprise of human company, but by the sheer beauty of this heavenly figure.

“My name’s Abbie”, she said, as she continued to grim mischievously and knelt down beside me. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini that was revealing ample cleavage and a very trim waistline. The skin on her body and legs looked so pure I just wanted to run my hands over it, but thought better of it.I told her my name and began the story of how I had arrived here.

“Oh dear, another castaway!” She said sarcastically. “Ended up marooned on a desert island did you?Thought you’d do a spot of sunbathing while you’re here”.She laughed and I realised she was mocking my story.

“Well, it’s true”, I protested.

“You’ve no idea how many times I’ve heard that one, honeybun,” she beamed. “Now, up you get pumpkin. I think you need a shower and get those stinking clothes off.”

I was a mixture of shock and amusement. Surprised at the sudden appearance of Abbie, but quite tickled at her attitude. I rose to my feet and noticed, as I did so, she was staring straight at my groin. She looked up at me with an impish grin and I could see that wicked thoughts were flashing through her mind.

She led me through what seemed like a small jungle to the sound of our bare feet cracking on the fallen leaves and twigs. I gazed at the wiggle of her arse as she daintily made her way. Some fleshy cheek was teasing me through the bottom of her bikini. Then we arrived at a small alcove and to my delight there was a small waterfall, running down what looked like a stone wall; just perfect for washing.

Abbie turned to me.“Take as long as you want, honey,” she smiled. “Give that strong body of yours a good scrub. I’ll be waiting for you.” And with that she tiptoed away as I stood and watched after her in wonder.

I removed my clothes and stood under the warm torrent of water. I allowed my skin to soak thoroughly and I felt the dirt and the salt run off me. I tipped my head back and washed my hair. It seemed like the horror of the shipwreck was now a long way away. For the first time in days I felt relaxed. Then I thought about Abbie. ‘Who was she? Why was she here on an island?’ Then the thought of her near naked body made my cock rise and I started to feel really horny.

Suddenly, I heard a giggle. I turned around and there she stood. She had been watching me shower and seeing how aroused I had become. My cock was rock hard by now.

“Well, I’m not going to waste that li’l old beauty,” she said and swiftly removed her bikini top.

I was transfixed by her naked tits and pale nipples as she wandered towards me. She knelt in front of me and looked up. Water was gently splashing over her beautiful face. Then she grabbed hold of my cock and placed it deep into her mouth.

I stared up at the blue sky as she sucked and gagged away. Euphoria spread throughout my body and I felt gentle waves of pleasure wash over me along with the steady trickles of the waterfall. I ran my fingers through her wet golden hair as she continued sucking away. Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me again.

“I hope you’re going to cum in my mouth,” she said with a wide jaunty smirk.

Well, how could I refuse an offer like that?

I put my cock back where it belonged and within seconds exploded into her mouth. I looked at her in astonishment as she swallowed everything I had given her.




Afterwards we wandered back to the beach together, our arms entwined around each other’s waists. A breeze cooled our naked bodies as we slumped on to the silky sand of the shoreline and we allowed the sea to lap at our feet. The sun was still a furnace but it felt cosy and relaxing rather than ruthless and vicious, as it had when I first arrived here. The beach was a vast stretch of gold that seemed to unfold forever. We kissed and then took stock of magnificent serenity that surrounded us.

“So, my little soldier, tell me all about yourself,” Abbie whispered.

“Well,” I replied. “Where do I start?My wife left me and is screwing me for every penny I own, as well as half of London from what I gather. My daughter blames me for everything and only speaks to me when she wants more money. I have a job I despise because it’s tedious and pointless and a manager is a tyrant. The neighbourhood I live in is going to the dogs. I am drowning in debts, oh and I’ve developed a dependency on anti-depressants. The only reason why I was on that blasted cruise ship in the first place was to give myself a holiday. And then the fucking thing sinks!”

Abbie laughed. “Life’s a bitch.”

Yup,” I replied. “Life’s a bitch and I sure married one.”

We laughed together.

“I suppose I’ll have to go back to it all one day,” I said resentfully.

“Well, I think that ship has sailed honey,” replied Abbie. “Or should I have said boat.”

I looked around and the dinghy that had brought me here had vanished. It must have drifted out to sea while we were together in the shower. I felt a small sense of loss. That boat had saved my life.


I continued to talk about all my woes and Abbie listened sympathetically. I could tell by the way she was looking into my eyes that she really cared. From the moment she had found me washed up under the palm trees she had somehow breathed life back into me. It felt as though my troubles were slipping away as lightly as the sun was slidingtowards the horizon.

Abbie kissed me again. As she did so she stroked the inside of my thigh. In return I caressed her soft shoulders and allowed my hands to drift down to her supple breasts. Her nipples hardened and her fingers then lightly squeezed my balls.

Soon my cock was hard again and she moved her mouth down towards it. This time, however, I pushed back and forced her to lie down on the wet sand. I kissed her tits and sucked at her nipples which made her giggle and then I left a row of kisses along her body and on to her pussy.

I licked her cunt, pushing my tongue deep into it. She tasted sweet and nectarous and let out little groans of pleasure as I sunk myself further between her thighs. The sea splashed around our bodies as though it wanted to join in with our joy. I reached out and held her hand as she shuddered and contorted with orgasmic pleasure.

Then it was my turn. Abbie pushed me on my back and wanked and tugged at my cock. She lifted her divine body and straddled me slowly, pushing my cock into her wet pussy. It felt warm and tight as I started a thrusting motion. I looked at Abbie’s angelic face, surrounded by the radiant blue azure, the sea breeze gently blowing through her glowing golden hair. She looked totally stunning as she rode and ground me into an absolute state of frenzy.

After this I laid her back on the sand again, only this time we fucked like mad. Sand was covering our legs and backs as our rocking motion increased with velocity. She wrapped her legs tightly around my back as I pushed her arms above her head and kissed her silken neck and armpits. The sea continued to roll over us. Then, just as I was teetering on the brink of orgasm, I withdrew my cock and shot a huge load of cum across her tits and onto her chin. She just lay there with that devilish smile as I slowly calmed down and regained my breath.

“Well, my li’l lover boy, you certainly needed that,” she said.

And she was right!

We went for a quick dip in the sea to wash the sand away and then ventured back to the palm trees. Abbie vanished for a short while and then returned wearing a silk kimono. She also had a robe for me. We lay down and cuddled each other, as the sun slowly sunk into the horizon, painting a glorious crimson sweep across the evening sky, which eventually gave way to a finale of shimmering stars upon the inky black celestial sphere.

For the first time, in a long time, I was totally at peace.





I awoke to the noise of whirling. I had become aware of it in my sleep and it had become louder to the point where I knew I could sleep no longer. It soon became quite deafening. I opened my eyes and watched in amazement as a helicopter landed on the beach.

I turned to Abbie but she had gone. I looked around for her but she was nowhere to be seen.

Then I noticed someone climb out of the helicopter. He waved at me as I rose to my feet. Sand and dust was flying everywhere as the propellers of the craft continued to rattle and rotate. The man then motioned to me, beckoning me to go towards him.

I wandered over to him still dressed in the robe Abbie had given me and wondering where she had got to.

“We are here to rescue you Sir,” the man called out. I could just make out what he was saying above the racket.

“Have you seen a girl on the island?” I called out. “Blonde hair, very beautiful.”

“No we haven’t,” he shouted back. “Now you must get on board the helicopter. We don’t have much time.”

“Will you look for her,” I asked in desperation. But he did not reply. He just opened the door of the cockpit and gestured for me to get in.

I complied. There was another man inside who was the pilot. He put a seat belt on me and handed me a head piece with a microphone and headphones so I could hear him speak. Then the other guy got back in and also put a head piece on. He slammed the door shut and the aircraft quickly and smoothly took a vertical take-off.

I looked out of the window at the island below. The sun’s rays shimmered across the blue sea as the vast expanse of golden sand and luscious green palm trees grew smaller. I thought about Abbie and wondered where she could have disappeared to.

“How did you know where to find me?” I asked the pilot and co-pilot.

“Most castaways end up on the island,” came the reply from one of them.

“Do you know who the girl is? Her name is Abbie. Can we go back and collect her?” I asked.

The two pilots looked at one another.

“There’s no-one on that island Sir,” replied the co-pilot. “Many people claim to have met Abbie but she does not exist. No-one can survive on that island for long. There’s no vegetation to speak of so there’s nothing to eat.”

It was then I realised I hadn’t eaten for days and all the time I was with Abbie I simply didn’t think about it.

“The island is known as Abbie Island,” said the pilot. “She must be quite a girl. Many people claim to have met her but whenever search parties have gone there to find her; she’s nowhere to be seen.”

I stared out of the window, digesting what I had been told. Had Abbie been some sort of illusion? Had I imagined her? It’s true she was incredibly beautiful, just the sort of girl I could completely fall in love with. So, had I made her up?

But she felt real when I was fondling and squeezing and cuddling her. And she tasted real when I was kissing her mouth and licking her pussy. And she sounded real when she was laughing and chatting and groaning when she came.

And besides, how can an illusion give you a blow-job?

I looked ahead of me and the blue sky was giving way to dark clouds. It looked as though we were heading into a storm. I thought about my malevolent ex-wife, my uncaring daughter, the laborious drudgery of my work, the decaying neighbourhood I was trapped in and those horrible tablets I kept feeding myself with. This is what I was going back to.

I thought about Abbie; her sparkly eyes, the impish grin, her stunning body, the wit and the humour. Oh and the sex: the perfect and incredible sex.

“Turn the helicopter around,” I shouted.

The co-pilot looked at me with a startled expression.

“We can’t do that Sir. We’ve come to rescue you.”

“Please! Please turn this thing around. I want to go back to the island.”

“But what shall we tell your family?” asked the pilot.

“Tell them you couldn’t find me. Tell them I wasn’t there when you looked.”

The two men stared at one another again.

“I want to go back.” I said, sounding as assertive as I could. “I want to go back to Abbie Island!”

The pilot then shrugged and started to turn the helicopter around.

“If you’re sure Sir,” he said.

“Oh I’m sure alright. I’ve never been so certain in my life”.

The helicopter turned away from the dark clouds and faced the brilliant sunshine.

I had a very warm feeling inside of me.

The Girl with the Coffee-Coloured Eyes (featuring Samantha)


I was at an all-expense paid, two-day business conference at the glorious Guadalmina Hotel in Marbella during the middle of June. The hotel was clean and comfortable, the food was delicious, the wine was flowing and the swimming pool and sea-facing terrace were luxurious bonus. Also, the weather was baking hot, so what could possibly be wrong?

Giles Hunt was there! That’s what was wrong!

No sooner had I arrived in the reception lounge, than he spotted me and swaggered over with his unmistakable, condescending smile plastered all over his pasty face.

“Well, well, well, look what the sea has washed up. How delightful to see you old chap,” he laughed, as he whacked me on the shoulder.

“Nice to see you Giles,” I replied quietly

“Yes, I expect it is”, he answered smugly

I hadn’t seen this nauseating prick since he humiliated me in a boardroom meeting about six months ago. It was after a deal I had been in charge of fell through. Somehow he managed to resurrect it and convinced the Chairman that it was my incompetence that had put the whole contract in jeopardy. The Chairman believed him and I well and truly ended up with egg all over my blushing face.

“I’m surprised the boss gave you an invite for this conference,” said Giles. “It’s not exactly a cheap hotel and then there’s the Gala Banquet this evening”.

“I expect he had his reasons,” was the only retort I could think of.

“Perhaps, it was to learn a thing or two about closing deals fast,” replied Giles. “There’s a particularly good lecture on this afternoon on the subject, given by…..oh I’ve forgotten his name now”

My curiosity forced me to pull out the agenda from my Welcome Pack and I ran my eye down the programme of lectures. I baulked when I saw the name Giles Hunt as the tutor. I glanced up at Giles who was looking as conceited as a milkman’s cat.

“I took the nerve of putting your name down for that one old chap. Hope you don’t mind, but I thought you might find it useful. You know, might save a bit if embarrassment at future boardroom meetings”.

My heart sank. Not only was I to tolerate this arrogant wanker strutting around like a peacock at the Gala Banquet, but I now had to listen to him bang on about how magnificent he is all afternoon as well. Suddenly, this Mediterranean paradise was losing its appeal.



After I finished unpacking I made my way to the lecture room with all the enthusiasm of a pall bearer. The room was airy and chilled and several rows of chairs were being filled with the young executives and salesmen and women from the company. A screen and PowerPoint projector were ominously poised at the front and there was coffee, biscuits and bottled water available from trollies stationed at the side of the room. I saw and old friend, Adam, sitting at the back and he beckoned me over once I had caught his eye. I was pleased, now I could sit with someone who had a sense of humour.

We exchanged pleasantries and did some catching up as we waited for Giles to appear.

“So, where’s Jenny?” I asked.

Jenny was Adam’s stunning and highly voluptuous wife who also worked with the firm.

“She’s taking a break this afternoon. Not feeling too good from the heat, but she should be fine this evening.” Adam confirmed. “Are you with anyone?”

“No, mate, I’m still enjoying the bachelor life,”

“You’ll get left behind, you know. Even Giles got married this year,”

“No way!”

Adam smirked. Then the lights dimmed and a particularly self-satisfied Giles Hunt stepped out from behind a curtain.



Well, it was as bad as I expected. Giles was gushing with jocularity and self-acclaim. He became a swaggering oracle of successful industry tips and had many of the younger members of the audience aghast and feeding from the palm of his hand. I sat there growing inert with boredom and irritation as my mind began to converge on the weather outside and particularly the swimming pool.

I nudged Adam. “I’m popping outside for a quick ciggie,” I said.

“But, you don’t smoke,” smiled Adam.

I smiled back and quietly slipped out of the room.



I stepped onto the veranda and made my way to the swimming pool feeling slightly self-conscious in my suit amongst the many bathers. The afternoon sunshine toasted my face while a light sea breeze blessed me with a faint reprieve. I could hear the clucking of gulls over the laughter and music of the guests that were lolling in the heat. I may not have realised it but mentally I was drifting very much away from the business of the afternoon.

I wandered over to the far edge of the pool in order to get a view of the sea. I could hear the waves gently caressing the rocks of the coastline. It was the furthest point away from the pool but there was no boundary fence obscuring the fine view. Then my attention became somewhat distracted by the sight of a young blonde woman, lying on a blue sunbed wearing a gold bikini and sunglasses.

Her hands were nestled behind her shiny hair as she had her face tilted away from the sun’s glare. One leg was bowed upward and a paperback book lay discarded on the ground beside her. Her body looked toned and moist as her midriff marinated in the sun. I quickly became captivated by this beguiling beauty.

“Hi there,” she said suddenly and momentarily broke the spell. I hadn’t realised her eyes were open behind her sunglasses and she was clearly aware of me.

“Oh, hi,” I said awkwardly.

Then her face broke into a wide and very attractive smile. She could probably tell I was feeling embarrassed.

“Fancy joining me?” She said.

“Sure.” Why not, I thought.

I sat on the ground next to her and smiled.

“You look very hot in that suit honey,” she laughed.

“Well, I’m supposed to be in a business lecture,” I explained. “But I got a little bored and thought what the heck.”

She laughed again. “Business can wait, especially when there is all this wonderful sunshine to enjoy.” It was then I noticed her American accent. “I’m Samantha,” she announced, as she removed her sunglasses.

I introduced myself but couldn’t help gaping at her beautiful face. Her eyes were rich brown like luscious cups of coffee and her smile widened her perfect cheekbones into a glowing sunbeam. And her lips looked so kissable. An onslaught of tingles in my stomach made me feel flustered and very, very aroused.

“So, you’re American,” I said somewhat pointlessly.

“Yes, indeed I am. All the way from the USA,” she replied.

“I can see you’ve caught the sun,” I said as I ran my gaze along her gloriously tanned body.

“Yeah, me and the sun have a special understanding. I like to lie in it while it stays perfectly still, just for me”.

We both laughed and chatted for a while about the hotel and Marbella in general. She hadn’t been here long at all and it was her first stay in Spain for several years. She rolled onto her front and I couldn’t help but peek at the top of her bum peeping out from her golden bikini bottoms

“So, shouldn’t you be getting back to your lecture?” she asked, after a while.

Shit! I had forgotten about Giles and his blasted lecture. But then a sense of realisation seeped over me. Why the fuck would I want to leave this beautiful sun-bathing goddess, who I was clearly getting along with really well and sit in a room and listen to that wanker. It was as though I suddenly had an epiphany.

“Do you know what?” I said with certainty. “I think I’d rather spend my time with you Samantha.”

She laughed again.

“So, tell me about this Giles guy,” she said. I had mentioned him already briefly in our conversation.

“Well,” I began. “He has to be one of the most abominable, loathsome, tiresome, big-headed tossers I have ever known. I think Americans call them jerks.”

I then launched into a rant against my nemesis and gave Samantha an exhausting list of all the reasons why I despised him. I felt as though I was getting the full weight of my revulsion off my chest

“Yeah,” she slowly nodded in agreement, as I came to the end of my tirade. “He sounds like a real jerk!”

We both laughed and then after a pause she looked at me curiously. “You know, you still look really hot in that suit honey,” she said. “Why don’t you go to your room and put on something cooler?  Maybe have a cold shower too,” she suggested.

“Great idea,” I said.

“And what would be an even greater idea was if I was to come to your room with you,” and she gave me a slow wink with one of those coffee-coloured eyes.

Her words exploded in my head, and then in my stomach, before making make cock get hard. She slipped on a poolside gown and we left the pool area into the back entrance of the hotel. We tiptoed up the stairs like naughty school children and sneaked past the entrance to the conference room from where I could hear Giles’ puffed up voice still droning on.

Once we were in my room Samantha pushed me up against the closed door and grabbed the back of my head. She pushed my mouth onto hers and thrust her tongue inside it. We kissed with a velocity that I had never known before and I grabbed hold of her firm buttocks.

She tussled with my shirt and began ripping it off me; I peeled her from her gown and let it flow to the floor. “I have a problem at home,” she whispered while breathing deep. “I don’t get anywhere enough cock.” And with that she pushed me on to the bed and yanked my trousers off.

My cock was rock hard by this time and Samantha grabbed and wanked it like she going to rip it off. Ecstasy was streaming through my body and I couldn’t prevent myself from calling out. Then she stood up and with ease whipped off her bikini top and let the bottoms slide to the floor. That glorious body that I had been lusting after for more than half-an-hour was now completely naked in front of me. White bits, the lot, and my God it looked tasty!

She straddled me and while still wanking my cock she let it slip inside her wet pussy. I began to thrust upward and soon we got ourselves into a flowing rhythm. I watched her exquisite face slowly contort as her eyes narrowed and she exhaled short breaths from her mouth. “Harder, harder,” she murmured as rapturous waves showered over me. I reached up, grabbed her tits, gently squeezed her nipples and then watched her as she erupted into cannonade of orgasm.

She screamed, she groaned, she cried, she laughed and I felt her pelvis shudder on my groin.

But I hadn’t finished by any means. I sat up, grabbed her waist and pushed her onto the bed. My cock was still rigid and deep inside her pussy. Within seconds her legs were wrapped around my back and immediately I began fucking away, pushing as far as I could.

I looked into her face as she stared up at mine. Our gaze was locked into each other as the bed rocked with our motion. This girl was so beautiful I wanted this moment to last forever. But my balls had other ideas and I couldn’t contain myself. I burst into orgasm and felt my cum flow like champagne out of a bottle.

My head was giddy and I flopped to her side. She smiled and placed a hand to my cheek. “You could at least have cum in my mouth,” she giggled and I allowed my whole body to drift into alleviation.



We lay there for another half-an-hour idly chatting about whatever came into our heads. We remained naked together until I ordered some chilled wine from room service. “I love you Englishmen,” she said, staring into my eyes. “You are such gentlemen.”

Then she slowly began rubbing my cock again. Very gently at first; just teasing and occasionally letting her fingertips tickle my balls. A groundswell of contentment came over me and I looked up at the ceiling. My cock went from a twitch to a stretch and then it started to grow again. I looked back at her and she was looking very pleased with herself. Then, she positioned her beautiful face between my legs.

First her lips slipped over my helmet and began a gentle sucking motion. Then I felt her tongue force its way into my eyehole and then her entire mouth engulfed my cock as she began sucking with passion and devotion, while maintaining perfect contact with those coffee-coloured eyes.

I had never experienced a blow-job before with such fervour. Occasionally her tongue would make its way to my balls where she would stroke and caress them. Sometimes she would make her way to my arse where she would prod and lap away. Tears began to build up in my eyes as I glided into euphoria and then with perfect timing she placed her welcoming mouth back over my cock and I ejaculated into her throat.

She looked up and winked at me. “Thank you for my dose of vitamins,” she giggled.

I was speechless.

Then she glanced over at the clock on the TV. “I’ve got to go,” she suddenly announced with a slight hint of panic.

“Oh,” I exclaimed. “Can I see you later?”

“Maybe,” she smiled.

“But I would like to see you again Sam,”

“I’m sure we will,” she said, as she slipped on her bikini and gown and made for the door.

But I was less convinced as the door closed behind her. I felt a feeling of sadness fall over me and a sudden sense of loneliness.



An hour or so later I got dressed into my dinner suit and made my way to the bar. Evening drinks were being served as a prerequisite for the Gala Banquet. It was a chance for people to mingle and ‘network’ and identify new business opportunities. Also, a chance for people to discuss and digest the various lectures that had taken place that afternoon.

I entered the room and saw Giles standing with his back to me talking to a small group of sycophantic looking youngsters. “I managed to earn £400,000 in just one day,” I heard him brag, as I pushed past him. Adam and Jenny were by the bar, so I moved over to them.

“What the fuck happened to you this afternoon?” laughed Adam as I ordered a beer.

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” I replied, wondering if indeed I was possible of telling the story in a believable way.

“Well, the bad news is, I have seen the table plan for this evening,” said Adam. “The three of us are stuck with Giles and his wife for the whole meal.”

My heart sank. It was not the news I wanted to hear. Giles stood a real chance of spoiling what had turned into a brilliant day. He was like an annoying wasp in a beer garden that just wouldn’t go away.

Moments later, Giles sauntered over to us.

“Well, well, well,” he grinned. “On you own tonight are you?”

“Yes Giles, I’m on my own,” I replied, with a slow acceptance.

“And don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking out of the lecture room. Of course, I may be tempted to tell the boss.”

He was hoping, or perhaps expecting, for me to plead with him not to, but I decided I would not let him have the satisfaction.

“Well, you will be the odd one out tonight when all five of us are seated at the table,” continued Giles. “But I’m not surprised you are on your own. Women go after success. They love money. They want a man who will provide for them. And let’s face it. That’s not you.”

Both Adam and Jenny grimaced at the provocation I was under. I took a long swig of beer and tried my best to fight back the growing feelings of irritation that were swelling inside me.

“Where is your wife?” Adam asked, attempting to pierce the tension.

“Well, as it happens, she’s just walked in,” Giles announced and made a beckoning motion towards the door. I deliberately looked the other way out of contempt.

“We met when I was working in the States earlier this year. My reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing. A sort of trophy I think,” he explained. “And don’t you go getting any ideas, by the way,” he whispered to me. “She’s way out of your league. You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I glanced over his shoulder and walking towards us was Samantha, looking resplendent in a long red evening dress.

“Ah, at last” Giles said. “I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful wife, Samantha.” Then he turned to her. “And what have you been up to this afternoon my little beauty?”

Samantha gave me a smile and a long wink with one of those coffee-coloured eyes.

Blair’s Expulsion (featuring Blair)


So, I was told I had to go and see the Head Master of the College as he was extremely angry with me. I’m not sure what he had found out; whether it was me flashing my boobs at the boys, flirting with the gym teacher or when me and my mate Annabel had a snog in the back of the classroom.  Or maybe he had come across (no pun intended) the naughty photos me and my other mate Belle had taken together. Anyway, I got to his office, knocked on the door and stepped inside.

“Ahh, Blair!” he said, standing up from behind his desk and moving over to me. “I have to be brief as possible as I have the College Inspectors arriving any minute but I’ve been meaning to have a word with you for some time”.

“Whatever’s the matter Sir?” I asked, feigning innocence.

“Well, I’ve had reports that you’ve been exposing yourself to some of the male students of the college”

“Who me, Sir?” I said, pretending to be shocked.

“And not only that, the gym teacher has told me you are becoming over familiar with him. Apparently you tried to….I think the word is, twerk, with him”

I put my hand over my mouth to stifle a little giggle.

“Also, I have heard your relationship with that sweet little girl Annabel has become, shall we say, unhealthy. I fear you may be a corrupting influence upon her”

“Oh Sir, whatever do you mean?” I protested, although I couldn’t help pouting at the same time.

“Honestly Blair, look at yourself. Your blouse is unbuttoned, you skirt is too short, you wear too much make-up. This is simply not what the College Inspectors will want to see. I have no choice. I will have to expel you!”

“Sir, that’s so unfair. I haven’t done anything wrong,” I replied acting as though I was disgusted (although, I must admit, I hadn’t expected him to expel me).

Then I noticed he was staring straight at my tits and wasn’t focusing on my face at all. He seemed a little awkward so I thought I’d try and wriggle out of this expulsion. Besides, he’s not a bad looking guy for a head master.

“Sir” I asked, tilting my head slightly, “Are you staring at my tits?”

“I beg your pardon Blair?”


“You are staring straight at them Sir. I’m a big girl, aren’t I Sir,”


“Would you like to touch them Sir?” I slowly unbuttoned my blouse.

“Now, Blair, stop this at once!”

I moved up close to him and peeled off my blouse. I pushed my tits up so they were bursting out of my bra. My nipples were peeping at him over the top of the cups. He was frozen to the spot. It was so funny.

“Go on Sir. Why don’t you squeeze them? No-one will find out”.

He was breathing deeply and glanced at my face. I gave him a wink and blew him a little kiss. He then pushed his face deep into my cleavage and began frantically kissing at my boobs.

I laughed. He seemed like a little boy having his first kiss, so I pushed by bra down under them and let him lick my hard nipples.

I was getting quite turned on myself so I let my hand drift down to his crotch. His cock was already rock hard so I slowly stroked it. By now his hands had found their way under my skirt and were groping at my arse. I was only wearing a skimpy pair of knickers, so he was clutching lots of bare cheek.

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and knelt down when I arrived at his trouser. I undid his belt and then his zip fly. His cock was bursting to be released from his pants, so I duly obliged. And wow! His cock was huge. It was so big I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. I glanced up and he was staring at the ceiling.

I began rubbing at his shaft with my fingers and it just seemed to grow bigger and thicker. I then gently pulled at his foreskin and put my tongue on his helmet.

“Oh, Blair! You’re a bad, bad girl” he groaned as he gripped his hands behind my head.

With that I pressed my lips over his helmet and then pushed his cock as far into my throat as I could let it go. I let my tongue wrap around his cock as I sucked away and he pushed it in and out with a vigorous pumping motion. Occasionally I gagged and spit dribbled onto my tits, but I didn’t care. I loved the way Sir was fucking my face and he clearly loved it too!

After about ten minutes he pulled me up and pushed our lips together. We sucked away at each other’s mouths and our tongues crashed around together like trapped fish in a bucket. Then he span me round and sat me on the desk.

“You’re a dirty, bad girl” he breathed as his eyes trawled my stripped down body. I knew what was coming so I happily ripped my skirt away and lay back on the desk. He buried his face between my thighs and soon my knickers were on the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever had a man lick my cunt so deeply. I wriggled and let out small cries of total pleasure.

Then he stood up. I could feel my pussy was soaking and I was desperate for him to fuck me. I wrapped my legs behind his arse and pulled him toward me. His cock buried itself into my vagina.

He fucked me so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if I had been his first lay for several months. I managed to raise my legs so they were hanging over his shoulders which gave him extra leverage. “Fuck me harder Sir, please fuck me harder” I cried, staring directly into his eyes.

Then he pulled his cock out. “Oh God” he moaned and began wanking it furiously. All of a sudden it’s eyehole opened and a shower of spunk shot out all over my face. Then another one landed on my tits and then some smaller droplets decorated my shaven pussy.


I relaxed and looked into his face. He was flushed and perspiring and a vein in his forehead was pumping frantically.


“So, am I still expelled Sir?” I laughed, as I scooped some sperm from tits into my mouth and swallowed it.

He began to calm down and pulled up his pants and trousers. “Err, no, no Blair. You are not expelled anymore.”

“Are you sure Sir? Are you sure the College Inspectors won’t mind”, I said climbing off the desk and putting my skirt back on.

A look of terror flashed across his face. “Oh dear God, I’ve forgotten about the Inspectors!” he shuddered.

“Would you like me to come and see you again tomorrow Sir?”

“No thank you Blair. Just hurry up and get dressed please”

“And what about Annabel, Sir? Would you like to see us together perhaps? She’s very naughty too.”

“No Blair, I don’t want that at all”

“How about my other friend, Belle? We’ve made some cheeky photos together. Would you like to see them?”

“Blair, will please hurry up and leave my office.”

He was panicking so much he virtually bundled me out of the door. When I stepped outside there were three very officious looking people staring at me with utter disdain. I had a feeling they had been there for a while, perhaps listening at the door.

“You must be the College Inspectors,” I said to them and burst out laughing.

Then I realised that I still had Sir’s cum on my face!

Honestly, I laughed so much I would have wet my knickers. That is, if I hadn’t left them lying on the floor in Sir’s office.


Banned Clients Policy


Angels must feel safe and comfortable on ALL bookings. In order to keep Angels happy and safe we will ban any clients from making future bookings with the agency at the request of any Angel. Reasons for banning include clients who turn up to a booking drunk or those who fail to have a shower on arrival or those who make any Angel feel uncomfortable for ANY reason. If you make a booking and fail to turn up or turn up without the correct fee or demonstrate “stalker” tendencies you will also be banned. All Angels will happily welcome polite, clean and respectful clients regardless of age or race.

NEW Membership Requests


Lots of you are registering for membership to our incognito gallery and forum. Unfortunately many of these applications are not being approved because you are not including the phone number you used for your last booking with the agency. You need to apply within 30 days of completing your last booking and you need to INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMEBR in order for our computer to verify you and activate you.

Members log in problems


Apologies to any existing members who are having trouble logging into the new Incognito gallery and forum. If your log in from our old site does not work on this new one please e-mail me your user name to [email protected] and our tech team will reset your log in. Thanks. Max

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At last our long awaited new web site has arrived. Apologies in advance for any problems you might encounter but rest assured we are tweaking on a daily basis to get you all the accurate up to date information that you need listed.